Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Out of celery

Sometimes when I'm making a recipe that calls for celery, I realise that I'm out of celery. So I just sprinkle in a little celery seed. It works in a pinch. I did it today and I thought, "Hey, I think this will be my tip this week!" So there you go. :)

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I've had to "make do" alot here in Ghana. I think that I've changed recipes so much, they hardly look like the original! LOL

It's good to have some quick substitutions for things when you're out of items at home. Cooking this way makes you stock your pantry better (when you can get to the store) or not worry about if you have every single thing for a recipe. If it comes out OK and your family likes it - then you might just have found a new favorite!

At our house, when I cook this way and we like it, my husband says, "It's too bad we can't have this again." He knows that often I use multiple leftovers inside of other dishes and I'll probably never have those combination of things all at the same time again! =)

Glad you're feeling better...After our power has been out for a couple days and I can't do laundry for awhile - I'm loading the washer and doing a bunch when it is back on. It is nice when a big chunk of your work is done after that. Great to have friendly help too.


Thanks for posting this tip ~ I will use it the next time that I need celery and I'm out of it.

Also, I used to purchase extra celery when it was one sale (usually at Thanksgving) I'd slice and dry it for use in my food dehydrator.

I hope that you are feeling better!

This is a great meme! I'll have a fun time reading everyone's tips.

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