Making our home a haven: Re-examining the schedule

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I have been using a very loose "schedule" (more like lists!) thanks to Crystal's inspiration, and it's worked quite well for me. This weekend, I made a few changes to the "schedule", which will hopefully help things to run even more smoothly! :)

Here are my 5 morning things:

1. Drink tea (or water) and take vitamins
2. Put away clean dishes
3. Start laundry
4. Bible time with the children
5. Piano lesson with Yehoshua

I only have 2 afternoon things (though of course there are always extra things to fit in!):

1. School time with Yehoshua
2.Make dinner

And there are 5 evening things:

1. Pack Joshua's lunch
2. Wash all dishes
3. Fill water bottles
4. Wring out dish rag (and hang it to dry -- still overcoming the stinky dish rag problem!)
5. Take a shower

The other day, I heard the mail truck outside, and said to Yehoshua, "Wow! The mail man sure is early today! Oh, wait... it's 11:30 already??!!"

So I also made a rough schedule for meals and bedtimes, to help keep me on track.

6:30am -- Children get up (this is the time they are usually awake, though I'd let them sleep longer!) -- breakfast, showers

11:00am -- Lunch

12:00pm -- Nap time for Eliyahu; snacks after nap time

5:00pm -- Dinner; family devotions after dinner

8:00pm -- Bed time for both boys

Because... a home is happier when the mom knows what needs to happen and when... and keeps everyone going! :)

I am also happy to report that with Joshua's help, we got the laundry caught back up this weekend, so I'm starting my Monday with just one load to wash and hang! :) I've also been potty training Eliyahu, which means fewer diapers to wash -- yay!! :)

Besides the above schedules, one of my goals for Monday is to do some of the food preparation for our dinner guests tomorrow night. :) I also have a pile to tackle, which I will gladly post about if I have time! :)

Monday's dinner: Homemade pizza


Tammy, Have you read Emilie Barnes organizing book? I read it after the birth of my 3rd child. I have kept up with it for 13 years now and 5 children. I know where everything in our house is and the chores are always done. When I had our fourth baby my in-laws surprised me by coming to see us the second day I was home. (they lived 1,000 miles away) It was 8:30 pm and I was nursing the baby when they came up. I instantly looked around and realized that our home was clean. What a great feeling that was. I cannot say enough about that book. My daughters all have a copy for when they have their own homes. This is the only book you would ever need. I bought mine off Amazon. Sandra

I would love to know which book in particular you are speaking of, since Emilie has so many books. Thank you.


I am always in the market for a good organizing book. I went to amazon searching for the book and Emilie Barnes has several organizing books which one is Sandra suggesting?

sounds like its time to start over on your dishrags. :) A fresh start might remedy the situation. ;)

That might be a very good suggestion - can you slowly replace them - 1 or 2 at a time? I do think that dish rags tend to wear with daily use. Do you replace them daily with a fresh one? I think dish rags that sit for a few days can develop that smell, just like sponges do. There's something about a new dish rag that cheers one up! Hope you and your family are well. Sincerely, Lyn

I was reading your comment and wanted to share I what I do. I use a clean one daily both dish cloth and drying towel. I put the dirty ones in a small basket I have sitting on my washing machine and wash when it is full with detergent and clorox......Pam

This is exactly the way I do it Pam. I've never had a problem.

i too really like Emilie Barnes books. More Hours in my day is the one that really helped me, I did to go back and read it again.
i like your list though!

nuke it...the rag I mean. after your all done cleaning for the night just rince and lightly wring it out so it's still nice and wet. 30-60 sec in microwave will steam clean it( nand the water will keep it from catching on fire). Then just CAREFULLY hang it out. ( I use my nails)have left it balled up in the microwave before and it's still nice and fresh. Then as long as it dosen't get junkie I only wash mine once a wekk with rest of towels. Always fresh and clean.

I haven't read any books by Emilie Barnes... I know... I should go to the library a LOT more often :| :)

I did boil all of my dish rags a while back, which helped with the smell. Then, I decided to try to always remember to rinse my dish rag out before bed and wring it out really well and hang it on the front of the stove to dry overnight. Then in the morning I get out a fresh one.

If I forget to wring it out before bed, then it ends up getting used for another day and then the smell sets in, it seems... either I have a lot of yucky stuff to wipe up or I just need new ones!

I do have a few new dish rags that I've had in storage, so perhaps one of these days my old ones will have enough holes for me to toss them, and I'll see if using new ones makes a difference. :) 

Anyway, the reason the dish rag thing is on my list is because I'd forget every night if it weren't!! :) 

It's "The 15 Minute Organizer" She says to take 15 minutes a day and work on organizing something. But when I read the book I didn't want to wait. I took 4 days and went through every closet and corner I had. I used all boxes but each month I bought one of those plastic containers from Wal-Mart until I had replaced all the boxes. They stack better. She says, and I did, to put stuff in boxes and write it on an index card. Number the box and write the number on the card in one corner and which closet the box is in on the other corner of the card. Keep the cards in an index box. When you need something you just look through your cards and it tells you what is in each box and where the box is. SO easy. The one thing I recommend is writing in pencil. I wrote in pen and did't think about the fact that I would change the contents of a box and have to make new cards. Now I use pencils.

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