Making homemade toothpaste

Ingredients for peppermint toothpaste

We made our own toothpaste!!! It was fun, easy, frugal, and tasty! I'm totally hooked.

I have been wanting to make some more natural toothpaste, but all of the recipes I had seen online called for glycerin or other ingredients that I didn't have on hand. When I came across Julie's post about making toothpaste, I was excited!

Here is how I made my homemade toothpaste:

2 tablespoons coconut oil
3 tablespoons baking soda
1/2 small packet of stevia powder
20-25 drops of peppermint oil*

1. Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl, using a fork.

*Add about half of the amount of peppermint oil to start, and test the toothpaste to see how much you want/like. I used NOW brand peppermint oil, and ended up stopping at 25 drops which is still not as strong as I am used to, though it does taste nice and minty! Julie noted in her instructions that using part spearmint oil will make the toothpaste not as "hot" as using all peppermint oil.

Ingredients for cinnamon toothpaste

I also made a cinnamon variation. Instead of using peppermint oil, I added a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a few drops of clove oil. This did turn out a little bit hot for the children, and I'm not sure if I like the ground cinnamon the paste -- cinnamon oil might be a better choice, but I don't own any. :)

This toothpaste recipe is very easy to experiment with as far as flavoring, and I'm thinking of making up some with cayenne pepper in it, which is supposed to be good for the gums!

This is what the finished toothpaste looks like:

Homemade toothpaste

The peppermint one is snowy-white! It looks and feels (to the fingers) just like store-bought toothpaste. The coconut oil is really a fabulous base for the toothpaste.

It tastes good, too. The stevia gives a sweet taste (which most toothpastes have). The baking soda taste isn't over-powering, but it is there -- and the toothpaste definitely works well! It doesn't foam, of course, but I actually like it that way.

Since coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, the toothpaste becomes liquid when you brush, and coats the teeth well. The oil is very runny, though, and doesn't leave the mouth feeling greasy in the least. It will, however, stick to your bathroom sink if you use cold water to rinse. I definitely recommend using warm water with this toothpaste! (It was only when I used the cinnamon one that I saw where the toothpaste actually ended up/stayed!)

Our bathroom toothpastes: Containers of homemade, and a half-tube of fluoride-free Nature's Gate. The Nature's Gate is rather hot-tasting, so I may finish that one for the children. ;) And, I won't be buying more! :)

Since the homemade toothpaste was so inexpensive to make, I won't have to watch quite so closely when they brush, to make sure they only use a small amount. (I usually brush their teeth at night, and they brush themselves during the day.)

Bye-bye, toothpaste!!

And what's even better? This homemade toothpaste made me decide to just toss the rest my free-after-rebate tube from Rite-Aid which I had been using for myself. I never had been comfortable with the ingredients, but it was free and it was what I had...

I welcome comments on the toothpaste topic, but I won't publish comments seeking to debate fluoride use. Thanks. :)

Disclaimer: I have not used this toothpaste extensively. (I will update here when I have!) I am fairly certain that this toothpaste is safe and will not harm your teeth. There are no studies or statistics comparing it to commercial toothpaste, so I am not out to "prove" its effectiveness in any way. This recipe and information is provided for those who want it and I make no claims about its long-term use. I'm still studying and learning about dental care! :)

Edited to add (3 years later): I'm still learning about teeth! :) Some sources say baking soda is all right in toothpaste, so long as brushing is gentle. Others say it is not okay.

I've been using xylitol, and even flavoring my own granulated xylitol with orange or peppermint oil rather than buying the expensive mints and gums.

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This looks awesome! I am using Tom's natural toothpaste now, with an electric Oral-B toothbrush, but it's rather expensive and the metal tube drives me crazy. How long is your homemade toothpaste safe to last? Also, do you keep it in the bathroom or the fridge?

It's kept in the bathroom, not in the fridge -- I'm guessing that if the coconut oil were refrigerated it would make the toothpaste rock-hard! :)

I'm not sure about shelf-life. My guess is "a long time" (maybe several months?). I guess I can update if mine goes bad or something!

It is very simple to make (takes about 5 minutes, seriously!) so I will probably not keep more than a few months' supply on hand, though I am curious as to just how long it will last! :) 

i am doing a science fair project and am using your recipe to help. could peppermint flavoring substitute for the peppermint oil?

It's my understanding that coconut oil has antibacterial properties, so I imagine it would be safe for some time. I don't think it goes rancid like some oils do, although I imagine it would eventually.

I also found this information:

Refined coconut oil should last 1½ years without showing signs of rancidity. Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème from the modern wet-milling process has an indefinite shelf-life.* We have test samples of this oil from 1993, that are only beginning now to show traces of rancidity after 7 years.
*A properly purified unrefined coconut oil will keep much longer than refined oil and this applies to other vegetable oils as well. Unrefined oils contain natural anti-oxidant agents, which protect the oil against atmospheric oxidation and rancidity. However, if the crude (unrefined) oil is of poor quality and has sufficient impurities and moisture, it will undergo hydrolysis which in turn increases the free fatty acid content. The result of this is deterioration of taste and flavour. High quality crude oil can be achieved with proper selection of materials, process, and the nature of the plant species.

Coconut oil has a really long shelf life. I am no scientist, but I am thinking that this stuff will not go bad for a LONG time. Like 6-12 months. The bacteria is more of an issue. I have read about putting tooth soap in a pump but I don't know if this will go in a pump or not.

I have been using toms toothpaste for awhile, liked the way it works but reading the lable it istn much different than the other regular pastes out there, and it cost alot more, I may be trying the homemade stuff myself...thanks for the recipie!!
I would htink you could keep that toothpaste in your bathroom, we use coconut oil all the time for dry skin etc, and keep it in the bathroom, doesnt seem there is anything in it that would actually spoil????

Just to let you know, the metal tube is recycleable.

what kind of pepermint oil and can you use essential oil

Hey, that is cool! I might try that only I might see if I can use xylitol since that is supposed to be good for teeth.

I guess Ill stick with what I always use, but that peppermint variety you made actually sound good enough to eat. now, if you figured out a recipie for homeade cocnut toothpaste Id give it a go!(I love coconut) cayenne pepper in toothpaste YOWEEEE!! I dont even cook with that.

Well, you could add coconut extract and leave out the peppermint oil! :D

If you use extracts, you're exposing yourself to possibly harmful chemicals. Real coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, among many other good qualities. You were inspired to come up with a formulation that coincidentally supports oral health. I've never brushed with coconut oil (I just use baking soda and essential oils), but this is an interesting idea.

As for peppermint essential oil (another comment), yes, absolutely - use it. Essential oils are used in very tiny quantities because they're so concentrated. Make sure whichever EOs you choose are safe for ingestion (things like peppermint and spearmint are fine, but keep wintergreen out of your mouth). Other ideas are lavender, tea tree, cinnamon, fennel (licorice flavor), and lemon (lemon is anti-plaque, but use only 1-2 drops per cup of baking soda / coconut oil so you don't strip your teeth).

Hi there,

I am a regular reader of your blog and find it very inspiring, God bless you Tammy!
I find this home made toothpaste idea really interesting but I am a bit concerned about the amount of baking soda you put into it. I've heard that baking soda may damage enamel as it works as a scrub to take the plaque off the teeth. Therefore companies producing pastes only put a small amount of it in their pastes plus foaming substance to lessen that scrubing effect even more. I hope you don't mind me asking...


I have done some reading on the use of baking soda in tooth paste/powder and couldn't find substantial evidence that it is too abrasive to be used. I always thought the Sodium Laural Sulfate, which makes things foam, was there just because people "expect" foam... although SLS isn't supposedly very good for you, either... However, I happen to be going to the dentist in 2 days and I can ask him about baking soda on teeth! :D

Let me know what you find out about the baking soda. Mom said she's read the same thing. I thought the important thing was to make sure the baking soda was completely rinsed out of your mouth. Whatever the case, I think the homemade toothpaste would be better. :)

I used baking soda only a couple of months on my teeth before I had sensitive teeth. Sensitive to brushing, sensitive to cold. My dentist said the enamel had thinned and put a sealer on my teeth. Even so, I still have problems. I love the idea of baking soda toothpaste and didn't mine using it, but in my case, it did cause problems. I've always had strong and healthy teeth. I wonder if salt could be substituted -- that seems to be a milder abrasive, but it is far less pleasant to use.

I haven't made toothpaste yet so don't know anything about baking soda. However, I have been doing something that has been known to reduce sensitivity in teeth, strengthen the gums and teeth, whitens the teeth, will reduce bacteria in the mouth and reduce caries. It is called "oil pulling," an ancient Ayurvedic medicine technique. You use 1-1.5 tsps good quality organic cold-pressed sesame oil, put it in the mouth and swish it around the teeth and gums gently for about 20 minutes. No swallowing - spit it out afterward. It will become rather thin and milky looking over the 20 minutes and at first its weird so you may have to start with less oil and/or less time. You will do this first thing in the morning upon waking, before having anything to drink. The idea is that the oil "pull out" toxins through the tissues of your mouth, and of course, that's why you wouldn't want to swallow it. If you swallow a tiny bit it won't hurt though, since the body's own digestive and immune systems are capable of handling a small amount. After you spit it out, rinse a few times with salt water at a ratio of 1/2 tsp per 1 cup warm water - the salt water will also help rinse away the oil in the sink. Then you can brush your teeth as normal, using your homemade toothpaste! How great is that to use all natural! You can find more information about this by searching Google, bing, etc. Here's a link I found on Facebook: There are FB groups discussing the benefits of oil pulling so check them out too. Just do a search for oil pulling.

Thanks for posting that, Tammy! I'd followed the link you posted the other day and told all my family about the homemade toothpaste recipe. :) Now I just need to pick up some essential oils so that I can make my own as well! I will be searching garage sales or the dollar store for some small containers to put it in, too.

Thanks!! :)

Vicky, I especially like peppermint oil as it is SO versatile and is my most-used oil -- so if you buy some, there are many more uses than just this tooth paste! :D

Where do I buy the essential oils that are safe for human ingestion?
I would live to try and make your Homemade tooth paste and I have all the ingredients.
I don't have stevia but I do have Agave nectar liquid form which I can use as a sweetner.
Does your stevia come in a liquid form or similar looking to sugar?
love to hear back from you soon as I am eager to make this toothpaste.

Our stevia looks pretty much like sugar. Some stevia is finer than the regular white sugar too.

That looks really good. I don't use any toothpaste at all, but I may make this for my husband, who buys whatever is on sale and I really don't like what he is putting in his mouth. Do you dip the toothbrush in or put it on the toothbrush with your finger? I would think that the toothpaste would get contaminated after a while of dipping the toothbrush in it. Or maybe it could be put in very, very small containers, so that you have to use a new one every week or something... hmmm... Well, thanks a lot for the link and recipe.

For the lady, above, who wanted coconut toothpaste: if you use virgin coconut oil, it will taste like coconut. If you use refined coconut oil, it will not. Also, virgin coconut oil is VERY good for you. Refined coconut oil is good for you, too, but virgin is better and it has that coconut smell and flavor.

Now to get my husband off head and shoulders shampoo. YUCK! ;-)

I have read that coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so dipping a toothbrush in it shouldn't be a problem. I did put my toothpaste in small containers, though -- about 2 ounces.

I've read in many articles that you can use tea tree based shampoos instead of Head and Shoulders and it will actually fix what's causing the dry skin/dandruff instead of just masking the problem. We use Giovanni brand through and really like the results. Shipping is inexpensive too!

My husband used H & S for many, many years. I switched him to Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil shampoo and it not only kept his head from itching, but he loves how soft it made his hair feel.

P.S. What does half a packet of stevia equal in sugar. I have liquid stevia and if I know what the equivalent is to sugar, I can figure out how much liquid to use. Thanks!

Oh, I don't know... I used Sweet Leaf stevia which has inulin added (since that was all I had on hand right now) and the box doesn't tell the equivalents... you may have to do some taste-testing with your liquid stevia...

Alright Tammy, I make my own detergent, shampoo, and now I so need to do this!

But now the question is where in the world can I get coconut oil? I've been looking everywhere in most basic stores, but I can't find it. Where did you get yours? You live kinda near me, so maybe I can get it at the same place. Spill the beans! ;)

Wal-mart, in the oil section, top shelf. I'm still on my first tub, so I haven't looked for other sources... :)

I've heard on Super Wal*mart's have CO.

I have those same little containers Tammy! Mine have a darker blue top tho. So useful for so many things. I didn't think so at the time I bought them.

~Jules (yes, eventually I'll sign in lol)

Normal cheapo coconut oil is bleached and fragranced with chemically thingybobs, which drains a lot of it's goodness.

Virgin Coconut Oil though is simply seperated out from the coconut milk (which is not the sweet watery stuff, it is squeezed from grated coconut flesh) and it is one hundred percent natural. If it has anything else in the ingredients list it isn't VCO.

However don't be fooled by the phrase "Extra Virgin Coconut oil" because that doesn't exist. Extra virgin is a term applied to olive oil only. It is sometimes used for coconut oil because it sounds better, but it is no better and worth no more of your money.

The oil I buy locally is from elfoods. it is a good price.

I use a lot of coconut oil and buy it online at They have wonderful products! I use their lotions and chap stick exclusively also.

The coconut oil at tropical traditions is very high quality stuff. That site also has a coconut oil recipe book and tons of free online coconut recipes as well. Virgin coconut oil is pure with the coconut flavor/smell, expeller-pressed has had the coconut flavor/smell removed. I think they'd both be great for toothpaste. I'm about to try it out, thanks so much for the recipe Tammy!!

Vitacost has coconut

I found virgin coconut oil at whole foods they have several brands I paid $7. I use it in my hair and on my skin.

I searched everywhere. I found some at Vitamin world. Then I found an organic section at Walmart. So they sell it there also.
To be honest Vitamin World sells it a little cheaper than Walmart. They also sell it in pill form. It is good for so many things. Inside and out.
I use it on skin and hair and take pills. I have acid reflux & gerd. It has helped with that also. No more Prilosec OCT for me!!! Yay!!
Thank you for your homemade toothpaste recipe.

Tropical Traditions, Coconuttreat, Nature's Way, Spectrum are all great brands of coconut oil. They are all pure oil and trustworthy brands. Tropical Traditions has a ton on info about coconut oil on their website.

Nutiva has a good coconut oil that you can buy on amazon. Much more expensive than the LouAnna brand that Wmart sells (MUCH better quality - it's extra virgin), but it periodically goes on sale for 50% off. Right now is one of those times - look for the 2 pack of 15 ounce containers and you should be able to get it for $11.75 with Subscribe and Save.

Tammy, I enjoy reading your blog for ideas. . . making hm toothpaste-how much did it cost to make and how much did each batch make? (example: $1 to make 6 oz). I buy toothpaste at the discount grocer, and use $1 off cpns, often it is free or close to it for me, certainly less than $1/tube. With 6 people here, we go thru a considerable amount. I was surprised that you chose to toss the remainder of the Rite Aid (?) toothpaste; your blog shows that you are a resourceful, thrifty person-waste not want not, no? While I understand your preferences surrounding toothpaste, I would have used the remainder of the RZ toothpaste up first. JMO

My batch of toothpaste made about 2 ounces and cost... pennies. I'm guessing maybe 10 cents or so? :)

We are usually able to get toothpaste for free (after rebate, so we just pay tax) from Rite Aid here, but often the toothpastes contain ingredients that I really don't like putting in my mouth -- like Triclosan, for example! If I hadn't already used from that tube, I would have given it away rather than throwing it away. :) 

Maybe that's my problem...I didn't look UP at Walmart. hehe...well, next trip, I will see! Thanks Tammy!

Stevia has also been shown to be an anticavity agent. Just in case someone wasn't aware

That is so AWESOME. I love it. I will have to try.

I haven't studied up on this, but to the commenter who wanted to use xylitol instead of stevia, I will caution you too research it more because I've heard that it's poisonous to dogs. Makes you wonder if you really want to be putting that in your mouth! ;-)

So is chocolate... ;)

I have no intention of brushing any dog's teeth, thank goodness.:-P

(FYI, I have read about it. The danger for dog's, if I remember correctly, is that it causes a fast release of insulin. Whereas for humans xylitol is an insulin stabilizer. So pretty much the opposite effect.)

I have no intention of brushing any dog's teeth, thank goodness. :-P

LOL!! :) 

I was just wondering if you would mind if I reprinted this recipe in my newsletter, the Rosebud Newsletter? I have a small column in it for future keepers-at-home and I thought this might be a good addition. :)
Please let me know!
Catherine Perrine
GodsRosebud_1989 at

I saw this recipe last week at Old Paths and vowed then and there to make it. Now seeing your try at it makes me want to make it more! I love the idea of adding different "flavors"! I want to try the mint one and the cinnamon, but wouldn't it be fun to do some sort of berry flavor or something for the kids! I'm going to make it this've made up my mind! LOL!

This is an interesting idea- stevia as a sweetner in Toothpaste... So as the dental hygienist I had to look into it...

That is what I found...
I was just wondering of the cavity factor- and it turns out stevia is non-cariogenic ( not cavity causing) probably because it has a high content of fluoride.

Xylitol ( another sweetner) is actually anti-cariogenic and can prevent cavities. It can be easily found in gum these days, they advertise it largely if it is an ingredient. I doubt it can be purchased alone though.

Heather, RDH

Thanks for your input Heather!

I didn't know that Stevia had flouride in it. I'm going to do a little more research on that.

Xylitol can be purchased by the pound in granules (like regular sugar) in a health food store. They also sell single serving packets.


If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? –Milton Berle

Yes, you can purchase xylitol as is.

Okay, I was able to ask both a dentist (in OH) and a dental hygienist (in WI) about the use of baking soda on teeth. The same answer I got from both:

Baking soda is NOT too abrasive to be used on teeth. However, brushing too vigorously, particularly brushing horizontally is too harsh on the teeth and gums. So whether you're brushing with baking soda or regular toothpaste, the important thing is to brush in little circles and not just horizontally.

I was surfing for a different recipe for toothpaste and this one looks great.
In reading your comments, I really thought your 'community' would like knowing about I'm feel like I'm just at the beginning of learning and applying so much, and really want to share this great new source of knowledge! It gives such complete information on so many areas of nutrition that I felt was lacking or contradictory.
Weston A Price was actually a Dentist in the 1930s when his curiosity sent him off to learn more.
And by the way a great source for coconut oil is Tropical Traditions; regardless of source, expeller pressed is a great type to look for.

I am wondering how your toothpaste has worked out thus far :D


Let's see... it's been over a month now... my first batch is almost gone and I'm going to make more peppermint toothpaste this week. :)

I really like the toothpaste, and use it for the children too (that way it's not dangerous if they swallow a little bit... as toddlers do!).

I'm still doing some study about dental care, and may in the future add some beneficial ingredients to the homemade toothpaste. :) 

I'm enjoying your blog. I've been wanting to try my hand at making homemade toothpaste.

We do not have a Super Walmart in our area. Do you think it would be cost effective to purchase coconut oil from the health food store?

Also, I'm needing to find an inexpensive resource for essential oils. I have a bottle of eucalyptus I use in my floor cleaner and one bottle of lavendar that I use in my skin lotion. I'll be needing to replace them soon.

I made a skin lotion last year and my husband loves it. I have a great book called The Complete book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy. I hope to make a face lotion someday.


I've enjoyed your blog.

I was wondering if you knew of an inexpensive essential oil resource?

We do not have a Super Walmart nearby so I wondered if it would be cost effective if I purchased my coconut oil from a local health food store?

I made a skin lotion last year and my husband loves it. I have a great book called The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy. I hope to make a face lotion someday. Toothpaste is next on my list. :-)


Thanks, Georgene! :)

I think a gallon of coconut oil (128 oz, cold pressed virgin oil) runs about $36-40 or so. The toothpaste goes pretty far... I haven't really figured the costs to the penny, since I was just using small amounts of ingredients I already had on hand!

I have in the past bought NOW brand essential oils at a health food store. Some natural food co-ops offer them, as well. And perhaps bulk food stores? :) I haven't looked online for good prices...

The best price for coconut oil that I've been able to find is
Even with shipping I can't find it cheaper anywhere else!
Love your blog, Tammy, and thanks for the toothpaste recipe! Going to make it right now : )

Shelley R.

I am SO sorry for the multiple posts! It didn't look like they were showing up so I'd try again AND again! I was shocked to see all my posts when I came back to visit today!

Again, I apologize! :(

Thanks for the info. I'm hoping to try this recipe soon!



I have made homemade toothpaste and love it though I found for children getting it out of the container more difficult.

To solve the problem, I put the toothpaste in a zip lock baggie and pricked a small hole in one corner and zipped up the bag. Now the children can squeeze the toothpaste on their brushes just like frosting. It works great and no mess!


I like your idea, but what do you do with the pricked end to close that back up? Do you also make sure your toothpaste isn't too runny to come out too quickly? I have 4 & 6 year olds so I'm trying to come up with an easy way to apply it.



For all those wondering about getting the toothpaste onto the brush, how about these:

You can get them from any camping store!

Dear Tammy,
Though I enjoyed your post about toothpaste, and will likely make this myself, I wanted to let you know that toothpaste is actually not even necessary for brushing teeth properly. All you need is a good soft bristled brush, water and lots of gentle scrubbing action. I used to work for a dentist who told me toothpaste is entirely psychological (people like the clean feel of mint). We prefer to use it here, but just as f.y.i. since you are a fan of the simple life as we are.

I was going to post this, once I finished reading all the comments. My Hygienist told me (when I asked her the best toothpaste to use) that I did not need to use toothpaste at all. It was the proper brushing/flossing that keeps your teeth healthy! Who knew? Crazy retailers trying to make an extra buck!!

Thanks for the recipe, gonna head out tomorrow to find some Peppermint Oil. Would like to try Cinnamon for myself... :)

We never had a problem with homemade toothpaste coming out of the end, just add more baking soda to it while in the zip lock bag and squish until well mixed.


as far as using stevia in h.m. tothpaste, what about using ground stevia leaves? i have a stevia plant in my garden that i'm constantly on the lookout for using. i'm just wondering how much you'd use to give it a little sweetness, nothing too much though.

Love this recipe for toothpaste .... I think I'm going to love to try it.....

Also love ordering from mountainroseherbs...... I had some all natural toothpaste and in the ingredience it had astragulas root powder, myrrh powder, stevia.... burbock root powder.... I think I'm going to try to make it and add some herbs too......

thanks.... love this recipe.... Anyone tried making Whipped shea body butter.... or facial scrubs using shea butter? Also salt scrubs?.....

God Bless

I made a salt scrub and it was super easy!
1 C salt
1 C olive oil (not extra virgin)
1 tsp cinn

You could switch out the cinnamon for any scent you like. I'm sure lavender essential oil would work great too! It made my skin so soft I didn't feel I needed any lotion afterwards and I have very dry skin.


Hi! I made this toothpaste and it is wonderful for making your mouth feel clean and refreshed, but WOW is it ever salty!!! How do you get your kids to brush with it? I followed the recipe and the saltiness was overwhelming. So I added more peppermint oil and more sweetener. It was a little better, but still super salty. My husband tried it once and made an aweful face. Any advice? Did I do something wrong? Do you just have to get used to the saltiness?

Just for FYI salt is a natural cleanser, purifier and healing to tissues. Ever gotten ocean water up your nose? Might burn initially due to inflamed nasal tissues, but cleans out the "junk." Saline sprays are great for the nasal tissues and salt water rinses are recommended after dental surgeries because of the cleansing/ healing properties. Salt is not added in the recipe, so I was wondering where the salty taste is coming from? If you could discover the answer, then it would be a simple of matter of decreasing the amount to an acceptable level. Then ever so slowly increase the amount as family becomes accustomed to it.

It's the baking soda.

I LOVE this idea! My grandmother used to use a baking soda and salt combo. When my sister and I were young, my mom did the same thing for us. We would dip our wet toothbrushes in a custard cup of the mixture and it would stick right on the bristles. We didn't mind, although it did have a "chalky" taste/texture.(by the way, neither my sister or I have ever had a cavity)
This recipe sounds great though. It sounds like it makes "store-bought" quality toothpaste! I'll definately try it when I get an essential oil-I've got every thing else in the cupboards. Sure beats paying the money for "healthy" toothpaste, when I can make it at home with stuff I've got!

I am going to make some of this for my 6 yo and use a different flavoring because he does not like 'hot' toothpaste...i.e. peppermint or spearamint. I am going to store them in the small decorater icing containers. They look like the small version of the ketchup picnic bottles.

Does this actually work. I mean, is it as good as other toothpastes? Also, is it "hot" because I really hate "hot" toothpastes?


Great recipe!! This will be on our "to do" list this year, as we continue to cut our expenses. Ive never made toothpaste before, I think the kids will love this great science experiment.

I am on the Guaifenesin Protocol (heard of it?) and need to stay away from alot stuff so my meds work correctly, not an easy task. Toothpaste alone cost me $7.99 a tube, plus shipping (Im in HI)

Thanks again for the recipe!!

I think homemade tooth paste is a good idea, I make it for my dogs, because it's hard to find here in MX and expensive. I seen the comment someone put about not brushing any dogs teeth and it made me sad to think they wouldn't cosder thier dog health. If your dog has Bad Doggis Breath and/or stained teeth you need to brush them 1 to 2 times a week, if you don't it could lead to major health problems and LARGE VET BILLS.If a dog is taken to a vet for teeth cleaning they have to be put to sleep,etc. and this also adds stress to your pet. For good homemade Dog toothpaste mix------------- 6 tsp.Baking soda,1/3 tsp.salt, 4 tsp. glycerin and 2tsp.low-sodium beef broth or peppemint extract. my dogs love the beef flavor, keep in frig.

I was surfing the internet and found your receipe for dog toothpaste.I am anxious to try it.My question: How long can the toothpaste be stored in the fridge? Thanking you.

On the container idea.Has anyone thought of using a large syringe like for horses?My girlfriend uses these at work to store medicines for animals.Just dont use needles and they suck up and dispense paste really well.

even better one here

Keep in mind that plastic syringes are coated with latex. So if you have a latex allergy you might not want to try this. The plunger is also made out of oil based rubber.

I have a container of powdered stevia, not packets. How many teaspoons is one packet, do you think?

do u have 2 use the coconut oil as a base? my email is thanx :)

I made my first batch of toothpaste this weekend and it turned out pretty good. I made the cinnamon one and i really like the way it taste. It looks like i wont be buting any more store bought toothpaste i think im sold on making my own.

This is all very helpful, as I am making my own toothpaste right now, out of necessity. My daughter and I have narrowed down severe gastrointestinal troubles which only happen right after tooth brushing, or just after chewing sugar-free gum to the alcohol based sugars (xylitol, malitol, etc., etc. in toothpastes. I decided to try making my own. I also have issues with aspartame (no diet colas, flavored waters, etc for me!), saccharin and nutrasweet. So this is just a word to the wise, be careful of using xylitol. It is proven to be effective at reducing cavities, but I'd rather go without, and just brush carefully. I also read that unsweetened cranberry juice is very effective as a mouthwash, so I might try that also.

Oh, and as for the container? I'm using a 3 oz squeeze travel bottle, found in any chain drug store/pharmacy in the hair accessories aisle.

Our vet told us that xylitol is poisonous to dogs.

In my search for toothpaste recipes I read one lady's suggestion of using a new bathroom soap dispenser, well contained and easy to apply to the brush :)

i'm going to add that to my shopping list!

I have been looking for a recipe for homemade toothpaste and I am very excited to try this one! It looks great and I love the ingredients! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

I've read several studies on xylitol. it is actually pretty amazing stuff! and great for your teeth. yes not good for dogs. I will be making ours with xylitol for the kids. I was looking for the kids. we get our toothpaste through Natures Sunshine it is called xylibright and we love it. if you aren't using floride which we don't i reccomend using xylitol as your sweetner in your toothpaste. so, I'm going to try to make some for my kids that isn't "hot" thanks so much for your post! :)
xylitol can have an effect on your gastrointestinal track but it is because you have to get used to it. it is pretty amazing, it doesn't only serve as an antibacterial also been found to aid in stronger bones because it allows calcium to be absorbs differently than your body absorbs it with vitamin D. it also has been found to prevent colds in children ie, ear infections, head colds, runny noses.
I actually did a research paper on it and researched it to death. I'd say people might want to do their full reserch before just saying what you've heard.
Thanks so much for the recipe! :) I'll be making some today!! :) I'm going to new seasons for coconut oil.

is stevia liquid okay......? or must i use the powder.....?

cant wait to try this toothpaste i like the idea that it is sweetned with stevia i just started using stevia and i think it is the best

this sound like a great idea and it looks like it is pretty inexpensive to make i will give it a try

I have been researching homemade dentifrices and the harmful chemicals used in drugstore toothpastes. After reading a lot of recipes, I made a first attempt at creating our own homemade toothpaste tonight, just with ingredients I already had on hand in my pantry. Here is what I used:

about 1/4 c. baking powder (accidentally used baking powder, oops! still turned out fine, but will use baking soda next time so it doesn't have the metallic aftertaste of the tartaric acid)
about 1/4 tsp. of kosher salt (I hear sea salt is also good, but I might either up the amount of baking soda or half the amount of salt next time)
three packets of Truvia (although I'd like to try to find some xylitol next time I'm at the health food store!)
about 10 drops of cherry flavoring (from the baking aisle, leftover from some cupcakes or something)
a couple drops of water to smooth it all out (although I'd like to maybe try liquid vegetal glycerin if I can find some at the drugstore, or might just order it online)

That's it! The flavor wasn't too shabby for a first attempt (despite the baking powder instead of baking soda) but will try some different things next time. It was VERY effective - my teeth felt squeaky clean long after I brushed and they were noticeably whiter after just one brushing - AMAZING! I couldn't believe it and I'm really excited about seeing what the long-term effects will be (hopefully fewer canker sores for me & my daughter!) and about trying more variations including xylitol and/or glycerin and trying different flavorings (I've read lots of suggestions online including cinnamon, clove, peppermint, wintergreen, and mandarin orange. I am thinking almond would be delish!) ^_~

Love reading other people's suggestions... thanks!

I noticed there were a lot of baking flavors clearanced at the grocery store from Christmas a few days ago and everyone may be able to get some fun flavors for next to nothing if you are using those kinds of flavorings for your toothpaste. I didn't pick any up when I saw them and now wish I had, especially after reading the cherry toothpaste post!

Never thought about making my own toothpaste. I think i will give it a try.


Does anyone know about aluminum-free baking soda? Apparently, there is baking soda that is 'natural' and some that is not so naturally-derived, but uses chemicals to extract. Didn't want to use the kind with aluminum as that builds up quickly in your body and can cause alzheimers, ADHD, etc.



To my knowledge, aluminum is found in baking POWDER not soda. My family avoids this by making up our own baking powder (1/4 tsp baking soda + 1/4 teaspoon corn starch + 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar).

I started reading about aluminum in baking soda and the one I found was Bob's Red Mill baking soda and it says on the front of the package aluminum free as well.

Thanks for the toothpaste recipe. I started buying the ones from Trader Joes, (their brand) but I like this idea because it seems like I go through a lot of toothpaste because I use it for so many other things like polish for metal.

I am always looking for homemade alternatives. I don't believe in wasting money anymore than I have to.

I also notice a link from this site for the Berkey water purifier. I use one because our chlorine level and fluoride is awful here in AZ. Fluoride might be good for your teeth but it blocks the absorption of iodine that your thyroid needs to work.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the recipe...looking forward to trying it!!

I made the toothpaste last week and it turned out pretty good. The only thing i would do different next time is to add more cinnamon

I was concerned about a neat container for my son so I used a well washed tiny dish soap container left over from camping.
At T@rget I saw a cute little travel bottle for like $1.25 it had a flat top for storing upside down.
I also followed advice from another site and bought a new soap dispenser on clearance. The best part is the wide opening, no funnel required, no cross contamination from fingers and tooth brushes, and if the pump gets clogged I can still get it out of the bottle.

someone mentioned facial lotion. Does anyone have a recipe for a lotion to make for mostly oily skin. My skin is always oily. Love the toothpaste recipe. Saves me from having to buy Tom's. Thanks a lot!

I've seen other recipes with glycerin instead of Stevia...what's better??

I've been reading recently that glycerin actually coats your teeth and prevents them from re mineralizing. google it and you'll see what I mean. You apparently have much healthier teeth without the glycerin.

I am new to this site... love the toothpaste recipe. I have been using straight baking soda for some time now, but I find it does irritate my gums, so I need to add the baking soda to something else.

Re: facial lotion. I have had nothing but problems with the skin on my face all my life. I continued to have breakouts into my 30s. Then a lady at a conference (who looked incredibly young for her age) told me how she moisturizes and my skin has been perfect since I tried it... just the occasional monthly blemish.

After washing my face I use witch hazel on a cotton ball as an astringent. Then I smooth on plain jojoba oil from the health food store. I blot off any excess oil with a couple of squares of TP, and that's it. I thought it would make my skin oily, but it has evened out both oily and dry spots. I will never use lotion again!

Hi there, I am so into making homemade laundry detergent, soaps, lotions, and other household and bodycare items. Toothpaste was next on my list! :) Just as some input, my hubby has very painful gums and major tooth problems from not taking care of them as he should of when younger. I am going to make him a batch with a bit of Myrrh and Clove EO's in it for the antiseptic and anesthetic properties. You can also put a few drops of EO;s in distilled water for a cleansing chemical free mouth rinse. Tea tree and pepperming are great for bad breath. Lots of nice info! Thanks for posting.

BTW - I order from for most of my supplies. You can get 33 oz of coconut oil for 5 dollars or so. They really are awesome wholesalers of natural supplies.

Hello! Thank you so much for this recipe. It is wonderful! I made it but used 1 Tbsp of Xilytol (which I bought in powder form at my local Whole Foods) and 40 drops of Strawberry Flavoring. It almost tasted like the Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry that my children LOVE! I also added about 10 drops of spearmint oil. It was wonderful. Thank you very much for sharing this great recipe!


Thank you so much for this homemade recipe. I moved to a small town in Panama and have a hard time finding all natural things here, it's nearly impossible. Thankfully most everything I need is grown here, but I was concerned about getting toothpaste. I'm going to try this recipe right now. Thanks again!!



Just wanted to say I have been using a homemade toothpaste recipe similar to yours.

I cup coconut oil
1/4 cup zylitol
20 drops peppermint oil

I used to have very sensitive teeth and at least one cavity each year. I have been using this formula for 2 years and have no cavities and no more sensitive teeth.


I made this recipe (Tammy's) and was shocked by the saltiness (although I must add that I made it without flavoring because I didn't have any and the store I get it from in town is out until their shipment comes in on Friday...but I can't imagine the peppermint oil neutralizing the saltiness that much!). I used baking soda, coconut oil and xylitol and brushed with that. It did a great job on my teeth and I loved that! But I'm thinking I won't be able to get my kids to use it because it's so salty, even with the flavoring, so I'm going to give your recipe a try too.

Thanks for sharing it!


You can add some grapefruit seed extract or tea tree oil to make it antibacterial. The baking soda works as a good detifrice, the olive oil helps to smooth and sooth the teeth and gums (and gives your teeth a polished feeling when done, instead of a rough feeling when using baking soda alone, plus olive oil contains chemicals which are antifungal/antibacterial, too). However, adding in like 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract can help kill off plaque causing germs.

Or, you can try a different route. You can add probiotics to your toothpaste. Yes, add friendly bacteria to your toothpaste. If you think of your mouth as a farm field, it will eventually grow something in it. Usually, this is bad bacteria, which feeds off the sugars & starches we eat. However, brushing your teeth sort of "weeds" the field. But, when you leave an empty field alone, weeds will grow back in it unless you plant something of your own. So, you can add probiotics to your toothpaste. That way when you brush, you eliminate bad bacteria, and plant good ones at the same time. You can buy capsule powerded probiotics that don't need to be refrigerated at health food stores (heck, I've even seen them at Wal-Mart). Just empty a few caps into your toothpaste, and enjoy.

So I've now made 5 different batches of the toothpaste and it tastes gross. I cut back on the amount of baking soda and it's still too salty.. and too coconutty.. and I added 40+ drops of essential oils and still can't get it to taste good. I tried cinnamon too and I've added ALOT and it doesn't taste like cinnamon. I'm stumped. Is there something else I can use as a base? What about something besides baking soda too since it's so salty and I've read online that it can be harmful. I've tried finding other recipes but nothing that stands out.

Okay, I can't decide...are we talking about peppermint extract (like in the baking isle) or pepperming essential oil?

Peppermint essential oil (not extract). :)

Tammy, LOVE your article! I am going to make my own too! But, can I use Spearmint or Wintergreen or Anise essential oil instead? What about adding vanilla extract, or should I use vanilla essential oil as well? THANKS!

Is the peppermint merely for taste? If we don't my the taste of the paste, can the peppermint be omitted? What about the stevia? Is that also just for taste?

Is there any issue with rancidity of the coconut oil? This youtube version doesn't seem to use any, and it strikes me as a good question- coconut oil (as will any full fats) tend to go rancid through air exposure as well as light. Have you had any issues with this?

Now I'm inspired to make my own toothpaste. Thanks:)

I believe (but need to research more) that the shelf life of coconut oil is at least 5 years. It is an extremely stable oil, it can be heated to very high temperatures for cooking purposes without deteriorating and it does not go rancid very easily. That's why it is such a healthy oil to add to your diet.


I just started making my own toothpaste, and for those who say that the baking soda is too salty, I agree. So, I add a LOT more stevia, and it works out great! The recipe I made last was 1/2 c. baking soda, and I put 14 heaping scoops (about a full teaspoon) of stevia extract into it. Keep working with it, adding stevia until it tastes right for you. My 3 and 4 year olds love this toothpaste!

I love that you can make your own toothpaste...wish I was that motivated. My only suggestion/concern is how do you apply to your brush? I am concerned with cross contamination from family members sharing same container. Also, if toothbrush is inserted into paste the bacteria from saliva will begin to breakdown the paste. This is also a concern with family members sharing a tube of toothpaste. (My family members all have their own tube of paste-no sharing. EVER. )

I have been using a mixture of sunflower oil and castor oil to cleanse my face. The idea came from .

I have found this to be a wonderful cleanser. I use a 2oz plastic bottles and fill it about 1/4 full with castor oil and 3/4 with sunflower oil. This ratio is based on my balanced but slightly dry skin. Its important to find the ratio that works best for your skin. I use it every night. It is excellent for removing makeup and has made my skin feel very soft. About once a week, I dispense my normal amount of oil cleanser in my hand and then sprinkle a little bit of sugar into it (I keep a small bottle of sugar in my bathroom for this). It works like a scrub. It is a little rough so I massage gently, but my skin feels amazing afterward!

I am not especially prone to acne though I do occasionally get a small pimple. I can't say whether this cleanser has helped diminish since I get them so infrequently anyway, but I can say that I have not seen an increase in acne issues.

The castor oil cost about $2.50 for 6oz. The sunflower oil cost about $2 for one of those tall oil bottles (maybe 50 or 60oz?). I have been using it for about 5 months and have only put a small dent in my supplies!

An empty toothpaste tube makes a great container. You can get the tube "roll-ups" at the Dollar Tree. My recipe has glycerin in it so it's really creamy and comes out just the store bought kind!

I recently made your toothpaste. I had been using it for a few days before my hubby discovered it. He tried it and said "It is better then storebought!" I will never ever go back to storebought toothpaste as long as I live! Now if only there was a toddler recipe for toothpaste.... My toddler is learning to brush her teeth, and I really don't like the idea of her sticking chemicals anywhere on her person (especially in her mouth and swallowing it!!)

P.S. please post more recipes like this! Maybe for example deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash ect...

Equal parts baking soda and salt plus enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. This kills germs and makes your mouth very fresh; and makes your smile whiter after only a few uses. Keep it in a container that has a tight-fitting lid.

I just found your recipe and can't wait to try it. I already have the ingredients because I needed them for deodorant and chapstick. I am glad you don't need glycerin. All the recipes I found called for it but its expensive for a tiny bottle. Thanks:)

So I love the coconut oil idea, I used refined organic oil because I don't like coconut taste too much, and instead of stevia, I used vegetable glycerin which is really a great sweetener and helped to make the hard coconut oil more paste-like. Thank you! I'll never go back!


I came across your website a few times already looking for natural stuff.
I really enjoy it.
Me at

I discovered this recipe today and (after research on coconut oil) made my own variant about thirty minutes ago. Instead of plain cinnamon oil and the clove oil, I used saigon cinnamon and cinnamon flavouring concentrate. I found that the saigon's faint sweetness helps the overal flavour, and the (albeit not completely natural) cinnamon concentrate boosts the scent and kick a little. I replaced the sweetener in the recipe with vegetable glycerin, as well. Also, I didn't use virgin coconut oil. Instead, I used LouAnnes Pure Coconut Oil. It's a good quality brand that my mother uses in soap-and-moisterizer making, and lacks an artificial flavour and scent. I'm also using both a baking soda and a vinegar mouthwash, so I don't particularly need virgin coconut oil.

I wrote the 'Twist on the Cinnamon Variant.'
My younger sister has expressed an interest in the mint-flavoured version of this recipe, but I'm not sure if the toothpaste will damage her braces. Does anyone know if it will? I'm looking around to see what I can find, but I greatly appreciate any input here.
Also, although my version of the cinnamon toothpaste isn't very 'cinnamony' in it's flavour, I like it. The longer it sits in your mouth, the sweeter it gets, but not by much. Strangely, I don't see it as a bad thing. The overall lack of sweetness and cinnamon to it's flavour somehow makes the toothpaste seem even more healthy. Kind of like how tonics taste (and sometimes smell) horrible, yet are amazingly good for us. The scent is heavenly, though.

I really do not know! Is it possible to ask the orthodontist or your dentist about the individual ingredients and whether they're safe for braces?

Re: the saigon cinnamon, I actually did not know what the differences were in cinnamons, but I have been using saigon cinnamon for probably a year or longer, since that is the variety that Costco carries. I just LOVE cinnamon!! :)

I've been trying to make a nice homemade toothpaste and came across this recipe. The only problem is that my room temperature is usually in the mid to high 70's and therefore the coconut oil turns to liquid so it then tends to separate out in the tube i put it in. I wasn't sure if there are any alternatives to using coconut oil so that I could maintain the paste consistency.

I made one concoction with Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, Xylitol, Salt, Aloe.

Maybe someone can give a suggestion

I really like this toothpaste! It tastes so good, and because the ingredients are safe for our bodies, I don't feel worried about my 2 and 3 year old kids using it. To make it more palatable for them, I increased the coconut oil to 3T and I added peppermint and vanilla extracts. They like it so much they actually ask me if they can brush. This is the best stuff.

Im not sure if your familiar with Xylitol, but it is a natural sweetener that prevents tooth decay and reduces cavities. It seems like this would be the ideal sweetener for a homemade toothpaste, perhaps replacing Stevia. It can be found at any grocery store, next to the organic sugars and sweeteners. Anyway, I love your recipe and found comfort with the idea of not having to worry about my little one swallowing the toothpaste by accident. Its really great. Thank you! the flouride in the Stevia a good thing? I have purposely been looking for toothpasteds without flouride, as I have heard that flouride is a bad thing. Thoughts?

Hi, I am glad to find so many people interested in homemade toothpaste.
My european naturalist friends used a commercial toothpaste made with:

Red Mud
Peppermint Oil
Sea Salt

Sorry, I don't know the proportions.
I guess that the commercial hit was the need of changing habits and find it natural to see your mouth black while brushing your teeth, but it worked great!

Perhaps someone could write the correct recipe of this 'muddy toothpaste'!

Thank you all!


I just came across your blog. There were a LOT of comments, so I will admit that I don't know if this was already posted but I use a very basic recipe that I found in a book(EcoBeauty by Lauren & Janice Cox):

2 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
2 tsp water

It works great and takes me about 30 sec to mix some up! Between both me and the hubs, the above recipe lasts about 4-5 days and makes approximately 4 tsps worth of toothpaste. Just thought I'd pass it along :)

I'm actually going to try out your recipe tonight, minus the stevia. I know it's not sugar but the last time I used a sweetener add to my homemade toothpaste it really messed up and damaged my gums and they never recovered :( It could have been because I was retarded and had used ground up sugar crystals but I wanted to just be on the safe side. So now, I just don't put any kind of sweeteners in my home made toothpastes, lol :)

i like your recipe, never thought about using coconut oil but that is a great idea it is useful for a lot of things. i just used vegetable glycerin with a few more oils such as peppermint, spearmint, clove, almond and tea tree, these oils have healing properties. Also added some grapefruit seed extract which has many benefits as well.

those of u worried about Stevia... it is not a "sweetener" it is natural and actually has many health benefits and u should do more research on it.


I am making my own toothpaste with this recipe.

1 cup virgin coconut oil - got from whole foods
1/4 cup xylitol - got this from whole foods
1/4 cup baking soda - got bobs red mill which is aluminum free - whole foods
20 drops of pure essential oil - not sure where to get this

*i went to whole foods and vitamin shoppe looking for pure essential oil. Neither store had them and was wondering where i could get it locally rather than online. I found this online though at vitamin shoppe but they didnt know if it was extract or essential. Do you think this will work fine for my toothpaste making.


just made Tammy's recipe... it's a great consistency and totally white like store bought tp (peppermint).... Im experimenting with adding a little agave nectar as a sweetener... I also made a video of this entire process and Ill send you the link when it's done uploading.

I started making my own tooth powder with baking soda and sea salt (4:1) and any flavoring I like. I prefer citrus--currently orange is my favorite! After using it for about 2 months I had a cleaning appointment. My hygenist took one look and exclaimed, "You did it! You finally gave up coffee!" (I hadn't.) Imagine her surprise when I told her about the tooth powder! I love the way my teeth feel--and for so long! I don't mind the lack of sweetness at all.

Your blog is like a gift! Thank you for sharing all of this useful information with people. I'm so excited to make this toothpaste.

Just made toothpaste with coconut oil and baking soda. The coconut oil was liquid, wonder what kind of would it have been if firm coconut oil. Now it isn't paste but I don't mind.

Is there any reason that I can't just use coconut oil alone for toothpaste? Thank you!

French clay can substitute for part of the baking soda if anyone is still concerned. Get the white French clay, or bentonite clay; brown or red French clay will make the toothpaste dingy.

I'm so chuffed with this. I've made my first batch, which looks to be lasting for a couple of month, and does a far better job than commercial toothpaste. I've also begun to make my own laundry detergent and dishwasher soap, and I use nothing except baking soda to scrub my hair! I'm also using homemade deodorant and a foot antiperspirant. This is soooo much better than having to pay big bucks for things that are actively harmful!

I am so interested in this toothpaste because I want to see if taking out chemicals such as those in tooth pastes, hair care products, dish washing liquid, and detergents will have an effect on my health and eliminate some issues i'm having. I have sensitive teeth and cavities. What ingredients in the tooth paste should be taken out or added to help with this problem...what ingredients will wear away at my enamel?

Also if someone could post recipes for hypoallergenic laundry detergent that would be great :)

I went to my local health food store to purchase peppermint essential oil. She warned me that it CANNOT be ingested & that it was for external use only. She directed me to ingestible peppermint extract-which is obviously different from essential oil. I decided not to purchase either one at all until I do a bit more research. I know that with toothpaste, I'm not ingesting the essential oil, but then again, it is in my mouth and I'm sure it could happen. Any thoughts on this?

From my research, peppermint oil can be safely ingested. (Peppermint oil and peppermint extract are two different things -- but both are safe to ingest.)

In our home, we have used peppermint extract in cooking and peppermint oil for headache relief (I just put a couple drops in a glass of water and drink, or a couple drops on my tongue and drink water with it). In the past couple years I've been pretty good about making sure I drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, so headaches are rare for me and I hardly use my peppermint oil these days... :)

Thanks for your reply :)

One last question and I promise to leave you alone. LOL
You have pictured, 100% Peppermint oil. Is that different then 100% Peppermint Essential oil? All the essential oil labels at the health food store warned about external use only and must be used in diluted form only. I did not see any labeled just "oil". Perhaps I need to order it online.

Thanks so much for the recipe! I am so looking forward to trying this.

My peppermint oil pictured is considered essential oil. :) I guess you're right -- it doesn't say "essential oil" on the front, but it is essential oil and was sold (when I bought it about 9 years ago!) with all the other essential oils at our then-local health food store. :)

Some essential oils are safe to ingest -- others are not. I haven't done extensive research because peppermint and spearmint are the only ones I've ingested -- oh, and orange oil! :) Those are all from foods and safe to ingest in the right context -- i.e. don't try to drink the oil straight from the bottle or anything. ;)

If it is an extract (rather than an oil) it should clearly say that on the label. Other than that, I think just make sure it says "100% pure" for whatever oil you're after, and you're good to go! :)

According to the essential directory at my local health food store, it states that spearmint essential oil is not save for children to ingest.

Hey Tammy, I made your toothpaste recipe exactly as written and it's wonderful! Nice job. I used Peppermint Essential Oil from the health food store. It says for external use only but it works just fine with no ill effects. It is summer now and the paste gets melty during the day as the coconut oil liquefies but the product still does what it is supposed to do. Hooray!

By the way, I have been using your wheat bread recipe (the one with added wheat gluten, soy lecithin, etc.) and it is by far the best 100% whole wheat bread I have ever made. I don't have a bread machine so I do it all by hand, turns out perfectly every time. Sometimes I add other ingredients to keep things interesting, like flax, millet, sesame or sunflower seeds.

Thank you for your hard work and research. It is very much appreciated.

I've used this recipe for over 2 years and I've always used the peppermint essential oil. Peppermint oil is indeed safe. At the time I had purchased my bottle from the healthfood store, I asked the owner who was also a holistic doctor. No worries. Apparently you can also safely use cinnamon, orange and lavender essential oil. Just recently I saw a recipe for a lavender syrup that you can use to season certian drinks...who knew!

I do not like coconut. Is there a different oil that can be used? Thanks

Walnut oil works well, whitens the teeth as an added bonus.

Wow! thanks for the recipe. I didn't have peppermint so I used wintergreen even though an earlier poster said not to use it. They didn't say why, for some reason, and many toothpastes have wintergreen flavor. The only thing I noticed is that it's not as thick as yours for some reason. I love it. thanks so much. This will save a lot of money as I usually buy Toms at $4.80 to $7.00 a tube if I have to get it at the health food store.

Synthetic--manufactured--wintergreen is bad for you because it can be poisonous over a period of time whether ingested or rubbed on skin. However, pure essential oil is not dangerous and not cheap.

2 things: What type of coconut oil, cold pressed or just regular (the cold pressed is liquid and the other type is more solid). Also, I have peppermint spirits...not sure if that's the same thing as the oil you're talking about? If not, where do you get the peppermint oil?

Peppermint oil would also be called "essential oil" and should say something like "100% pure". Peppermint oil can be ordered online, and I've also seen/purchased it at health food stores and even some bulk food stores. :)

And -- either kind of coconut oil is fine for this recipe. :)

Clove oil or Young Living's Thieves essential oil might also work great as a flavoring. Clove oil has great antiseptic properties, and it helps reduce mouth pain.

I am going to be conducting a bunch of experiments using homemade recipes for teeth, hair, skin and cleaning. I would love you to join me and report your findings too. It’s about time we took back our money and our health from these big companies don’t you think? :)

Here is some info at

I made the toothpaste. I love it tammy! My teeth are cleaner! Fresher for longer! Could you plz send me a recipe for laundry detergent. thank you

The toothpaste recipe sounds great! It's so creative to make your own toothpaste, and not waste the money! I can't wait to try all sorts of new variations with oils and extracts! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best toothpaste I've made has a bentonite clay base mixed with turmeric & other powdered herbs. Peppermint or eucaliptus oil is added along with water to make a paste.

Hi Tammy... I love your posts and was interested in this because I have worked in the dental field for years now. The dentist I work for recommends not brushing with baking soda because of it's abrasive nature and I've seen many cases of people who have developed abrasions along their gum line while using baking soda(which could lead to sensitivity and the need for a filling if it gets too deep ). I think the biggest problem is when people scrub too hard around the gum line and then you add something abrasive it makes it worse. I think you can use the homemade toothpaste as long as you don't scrub too hard and I would keep an eye out for notches in your enamel. That being said(and I promise not to say anything about flouride lol ;) I think it's another example of a cool use for coconut oil. I use it on my son's skin as a moisturizer and it works wonders! Thanks for all the great recipes!:)

Thanks for the recipe...I am doing a project in my Aromatherapy class on Curing Bad Breath...going to have the students make your toothpaste :) Should be fun and useful! Thanks again!

I'm allergic to toothpaste and always have been. Until trying this recipe I used baking soda exclusively to brush my teeth all of my life, as did my dad. My dad died when he was 72 with all his teeth but for one. I'm 51 and have had no problems with baking soda scratching my enamel. Also, as a former smoker and coffee drinkers I can't even begin to guess how many dozens of people have complimented me on the whiteness of my teeth and have asked what my secret is...

Can I add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to this? I know it is very good for your gums. Thank you

can you use something besides Stevia?

put a link to this post on my blog today.

have a wonderful week!


Wow! Cannot believe how good my teeth feel using this formula. I have used stevia for years and the mint seems to be just the right taste. But was really astonished at how white my teeth looked after only one use. I also noticed how soft my lips were after brushing my teeth, so I tried it as a face scrub. I did it very gently and made sure I rinsed all the soda out as by itself it burns my skin. Yes, it works! Last night tried it as a scrub for rough feet. It did great, but will need to use it more than once and to soak my feet first to soften them up more. Thank you so much for this.

Thank you for the recipe! Today I am starting a month (& probably a life) of going waste free. The first thing I made was this toothpaste! I substituted honey for the stevia because I didn't have any and used peppermint extract for the same reason. The essential oil I had said to only use it externally so I'll have to track down some of the NOW kind. Thank you so much!

Young Living Essential oils are great. Expensive but pure form. Have to be purchased from someone who is an authorized seller--like Avon. The British will always tell people to NEVER ingest essential oil. The French pretty much say okay to everything that is pure, being ingested. We use Young Living oils both internally and externally.

you can make your oun toothpaste in a small cup with baking soda and water a pinch of salt one drop of peppermint essential oil yeah stevia or equal would be good to sweeten it..i was reading how the ancient people used to make it what they failed to add or they assumed the reader knew that you had to mix or make it in to a paste. store bought toothpaste has to many additives

So glad I found this- I have been using your recipe for myself for over a month and it was an easy transition. I was so disappointed when I read my Tom's ingredients and found it is no better than Colgate, etc...but this is great and will save money. I just made some orange flavored for the kids as the only toothpaste they will use is the orange mango Tom's..I am hoping they like it too. I used xylitol in mine from the get go as I use that in my homemade mouthwash and I think it works great. Thanks so much for this recipe!!!

I would love to try this out, but I have extremely sensitive teeth and I'm supposed to be using a prescription tooth paste. I think I might try this for my husband though, so he can stay out of my stuff. He used all my prescription mouth wash. He's lucky I didn't kill him at $30 a bottle! Haha. Thanks a lot!

I have a small herb garden and was wondering if I dried my mint would it be okay to use or must I use oils?

Make sure you do not use too much wintergreen in anything that could be ingested by children. As small as 30 drops are harmful to a full grown adult. Fabulous recipe, I plan on making this one!

It is only synthetic (manufactured) wintergreen oil that is harmful. Oil from the plant itself is not poisonous. The female athlete in Britain that died a few years ago used an enormous amount of Ben-Gay daily and she died from it. That wintergreen was manmade--not from God's plant.

I also have been experimenting with this.

Its good to know that baking soda might be too abrasive for your teeth and thin the enamel, after some time. Or that glycerin coats yout teeth and prevents mineralization. I tried different clays but they are even more harsh than baking soda.

Might be better to avoid too much abrasion and brushing in your teeth.

I would probably stick to the coconut oil only with essential oils, like peppermint, eucalyptus, fennel, myrrh (smells like toothpaste) or something antiseptic like manuka oil (a relative of tea tree but more effective)

I also enjoy the idea of adding turmeric and cinnamon to the toothpaste as they are antibacterial.

I think that adding some sort of vitamins like aloe, could be excellent, as it feeds the live tissues around your teeth. Vitamins are the key to minerization, and aloe is quite healing plant for the body tissues.

However any watery ingredient added to the toothpaste will require a preservative like alcohol. Or you store it only for a couple of days. Coconut oil in itself does not grow any bacteria (only gradually becomes old/oxidized), because its only a oil. It will last alone for several years.

My suggestion for homemade toothpaste delivery? The new plastic icing tubes that are refillable!

Awesome recipe, thank you! Trying to go 'all natural' with diet, cosmetics, cleaning etc and this is such a great recipe and so much cheaper than buying 'natural toothpastes'.

To solve the storage/container problem I've bought some Gotoob's (not cheap but I think they are a great investment and will last the distance). If your main reason for making the toothpaste is for health reasons and you can afford the Gotoob containers (squeezy refillable tubes) go for it!

Not sure where you can buy them outside of New Zealand but they are made in the USA so should be easy to find (probably much cheaper than here too).

Thanks again for an awesome share! :)

I want to make orange flavored toothpaste. I found orange oil for making candy. Will that work?

I just love the idea. I just want to make it for myself. I live in South Africa and I am intrigued with all of the people's comments.

The description of this blog on the web says you are talking about homemade dog toothpaste, but I couldn't find anything in here about that. Do you have a recipe for chemical-free dog toothpaste?

Your recipe for toothpaste is the best I have ever used. None of the commercial toothpastes have been able to reduce stains on my teeth. After using your product for ONE WEEK, the stains have started breaking up.

Thanks for sharing this with us!!

Hi. We've started using a product called Min-Col ( from phosphate rock. Amazing mineral product. One gal rubbed on gums, healed gums, caused tooth regrowth. Am making own toothpaste using:Coconut Oil, Min-Col, Xylitol, Cinnamon essential oil.

Hi !! I LOVE your recipe !! I use Stevia. The healthiest Stevia is the green powder.. less processed with questionable methods.

"Xylitol is a bleached and processed sugar. After being hydrogenated and having toxic chemicals added to xylan from corn or other plant material, and then removed, you get xylitol."

Glycerin: "Natural toothpastes, while nontoxic, frequently contain glycerin which sticks to teeth and inhibits remineralization and therefore actually contributes to cavity formation!"

"Avoid toothpaste with glycerin - Most regular and natural brands of toothpaste contain glycerin. Glycerin leaves a coating on your teeth which prevents them from being remineralized."

You can get raw virgin organic coconut oil from Trader Joe's !! It's $5.99/16oz glass jar that makes an awesome jar as a travel cup, to freeze smoothies, store bulk spices, ect. (If you follow WAPF then you'll know that it made the BEST list in their shopping guide :) )


I've been buying Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil for my mom. She has Alzheimer's and I read that the oil was good for that. So I found this brand on Amazon. I think I'll be making my own toothpaste and using this brand. Also I just found out I have Periodontal disease and I had been reading about Fluoride and have decided not to use it any longer. So I bought some Tom's Natural toothpaste. But the price is too high and I like the idea of making some with the oil, since it has such good properties, anti everything!

Just wanted to let you know that the Nutiva is the best since it's Cold-pressed, unrefined, and organic.

Team Edward!

I was suprised noone had mentioned using myrrah. My 80 plus grandmother went to the dentist and her dentist couldnt believe how healthy her gums were for her age and he ask what she had been doing and she told him she rinses her mouth everyday with myrrah. She had a recipe that she has handed down which I will post. I do not use it everyday as I should just because it is not convenient, plus it taste horrible. But I do use it when I have a sore in my mouth ( which heals up in a day after using a couple times) or I have a toothache which is not often. I would add myrrah to this recipe however and that way I would be using it everyday. Here is the recipe: 1 tsp Myrrah powder, half a tsp of boric acid, 2 cups boiling water. I use a smalll jar and pour the water over the powders and you have to mix it up really good bc the myrrah doesnt like to break down. You store it in the frig and shake the jar well before rinsing your mouth. You can not swallow this stuff so it would not be good for children. It taste nasty but it works great for gum disease! Thanks for all the advice on toothpaste.


I just made your recipe for toothpaste and it is really, really this normal???


I made the toothpaste this morning and it was a bit salty- but a nice consistency. I left it in my bathroom in a small container with a lid. The oil has now greatly seperated. I still used it tonight- but it was extremely oily. Is there a cure for this?


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