Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Leisurely weekend breakfasts (Or, my best omelette tips)

On the weekends, we usually sleep in just a little (okay, as much as the children will let us!) and then putter around, taking showers, goofing off, and making a nice big late breakfast. (Hungry children get bananas or kefir to hold them over until breakfast is ready!)

Steak for inside our omelettes

If we have leftover steak or roast on hand, Joshua really enjoys a good steak omelette for breakfast. I like to include lots of veggies, too!

An omelette with bits of steak, green onions, peppers, tomatoes, black olives and cheese is pretty hard to beat for husband-pleasing breakfast options. (Me? I'd take waffles over steak any time!)

Making the perfect omelette can be elusive.

We've tried using eggs with milk, eggs with sour cream, eggs with water. Now, we just use plain eggs.

We've tried cooking the eggs with a lid on the pan, letting the runny egg slip under the omelette to cook, wrapping a runny omelette and trying to "heat through", and flipping the eggs. Since we like our eggs not browned too much, I find it's easier to flip the eggs. No burning, no runny eggs inside.

But how to flip them? My trick is to:

use a big skillet or griddle

spread the eggs thinly

cook over a low temperature

and use a big/wide turner to gently flip the mostly-cooked eggs before quickly adding toppings and rolling or folding.

Still, if you've never made an omelette before, you'll probably need a couple tries to get used to how your pan and your stove work together. The omelettes that don't come out picture-perfect will still be delicious!

Our weekend menu plan:


breakfast: Easy Baked Apple Oatmeal

lunch: Simple bean tacos

dinner: Grilled Copper River Salmon, brown rice, and cooked peas


breakfast: Oatmeal, scrambled eggs, toast

lunch: grilled chicken breast, corn, green beans, dinner rolls

dinner: a salad of some sort

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I'm been making omelette for many years and the most important tip is to cook slow over low heat.
Mama Bear

Okay, as my Grandmother would say "these pictures done flung a craving on me". Lol. That looks really good! I think that, since my hens are laying so well, a steak omelet may be in my VERY near future :)

Looks so good! Would have never thought steak for an omellette- but yum!

For real, Tammy~ I think I may unsubscribe from all my other cooking blogs because I get everything I need here. I am so making that baked apple oatmeal TOMORROW!

Oh, I hope you enjoyed the baked oatmeal! :) But please keep reading other cooking blogs!! No way am I able to make everything I'd *like* to try, and there are some really great blogs out there! :) I do appreciate the compliment though. So glad my recipes/posts hit the spot for you! :)

mmmm, looks delicious!! :)

Hi Tammy.

I absolutely love reading your blog. It is actually my favorite one to read :) (Although this is the first time I've been brave enough to post a comment) I have quite a few of your recipes written out on pretty little recipe cards, because every one I've tried has come out so tasty.

You seem so very kind and friendly. I always enjoy looking at your site!

Jennifer, welcome! Thanks for posting a comment! I always, always love hearing from people... "meeting" those who read is one of the fun parts about sharing online! :)

Oh Tammy! I used our last stick of butter last night so I went to the store after the kids were in bed to get some more for the morning. I was shocked to see that the price of non organic butter was $4.28 a lb! I have bought pastured butter for years ($6 a lb) but it's been at least two years since I have bought regular butter and last time I bought it the price was $1.98 a lb. I was in total shock! So this morning I came to your site to check you Costco trips to see how much you were paying to see if I should go to Costco and get mine there as I couldn't bring myself to buy a lb for $4.28 for just regular butter. Then I see you posted about it. Haha.. Also we buy our cream at Costco under $4 for a quart and cream at the grocery store was $5.50 for a pint! I nearly gasped out loud from the shock of the price. I am just hoping nothing has went up from Costco since last month.


Katie, oh dear! I know the feeling. We went to Costco 10 days ago, and were planning to wait 11 more days before going (3 weeks total) and now I am wondering... should we have bought more butter for the freezer? Cheese? What are prices going to be when we go back??!! Prices were still pretty much the same at Costco when we went last... butter was $2.30/lb. We, too, get Costco's cream for less than $4 a quart. We have been so spoiled!

Those pictures are making me hungry!

I have a tip for ways to use celery:

And reasons to pressure cook:

Those pictures are making me hungry!

I have a tip for ways to use celery:

And reasons to pressure cook:

Please watch this video! I hated making them until I learned this.

Tammy that looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try that, my husband will love it.

Two tips today:

Freezing/Thawing Raw Milk (Katie@Simple Foody)

Crock Pot Baked Potatoes (Katie@Simple Foody)


That omelette looks delicious! I can't remember the last time I made an omelette.

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