Podcast: Cooking with children

Dehydrating bananas...

I'm excited about this week's podcast, Cooking with children! In the podcast, I try to give helpful tips for having fun times in the kitchen with our children, including specific examples as well as general guidelines. I also talk about why I feel so passionately about involving my children in everyday things, like work in the kitchen.

Cooking with children is about 10 minutes long (3.3 MB). Right-click and then click on "save target as" to save the file to your computer (do this if you have dial-up, especially!), or just click to stream and listen. :)

On a related note: For fun, I thought I would dig up some of my older blog entries that related to children helping in the kitchen!

My dishes helpers...


I'll have to remember these things for when I'm a mommy! ;-)

I just love your blog and have probably read/looked at all those posts already(and left comments before!!) but I'm going to reread them!!Tereza

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