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Dip, peas, potatoes, and chicken

Today was a nice relaxing Sabbath spent at home. I slept in and then we ate breakfast (Joshua had pan-scrambled eggs and I had mine with tomato) and went for a leisurely walk. There is a river about a mile away, and we walked there so Yehoshua could see the rushing water (we had a lot of rain this week!).

We came back home and had oatmeal for lunch, and then took naps. :) About 3 pm, I put a chicken in the oven, along with a dish of potatoes. By 6:00, our dinner was ready: oven-roasted chicken, snow peas, and oven-baked potatoes. Joshua had some leftover Italian bread with his plate, too.

Joshua's dinner plate

Yehoshua and I made some dill dip, and he got to eat some with carrot sticks. He had never gotten to have dip before, but quickly decided that he liked it and kept asking for more! :) Here's a picture of him enjoying it:

Yehoshua + dip = fun :D

I relaxed this afternoon with a cup of tea...

A friend of mine sent me a box of tea, and as I was preparing myself a cup today, I thought I would share a photo. It is truly the most beautiful tea I have ever owned!

Almost too beautiful to drink, these teabags are full of large leaves and chamomile buds.

For high-quality tea with beauty, I recommend Revolution Tea!

P.S. If you drop in sometime, I'll make you a cup :D

Our guests last weekend

My aunt, uncle, and twin cousins came over for dinner last weekend. Joshua, being the sweet husband that he is, offered to help me with the meal by grilling some chicken. I love Joshua's grilled concoctions and quickly accepted his offer. ;)

Joshua tried a new recipe, garlic lime chicken. It was wonderful! Our guests liked it, as well. We'll definitely be making it again!

Before we started eating, Joshua grabbed the camera (I was busy attending to children ;D) and snapped this photo:

My Aunt Teresa and Uncle Don, getting ready to sample Joshua's grilled garlic lime chicken

Yehoshua's Strawberry Heist

Yehoshua loves fresh berries!

A few days ago, Joshua and I were in the kitchen cooking together. Actually, I think I was washing dishes and Joshua was cooking. I love to clean up the kitchen, and particularly enjoy doing so when Joshua is there with me, so we can talk while we work.

Joshua was making his yummy strawberry sauce to serve with the fresh waffles we were having for dinner, and as usual, we were talking. Yehoshua (2) took full advantage of this situation. We didn't even notice when he disappeared (he had been running around the house, "talking" and asking for bites of fruit)...

...until we were ready to add the strawberries. Where were the strawberries, anyway? Hadn't we left them on the counter? And where was Yehoshua?

We found him in the living room, sitting on the couch, popping strawberry after strawberry into his mouth. Boy, those garden-fresh strawberries sure are tasty! He looked so cute, we just had to take a couple pictures of him. (Before we took the strawberries away.) ;)

"These are delicious, Mom!"

We had a busy day today...

Today I got up early and went for a walk. Eliyahu (5 months) was alseep, since I had fed him right before I got up. I took Yehoshua (2) with me in the stroller. We walked a mile and then met up with a friend and her doggie, and walked 2 more miles! It's always nice to have a calm, relaxing start to the day by getting out in the fresh, cool morning air, and getting some exercise.

When we got home, our day got busy. The largest portion of today was spent working on harvesting snow peas from the garden. I have several gallons of snow peas picked, washed, and ready to be blanched. They're taking up most of my fridge right now. Hopefully soon I'll get them blanched and in the freezer. I'll share pictures when I get them done! :)

With all the garden work, I didn't do much cooking today. Yehoshua and I ate leftover banana pancakes on our walk. For lunch we had leftover spaghetti (recipe coming soon!), and for dinner, Joshua grilled up a quick piece of Texas Broil.

Chewy granola bars

Joshua also made his delicious sweet and chewy granola bars, which use my homemade granola in them. We snacked on those today, too. ;)

Our Meals Today (6-22-06)

Hello! Welcome to my blog! This is my "online kitchen", where I'll be sharing photos and posts about what we've been eating recently. Today we had breakfast foods... all day!

For breakfast, we had granola with milk.

For lunch, we had pan-scrambled eggs. Yehoshua loves eggs!

Yehoshua enjoys his Pan-Scrambled Eggs this morning

For dinner, we had whole wheat banana pancakes. Yum! We ate ours with just butter, but they're even better with strawberries on top :).

Yehoshua enjoys his banana pancakes!


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