Creamy Vanilla Pudding

Creamy Vanilla Pudding

Simply the tastiest healthy homemade vanilla pudding you'll ever meet!


about 7 cups of pudding (12-14 small servings)


1 cup sugar (or vanilla sugar*)
6 tablespoons corn starch
dash of salt
6 cups whole milk
6 (large) egg yolks OR 3 whole (large) eggs**
4-6 tablespoons butter***
1-2 tablespoons vanilla extract


1. In a large heavy stock pot, whisk together the sugar, cornstarch and salt to combine and remove lumps.

2. In a separate bowl, whisk eggs briskly. Add milk and whisk. Pour milk mixture into sugar mixture and whisk.

3. Heat milk mixture over medium heat, stirring frequently to avoid lumps or sticking, until milk boils. Allow to boil/bubble for 1 minute and then turn off heat.

4. Stir in butter and vanilla extract, stirring until butter melts. Serve hot if you desire, or allow to cool and refrigerate before serving.

Creamy Vanilla Pudding
Additional Notes: 

*You can make your own vanilla sugar by leaving a vanilla bean in a container of sugar.

**I use whole eggs sine it's easier! Whisk briskly and stir constantly, and your pudding will still be smooth!

***If you want to cut down on the calories a little, you can use 4 tablespoons butter instead of six. :)

Creamy Vanilla Pudding
Preparation Time: 

10 minutes

Cooking Time: 

30 minutes

Tammy's Review: 

This is a super simple, very basic vanilla pudding recipe. It's easy and it's SO delicious!!! I love it. I think puddings traditionally use only the egg yolks, but I always use whole eggs so I put that in there too. ;) This pudding tastes so much better than any boxed pudding mix!! The flavor is just perfect. My rating: 10/10


We're having a potluck with our Bible Study group tonight, and I'm on dessert. I thought I would make a trifle, but didn't want to use pudding mix (yuck). I just finished cooking up this pudding, and OH MY! I just had to have some before I put it in the fridge to cool. Unbelievable! I have never had a pudding this good before, and I know it will be a hit in my trifle later too! Thanks so much for sharing.


Wow...All I can say is Wow! This is so delicious. We buy our raw milk from a farm and we had some that was 'on the verge' of going bad, but not quite. You never want to waste raw milk because it is like pure gold. :)

I remembered seeing this recipe so I decided to try it. I made it into banana pudding, layering the pudding with bananas and graham crackers (since I didn't have any Nilla Wafers).

This is absolutely the best pudding I have ever had! Thanks, Tammy, for another winner!


This is a definite hit in my house full of teens/young adults. I had to make a second batch! Thanks Tammy


This was terrific, Tammy. My family really enjoyed it! It was lovely. I bet if I put in some cocoa powder, it would make a good chocolate pudding, or with some brown sugar, make some butterscotch!


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