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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Sanitized pacifier shortcut

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Okay, this is one of those tips that sounded like a good idea when I originally decided to share it, but now I have my doubts. Oh, well, take it for what it's worth! :)

I use a pacifier sometimes with my babies*, and I wash it after it falls on the floor. Sometimes a pacifier goes missing for a few days or weeks or... I found one under the couch last week that hadn't been seen in months! I think Moshe used it last and that was months and months ago! Crazy.

And in that case, I not only wash the pacifier but I sanitize it in boiling water, too.

And I never feel like taking the time to specifically boil water and sanitize the pacifier.

So, when I'm boiling water for tea, I drop in the (clean, washed) pacifier for a few minutes to sanitize it.

Then I take out the (clean, sanitized) pacifier and use the water for my tea. This isn't yucky because I already washed the pacifier in my hot soapy dishwater before I sanitized it. ;)

*I feel compelled to note that I recommend the KellyMom information about pacifier use with breastfed babies. I always offer the breast first, but if it's rejected, I feel a pacifier is acceptable for a sanitary comfort-sucking solution. :)

Bonus picture: Channah, who has been using a pacifier lately. :)


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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Quick thawing or quick cooling tip

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

When you want to thaw something more quickly without a microwave or warm water (warm water isn't recommended for meats), here is another way.

Place the frozen item on something that will absorb the cold. In my case, I use one of my heavy multi-clad stock pots -- which absorb the cold right down the sides of the pan, thawing the meat more quickly while keeping it cold.

Quickly cooling black bean brownies

Last weekend I had an "aha!" moment when I realized I could use this same technique to more quickly cool the black bean brownies that Yehoshua and I had made.

We were having guests, and black bean brownies are much better when they've been chilled. Even though we "started" the brownies the night before (by putting black beans in the crock pot to cook overnight!), they were still warm from the oven a couple hours before lunch.

My solution? I put the warm dishes of brownies on the over-turned stock pots, which quickly cooled them enough for me to pop into the fridge to finish chilling! :)

Channah and me

Bonus picture today: Channah (3 months) and me on our deck. We had eaten lunch out here and Eliyahu (6) took this picture of us. I know it looks like she's frowning, but it's really just her non-smiling face. She does smile -- just not for the camera! ;)

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11 Tips for Kids in the Kitchen Without Losing Your Sanity (Eat Well, Spend Less)

I spend a lot of my day in the kitchen (not just cooking, though; we do school there too) and I have 5 children. There's always something to be done, and there's always someone ready to help! Often the 2-year-old, of course. ;)

Here are my tips for having kids in the kitchen without going crazy! (Plus, a podcast at the end about cooking with small children.)

Allow plenty of time

Unless your children are older and already somewhat trained in the kitchen (in which case you don't need to worry about losing your sanity while they "help"!), having little helpers is probably going to mean that your work goes more slowly and you'll actually get less done than you would if you were working alone.

This is all right though, since having young children help in the kitchen is more about building relationships and teaching them life skills than getting more done.

Allow plenty of time if at all possible, so your work can be enjoyed and there isn't the pressure of running behind or needing to work as quickly as possible.

Hurrying is a recipe for mistakes, frustration with others, and even physical injury like a cut finger. For some reason when I'm in a hurry I end up clogging the garbage disposal or cutting a finger, which of course takes extra time right when I'm trying to be fastest!

Don't spread yourself too thin

Don't plan too many projects at once. Alone, I can do several things at a time in the kitchen. However, this takes my full concentration and means I need to work quickly.

Having helpers (more like "trainees"!) means I will be getting distracted and need to stop to explain things, wait for something that is being done at 1/2 or 1/4 the speed I would do it myself, or clean up messes that I would never have made alone. ;)

Keep it relaxed by not biting off more than you (and your helpers) can "chew".

Have fun sharing your cool kitchen "power tools"

If your kitchen is anything like mine, you've got some "power tools" that will fascinate your kids! If it plugs in or has buttons it's probably super exciting to your little ones. Here are some of the tools in my kitchen and what my children love about them:

Bread machine -- has buttons for settings (I tell my helpers which ones to press for me!) and if I leave the lid open while it mixes, someone will surely want to look inside and watch it knead the dough for a while. Kids can also add the ingredients to the pan, of course.

Mixer -- Kids of all ages love turning things on! I just have a small hand mixer (no stand mixer), so for little ones I let them turn it on and help me hold it. Older kids can operate the mixer alone. When I was a child, I remember enjoying making swirls and designs in batter as I mixed it. It's just fun!

Microwave -- We were given a nice microwave when we moved from our apartment to a house with a bigger (much bigger!) kitchen. I have taught the children to use it (with supervision), reminding them that it's a tool and not a toy. They LOVE to press the buttons for me! It's a practical way to learn numbers, minutes, seconds, and practice following directions. It's just so exciting to get to press a button that makes a "beep!"

Blender -- Again, I have the kids add things and press buttons for me. They also like to watch the blender as it works.

Grain mill -- When I use my grain mill, everyone comes running to watch. There's something fascinating about watching grain slowly feed into the machine as it runs.

Kitchen scale -- This one isn't too exciting, but it does have buttons and my older boys have fun weighing things. It's a good practical tool for learning about weights and units of measurement (grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms). Sometimes we take guesses before weighing random objects, and see who guessed the closest to its weight!

Have fun yourself

Is your list of kitchen "power tools" exciting to you? It should be! Are you excited about what you're cooking or doing in the kitchen? You should be!

Instead of thinking in terms of chores or work or getting things done, try to enjoy the process and be excited with your children -- or show them a cheerful attitude when they don't really want to help, which happens when they're older and much more likely to actually be helpful... ;)

Try to think of how your young child views the task at hand. Something as simple as putting a freezer meal in the freezer can involve using a marker, tape, and opening the freezer. Making cookies can involve stirring (or mixing) and chocolate chips. Using a can of something can mean removing a label, washing the top, and dumping it in. What child doesn't love to rip off paper labels from cans? :)

Work with them, but let them do the fun parts

Did you know that dumping ingredients into a bowl or stock pot is more fun than measuring or chopping? That getting to do that first stir -- before anything's been mixed together -- is the best part of stirring? That sampling a soup to see if the seasonings need adjusted is like having a snack before dinner and your hungry toddler would love to sample it with you?

Cooking involves boring tasks sometimes, so make sure you're letting your children do some of the funnest parts for you or with you!

Accept less than perfect

It will not be done just like you would do it (usually). It may be slower, sloppier, or less beautiful. That's okay! Don't re-do everything just so it looks perfect.

Cook, then clean the floor

The floor, ahhhh, the floor! With helpers in the kitchen, the floor ends up being the dirtiest part. This should be a no-brainer, but it seriously took me a couple years with small helpers to figure it out. Cook first, clean the floor later. It matters less what gets spilled or dropped!

Teach them to clean up their messes

My kids are very familiar with tools like a broom and dustpan or my vacuum cleaner. They also know how to mop. (They love the rags-under-their-feet method, especially when I let them spray the floor with cleaner! Spraying = fun. See what I mean about letting them do the fun parts?)

When they make a mess, they are almost always part of the clean-up process. If it's water that's spilled, I hand the towel to my 2-year-old and ask him to clean it up. He feels like such a big helper! Plus, it's water. On the floor. Exciting business. That occurs daily at my house.

Ruth with cheesecake

Remember that "can't" = "can learn"

Make the kitchen a fun place to learn skills like math, reading, critical thinking, cooking, following directions, and cleaning. Take the time to explain new things and teach your child! Even if they don't fully comprehend the concept right now, it's still an investment in their life.

Yehoshua (age 8) still needs help doubling or increasing recipes that involve fractions, but I include him in the computing process so he can continue to learn in a real-life setting. (This adds a sense of purpose to doing math worksheets!)

Eliyahu (age 6) still needs help reading, but he has more fun reading a recipe and getting to use the ingredient he just read than he does reading from a book right now.

Ruth (age 4) is still learning her bigger numbers, but loves to press the buttons on the microwave for me. Does she understand the difference between 30 seconds and 1 minute? No, but someday she will. :)

Moshe (age 2) feels important doing just about anything to help. He can't count cups of flour for me, but he loves to try!

Let them be kids

Some of the things kids like to do when they cook:

Ask questions
Be excited over something new
Work too slowly (or too fast!)
Make a mess
Sample what they're cooking or using
Do their own thing

...and we need to let them.

Add some praise

Thank your helper for a job well done (age appropriately)! Appreciate them. Praise their food, praise their work, and thank them.

When a particular child has helped with a meal or food, I often mention it at the meal.

"Hey guys, did you know that Eliyahu helped make the soup? He worked with me and did most of the vegetables. Doesn't it taste good?!" This public praise is encouraging to my helper and inspires the other family members to thank them and appreciate their work, too.


I recorded this podcast about kids in the kitchen when I had 2 young children. Listen in for tips on staying sane while finding cool stuff for little ones to do with you!

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Paper funnel to the rescue!

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Eliyahu (age 6) helped me make some homemade instant oatmeal packets. I don't have a big food processor, just this little mini chopper that attaches to my immersion blender. It works fine but only holds about 1 cup of oats at a time! I did a small batch of the instant oatmeal which will be used for snacks or individual breakfasts.

Making instant oatmeal

Eliyahu loved getting to pulse the blender! We practiced counting to 30 while he held the button. Then it was finished! It was a fun way to get a little extra math practice into our morning. :)

paper funnel

I like to store things in jars, but this particular jar was difficult to fill from the chopper without spilling. Tip: I didn't have an appropriately-sized funnel, so we made our own from a rolled up piece of paper!

paper funnel

The paper funnel worked and all the kids thought that was pretty cool. (I did NOT show them how to make paper cups yet!!)

paper funnel

Last step was to label the jar, which Eliyahu also did for me with masking tape and a pen. Labeling things with tape and a pen or marker is a fun way to get spelling and writing practice. ;)

Eliyahu (6)

All done? Time for exercise! I sent this monkey outside to play. :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cleaning condiment lids

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

With little hands using our condiment bottles, they can get kinda messy. I usually wipe the tops before putting them away, but now that my kids are old enough to put things away for me, the cleaning part doesn't get done.

It's pretty embarrassing to pull out ketchup or hot sauce for guests and have them find dried condiment all over or around the lid!

Tip: When we're planning a barbeque and will be using condiments, I pull them out and clean the lids before the guests arrive. If it's something we don't use often (like ketchup), the lid may need to be washed (in hot soapy water) for all the dried goop to come off.

Clean condiment lids

Yay! Clean lids! :) Now no one will ever know that our 2-year-old was using that ketchup bottle... ;)

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Mother's Day Giveaway Winner

Thank you all so much for the beautiful comments on my Mother's Day giveaway! Reading them brought tears to my eyes. My mom is a hard working, cheerful, content, and Godly woman. I miss my mom, too! It's been a year since our last trip to Ohio to visit my parents, and even though they came here to visit for 3 days in September, it just wasn't long enough.

One of the comforting things about my mom is that she's always busy doing something either fun or productive (usually productive) and she's always got good food to eat. She's told me that she gets tired of cooking sometimes, but one would never know that by the meals she serves. It's not always something fancy, but it's almost always completely homemade and/or home-grown -- filling and healthy. :) (Use the search box to look for "my mom's recipes" and you'll find a ton on this site!)

My mom also treasures and loves each new life! She had 6 children herself (after 8 years of infertility), and our children are all very loved by her as precious gifts. I'm so blessed by her encouragement and support in this, and in many other areas. :)

Anyway, now to the giveaway winner. According to random.org, the winner of the Mother's Day Gift Package is:


Thank you all for your enthusiasm for the giveaway, and thank you to More Than Alive for sponsoring it! The 10% discount code is still good through today, Friday May 11.

Have a great weekend! :)

Mother's Day Giveaway from More Than Alive! (2 days only)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

More Than Alive put together a Mother's Day giveaway package for one lucky reader here! I was super excited when they emailed and asked to send me a gift packet and offer a giveaway and discount code this week!

Here is what the package includes:

Gift package from More Than Alive

1 bottle of SuperMom vitamins (I have used these for 5+ years and love them!)
1 bottle of peppermint essential oil
Jar of Laveshmint daily moisturizer
Book: Herbal Antibiotics
1/2 lb. organic raw cacao powder
1 Salt and Pepper Silk Scarf

You know we love our Berkey water filter from More Than Alive, and I drink their herbal teas almost daily. Their dried herbs are fresh and potent and their tea blends are fabulous! I'm not just saying this because they've sent me samples... I used up my samples long ago and bought more herbs and SuperMom vitamins, which I take daily. :)

Peppermint oil

I love peppermint oil, and it's one of my most-used essential oils. It's my second tactic for battling headaches (right after drinking tons of water from my Contigo water bottle!) and makes Ruth's favorite pink peppermint stick scented homemade play dough! :)

I don't normally use facial moisturizer (or anything on my face aside from water to cleanse) but I tried the Laveshmint that came in my package and it feels lovely! It isn't oily and smells pleasant.

Salt and Pepper Silk Scarf

I'm excited about this scarf! My scarves have always been purely functional and not at all cute. (In fact, I think both of my winter scarves are ones I've had for over 15 years!) Here in the Seattle area, we don't usually have super cold, snowy winters -- but lots of chilly rainy days (all year long...) so I think this scarf will be perfect. It's soft and delicate but feels pretty sturdy, too.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder, yum! We use lots of cocoa powder since it's a pretty affordable chocolate fix. ;) What have I done with mine?

Chocolate protein milk shake

Made chocolate protein milk! I used chocolate-flavored sweetened whey protein, milk, instant coffee granules, and a heaping spoonful of cocoa powder. I use my immersion blender (gift from Joshua's mom last year) to blend it smooth. The milk gets nice and creamy and the cocoa powder makes it extra chocolate-y! (Note: Actually I prefer this drink without the coffee.)

Want to win this Mother's Day gift package from More Than Alive?

This giveaway is open Wednesday and Thursday, May 9-10, 2012. One winner will be selected using random.org and announced on Friday, May 11, 2012.

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post, telling me what you most appreciate about your mom, mother-in-law, or mentor! If you aren't logged in, make sure you comment includes a way to contact you if you win. :)

The Discount:

More Than Alive sells quality bulk herbs, bulk foods, and more -- including our favorite household necessity, the Berkey Water Filter. If you've been waiting to order a Berkey water filter, this discount will give you $20+ off your order!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your order from More Than Alive Wednesday - Friday of this week, May 9 - May 11, 2012.


Channah Shalom
Channah Shalom (she's 10 weeks old now!) :)

Full disclosure, as always: When we purchased our Berkey water filter from More Than Alive several years ago, we were so thrilled with it that I signed up as an affiliate with More Than Alive. Purchasing through my links helps support this website! The discount code is valid with or without using my links. :)

I don't review something unless we would spend our own hard-earned money on it, and such is the case with the things we have purchased from More Than Alive. I'm delighted to be able to offer giveaways and discount codes for More Than Alive! :)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Re-use wooden grilling planks

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Did you know that wooden grilling planks can be re-used? Well, they can! We soak ours for at least 2 hours, leaving them quite saturated.

After grilling fish (usually salmon), I wash the plank in my dish water with a soapy scrub brush. It comes mostly clean -- which is okay because...

cedar grilling plank

...after the board is washed, I wrap the still-wet board in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. Now I have a pre-soaked grilling plank ready for next time! :)

My favorite grill-planked foods are Cedar Plank Salmon and Alder-Plank Potatoes... yummy!!

Joshua's Weber Q gas grill is still holding strong. This will be our 9th year of using it! A friend gave us an extra tank of propane, which is very handy since we grill a lot.

This past weekend, Joshua and the boys cleaned off the deck and chairs. There were pine needles, maple tree "helicopter seeds", and algae growing. A sturdy scrub brush, soapy water, and a broom had things looking sparkly out there in the sunshine when they finished! I love eating outside. (It keeps the crumbs off my kitchen floor!) :)

By the way, this week I'm departing from my bad habit of blogging only on Tuesdays. ;) Come back tomorrow for a fun Mother's Day giveaway! :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tip for healthy snacking + snack ideas

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I love snacks! But more importantly, I get hungry a lot and need to eat snacks between meals. As a breastfeeding mom, I'm even more hungry than "normal". But I can't let my eating habits go out the window just because I'm extra hungry! I need to have a plan for healthy snacking options.

My tip? Plan ahead and make snacks ahead for easier, healthier snacks! Here are some of my current favorite snack solutions.

Carrots, celery, and hummus

Homemade hummus (made in a big batch in my crock pot and then frozen in smaller containers), carrots, and celery for dipping. I try to get carrots and celery ready for several days all at once -- a big bag of celery sticks and a big bag of carrot sticks.

Having the carrots and celery ready-to-eat in the fridge makes it easy to grab one-handed while I'm holding my baby and doing school with the boys. The hummus helps satisfy my hunger more than just carrots and celery. Hummus isn't low-calorie (if you pile it on like I do!) but it's got lots of fiber and protein and good fats (I use olive oil), and it's filling and delicious! :)

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is my newest favorite quick snack, from Costco. (It's $3.50 a quart there.) One cup has 140 calories and 24 grams of protein! It's thick and creamy enough to substitute for sour cream, too. (Normal plain yogurt doesn't work for my taste buds when I've tried subbing it for sour cream...)

I usually pair this greek yogurt with some almonds for a snack, since I actually do want the extra fats in my diet (and the yogurt is nonfat).

I've also used this greek yogurt as a yogurt starter for making my own homemade yogurt. It's not as protein-rich, but easy enough to do (now that I've figured out how!) and I can make a gallon at a time.

Cooked pinto beans make a simple lunch or quick snack. When my beans are finished cooking in my crock pot, I ladle them into containers for snacks or lunches. The ones in this photo are for Joshua's lunches: 200 grams of beans, 14 grams of cheese, and a few splashes of hot sauce. Each container is 340 calories. Having a kitchen scale makes it super easy to measure the right amount quickly.

I also like to drink tea throughout the day! It doesn't satisfy hunger, but it's a yummy way to stay hydrated (I usually drink caffeine-free herbal teas). :)

Fresh fruit is another of our go-to snacks! Bananas, apples, pears -- whatever's on sale and looks good. I don't usually cut the fruit (like apples) ahead of time, but having it washed and in the fridge makes it easier to grab one for a snack!

I also got string cheese at Costco last week. It's a favorite of the kids', so I usually ask them to eat a banana or something else first. Otherwise, they'd beg for seconds! :)


Bonus photo: Sleeping Channah. I can't believe how big and chubby she is already!


And one more: Ruth with "the goats at the park". We've had such a lovely Spring, with some rain AND some sunshine. :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Make-shift whisk

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I use whisks a lot when cooking or baking! They're perfect for beating eggs, sauces, batters, or combining dry ingredients. When my other whisks are dirty, I pull out my makeshift whisks:


Tip: Use beaters from a hand mixer as a make-shift whisk. I just hold one beater in my hand and whisk with it. It works great for smaller tasks! :)

By the way, my very first "Kitchen Tip Tuesdays" tip was about using whisks! :)

Our weather has been like this for days on end:

Boys outside watering plants

I think we've spent most of the last two days outside! And today, I got the lawn mowed for the first time this year. Yay! I love a freshly cut lawn and sunshine. Today Yehoshua told me, "I wish every day could be like today." That may have had something to do with the new magnifying glass the boys got and were using out in the sun. ;)


Sweet little Channah in her Noah's Ark dress (handmade by a friend). :)

And I think that's enough off-topic photos for now. ;)

To Participate in Kitchen Tip Tuesdays:

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