Our Mother's Day weekend: Cards, coffee, and chocolate

Homemade cinnamon roll
A cinnamon roll Joshua made (his always look perfect!)

Joshua and the children made sure I had a lovely Mother's Day. We spent most of the day at home together, which is what we usually do on weekends, but that's what I like. :)

Clay rose that Yehoshua made for me
A rose from Yehoshua

Last fall, I got a good deal on Sculpey III oven-bake polymer clay ($0.99 for a 2 oz. package) and bought quite a few colors. Then we searched for You Tube video tutorials for making things with polymer clay. The kids have really had fun making tiny objects and baking them. Yehoshua started making roses and those are his specialty right now. :)

Mille Bornes card game

I pulled out an old game called Mille Bornes that my grandma gave us but we had not yet learned to play. Joshua, Yehoshua (10), Eliyahu (8) and I taught ourselves to play it and we played quite a few hands over the weekend. The boys especially are enjoying it and started playing it together at 6:15 am today (Monday). :)

Chocolate, tea, and coffee

And Joshua of course spoiled me by splurging on some fancy chocolates, tea, and coffee. I can't wait to try these but they're so beautifully packaged that I probably will wait a while so I can enjoy the prettiness. :)

Now, it's back to the weekly routine of school, meals, and keeping up with the dirt. We're supposed to have lovely weather all week (70's and sunny!) so I am guessing a lot of dirt will come in, and a lot of laundry and baths. :) I'm thankful we have a back yard here for the kids to roam and play.


It sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day and weekend. I like spending my weekends like that too, with our family. My grandmother, Nana, got my sister and I Mille Bornes and we played it for HOURS! We are now 53 and 50, respectively, and fondly remember that game.

Oh, fun! I guess Mille Bornes is/was popular but we just hadn't heard of it! I don't know where my grandma got the set she gave us, but it is (okay, maybe WAS, now that our kids have been playing it!) in like-new condition. :)

We were following the original rules but thought it seemed a little frustrating (waiting to get the "right" card) so we have been playing like this: 4 people, each on their own (no teams), and 8 cards in your hand at once (instead of 6). We also shuffle and deal out the 4 safeties as one of the 8 cards at the beginning, so each person starts with one but it's still a secret which one. And lastly, we discard face-up and allow a person to draw from either the draw pile or the discard pile. Those changes seem to have worked well for us and have made it a lot more fun and exciting. :)

That sounds like a perfect Mother's Day for a well-deserving mama. The game sounds fun too!

Thanks, Sydney! Playing games together as a family is one of my favorite things so I enjoyed Mother's Day, just goofing off together. :)

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