Making frothed milk: What is the best milk frother?

Chai tea latte with frothed milk
My favorite chai tea latte with frothed milk

Last December, one of Joshua's co-workers gave me a Bodum milk frother (similar to this). I had heard of "frothed milk", but I had never made my own. Since I order coffee only once a year or less, I have no idea of the wonders out there in "fancy coffee land"!

Well, let me tell you, frothed milk amazed me! It's almost like whipped cream, but with a lot fewer calories. Making my own frothed milk immediately transformed my homemade chai tea lattes into pure bliss!

Eliyahu playing with the frother

Eliyahu "washing" the frother

I wasn't the only one who loved our new toy. The kids enjoyed the frothed milk and also spent hours in the kitchen sink, "cleaning" the frother for me. In fact, all the "cleaning" by the children led to the demise of my frother... when the glass carafe broke. :(

I couldn't be too upset. I mean, anything that I know is breakable and yet I allow children (or anyone else) to touch has the distinct possibility of ending up broken. And even more so, since we live in a kitchen with tile floor and granite counter tops. Luxury comes with a price tag, it seems. ;)

Purple travel mug
I found this coffee mug at GoodWill and used it daily
for over a year... until it, too, met our kitchen floor...

I miss having frothed milk, though! I know there are quite a number of different milk frothers out there. Do any of you make your own frothed milk? What kind of frother do you use and recommend?


I used to have an old timey espresso maker that had a frother. It made horrible coffee but the frother worked great but it scared the heck out of me. I kept thinking it was like a pressure cooker and was gonna blow. I am highly wound. :-)

It was a space and timewaster to use just for frothing an occasional cup so I bought an Aerolatte milk frother like this one. I was skeptical but it works well for me and is easily cleaned and stored and is small enough to travel with or take to work. I didn't pay that much for mine. Amazon prices jump up and down all the time. If I am in the market for something I set up an alert at CamelCamelCamel (dot) com.

I don't do coffee much but love a warm frothed milk before bedtime with a little almond syrup or extract. I recently switched to nut milks so I really should give it a try on those to see how those fair. Oh and cocoa too. :-)

Welcome back...have had you in my RSS feed reader for forever.

Karen, thanks for the tip on the Aerolatte frother. I've heard of CamelCamelCamel and will use that site to check the price highs/lows and find a good time to purchase when I'm ready. :) For a luxury item like this, I can definitely be patient to get a good deal! :)

With the frother I had (a hand one) I found that whole milk worked well and almond milk (the plain/unsweetened Almond Breeze) also worked really well. I know I tried something else that didn't work very well but now I can't remember what kind of milk that was! :)

Thanks for your comments -- and for keeping me in your feed reader! Glad I didn't get "Spring cleaned" and removed. ;)

Hey Tammy only the first picture is showing up. Not sure how that is fixed but I thought you'd want to know.

We have tile floors too and I am not even willing to say how many dishes we have broken since moving in a year ago. I totally relate to that. A friend bought me a BEAUTIFUL coffee mug and it didn't even last 24 hours in the house. It's such a bummer. If you find a solution to it I hope you'll post about it. And of course if I do I'll keep you posted also :)

So glad you're back to blogging <hugs>

Hi Kim,

Thanks for letting me know about the photos. I'm still working out the glitches since our site transfer and for some odd reason the photos got deleted but were still showing up for me?! So I re-uploaded them. :)

Awww, I'm so sorry about your coffee mug! I am still, very carefully, using my one special mug (photos here). I will probably cry if it ends up breaking too! I don't consider myself to be a clumsy person, but it seems with tile floors there is no forgiveness. Since I much prefer to eat/drink from ceramic/glass, the idea of switching to unbreakable dishes doesn't appeal to me at all! :)

Thanks for your comments! It's exciting to be back. :)

I only drink coffee with frothed milk. I've owned quite a few frothers but my favorite is
the Breville. I'm usually very frugal but I splurged on this one at Williams and Sonoma and it works wonderfully!

Thanks, Heather! :)

So glad ur back. I checked daily .Love the new site.

Thank you, Eileen! :)

Ikea has a battery powered frother that is under $3

Hi Cynn,

I'll remember that if we ever go back to Ikea. We went once (it's about an hour from our house, I think) but really just window-shopped. :)

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