Card-making: My supplies and recent cards (with tons of pictures!)

Homemade cards

One of my favorite ways to relax is to pull out my box of stamps and make homemade greeting cards! I can't remember a time when I wasn't trying (sometimes unsuccessfully!) to make my own cards and stationery. I use fairly minimal supplies and almost always turn out something unique and fun.

Before I talk about the cards I've made recently, I want to show you my supplies. I have a big stack of paper:

Homemade cards

These are large books of card stock and paper, sold at stores like Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, etc. I was totally out of card stock and also wanted the convenience of some designed paper for backgrounds. The 5 books pictures were $25 (about 10 cents per sheet).

Homemade cards

My other expensive item is this paper cutter. Joshua saw it at Costco for $26 last year and bought it for me! I LOVE it. It has saved me so much time, and makes it so easy to get everything straight and perfect-looking. I can't believe I was using just a scissors all those years... :)

Homemade cards

Here are all of my stamps. The animal stamps on the right are from GoodWill. All the other stamps were a gift from a friend.

Homemade cards

My ink pads. These, too, were all given to me from a friend. I've been using them for a long time and they work great! I do find it a challenge to have so many pinks (3) and purples (2) with only 2 "guy-friendly" colors, green and black. Some day I want to get yellow, brown, and blue for that reason. :)

Homemade cards

And, the rest of my supplies: Scissors, glue stick, fancy cutter inserts for my paper cutter (above), colored pencils, markers, and an art brush. I've used the art brush a lot for backgrounds and edges.

Homemade cards

Torn paper is one of my favorite, simple ways to finish an edge. It doesn't require anything special, but looks kind of random and 3-D. I tear paper a lot when I'm making cards! On these two cards, I used some cardboard cut-outs that my sister gave me. I added a blue rick-rack bow to the one on the left. These aren't anything too fancy, but I like having unique cards to send! :)

Homemade cards

More torn paper, fancy-cut edges, and cardboard "buttons" with rick-rack tied onto them. It was actually tricky to find good ways to use the cardboard cut-outs, but in the end I was really happy with the results! :)

Homemade cards

After much deliberation, I came up with this pink and blue color-scheme and loved how these two cards looked.

Homemade cards

Anniversary cards! I had been given a big bag of sewing supplies, including lace, rick-rack, and plastic strings of pearls. I thought the lace worked out okay on that top card, and was the best I could come up with for using the cardboard "buckle"! :)

Homemade cards

I tried to make something appropriate to send to dads or brothers. I used some small rick-rack and the cutter attachment that cut zig-zags to match. The bottom of the card is finished by rubbing it across a stamp pad, my other favorite way to do edges (besides tearing).

Homemade cards

These are some random cards with Bible verses on them.

Homemade cards

Two similar thank-you cards. I liked making cards on darker card stock, although I realized afterwards that I would need to put white paper inside to write on. If you have gel pens, you might not need to do that, though! :)

Homemade cards

These two cards used a flower stamp (I drew the stems and grass with a colored pencil) and the edges were rubbed on a stamp pad.

Homemade cards

Two more using cardboard buttons. Joshua said the top one makes him think of a broken heart. Hmmm...

Homemade cards

These thank-you cards have the same layout, just with different paper.

Homemade cards

Two more anniversary cards...

Homemade cards

Birthday cards! I made a big set of these, after it took me a long time to find the right paper and layout. It also took a surprisingly long time to glue everything together (rick-rack is sticky and tricky!) but I love how they turned out.

The inside of the birthday cards:

Homemade cards

I like putting something inside the cards whenever possible... and decorating the envelopes too, if I have time! :)

Homemade cards

More random cards (all are blank inside). My sister actually made the music note card and gave it to me to use.

Homemade cards

Lastly, more birthday cards. I thought these looked kinda dorky. But, considering how bad I am about sending birthday cards (usually), hopefully anyone who gets one will like it regardless. ;)

I use a shoebox to organize my cards by occasion. :)


Simple thank-yous for busy days (the realization that I could be much more efficient making cards of the same design, plus a tutorial!)

Making homemade greeting cards (a couple pictures and tips)

Making thank-you cards (preparing for the birth of our 3rd child!)


Hi, Tammy.

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy life to post about the handmade cards. They are beautiful and you are really talented.

I already have many of the supplies that you pictured, now I need the motivation and inspiration!!

I just love the idea of the torn paper - it looks so original and it has to be very easy. I would love to be the recipient of any of your cards. All of them are the best I have seen. Truly.

If you don't want to buy cardstock, do what my friend does - she goes to the paint store and asks them for any wallpaper sample books that they plan on throwing out. She brings the books home and separates them and then uses them as cardstock. The best part about these is that they are for free. She also makes envelopes out of them. I need to run to a nearby paint store and see if they have any since I am out of cardstock.

Have you thought about using magazine pages or calendar pages as cardstock? Another good idea for small cardstock is paint chips. Some paint stores even have large pieces.

Now, I also have to find the motivation to make some soap. I have not made it in 3 years but when I get in the mood, I make enough to last me a few years.

I would love to send you some soap after they are cured (90 days from the time they are made). But it is not made yet but it will be real soon. I am thinking either this weekend or next for sure.

And have you thought about selling these cards on your blog? I really think you should. I would buy some.

If you would like to receive the soap, please send me an e-mail with your address.

Since you always spend so much time providing us with great recipes and other wonderful tips, I would like to do something for you.

Take care,

Thank you, Barb! :)

Wallpaper books is a good idea! I remember getting a big pile of those when I was ~12 or so, and using them for years! I made lots of wallpaper envelopes. :D

I used to save lots of pictures from magazines and such, but now I normally don't spend too much time collecting things to use. I've found that nearly *anything* can be used to make a card -- string, ribbons, lace, etc. etc. and I could have boxes full of "junk" if I saved everything! So, I keep things really simple... :)

Homemade soap sounds fun! My parents used to make soap when I was really young. :) I didn't like their homemade soap because it had no scent and didn't lather very well. ;)

I don't think I will ever sell homemade cards, because I really like to send all the ones that I have time to make. :) Plus, it seems like selling them would take a lot of the fun out of making them.... I love doing it as a hobby but I am not the fastest or greatest at it! :)

Hi, Tammy.

I think you will like my soap. I make lavender (with home grown ground lavender), peppermint (with home grown mint) oatmeal, milk and honey, lemongrass (my favorite) and clove with ground cinnamon as a layer(my second favorite). All of my soaps are scented with essential oils and they smell heavenly. They also lather well since I add coconut oil and castor oil.



I think you might like this.... has a nice idea to wrap up cards to give as gifts. Click the family & children link on the left, click thrifty craft ideas and on page 4 if you scroll down a bit you will see it. She folds the card stock and attaches a ribbon to make a matching "folder" to put them in. I received something similar from a friend once and loved it!


These cards are beautiful! You are talented in so many different areas : ) And what a great way to encourage others and build them up. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us!

Thank you! :) I do love sending cards/notes to people. :)

I think they look great! I love Stampin Up and am a frequent buyer. Just need more time to make more cards! :)


Thanks, Laura! I've never bought from Stampin' Up! but I love the stamps and ink pads I have from them!! I've used them SO much over the ~7+ years I've had them! :)

you're very talented. I made homemade stationary and made envelopes from wallpaper samples to go with them back in high school, but haven't since. Like someone mentioned above, photos on calendars are great for envelopes too., just need to use a white address label on there to write the addresses on.

Just curious, where do you get the envelopes for the cards you make?

Thanks, Anna. :)

A lot of my envelopes are from Good Will! I've found a few bags of envelopes there, usually about 50+ larger, card-sized envelopes for $2. I've also bought colored envelopes at the store (I can't remember, maybe Fred Meyer), which are really beautiful. :)

Nice :)
You know those cut-out things? The reason I had packs to send to you was because I stopped at Big Lots and saw them and got some for me and Amy. She stopped separately, unknown to each other, that same day! And got the same thing for me. HAHA!


Funny! :) Well, I have enjoyed them. :)

They turned out nice! A lot of creative ideas. Tearing is one of my favourite techniques. :)

My stamp collection consists mainly of Stampin' Up stamps. I love them!

A paper cutter is a scrapbooker's best friend. I would say that it is the #1 most important item from the time it saves to the straight, crisp edge it leaves.

Yes, yes, and yes! :) I've always loved your homemade cards too, Lindsey! :)

Your cards are all amazing. And now I know how to use those "buttons"!
Thank you for sharing.

PS: where do you find the time to make all this??

Aline, a lot of it was done on several weekends. :) I would get out my supplies after the kids went to bed on Friday, and then spend bits of the day on Saturday, doing cards. :) Joshua is home to cook (grill) for me on the weekends, plus we're not doing school on the weekend, so I have more free time then! :)

You are extremely talented! When I make a hand made card you can tell its a handmade card LOL! Yours look better than any of the ones in stores! I was thinking of letting my 10 year old have a go with my stamps and paper this year and make up the Christmas Cards we give away to family. I am going to have to show her your post for ideas. She loves being creative.

Oh, fun! That sounds like a great project for your daughter. :) My kids love using my paper scraps and some stamps and making their own cards too! :)

Where do you get the envelopes?

A lot of my envelopes are from Good Will! I've found a few bags of envelopes there, usually about 50+ larger, card-sized envelopes for $2. I've also bought colored envelopes at the store (I can't remember, maybe Fred Meyer), which are really beautiful. :)

I make my own envelopes from magazine pages, calendar pages or even large paper such as grocery paper bags or butcher paper (clean of course). I have some printer paper from years ago the old kind that had holes on the end. My office was throwing it out and I took it. That is a large size 11 x 14 so perfect for envelopes. You can also use wrapping paper to make envelopes but will have to use labels for the address area.

Here is a link for making your own envelopes:


I love your cards, Tammy! I was thinking of giving away all my supplies, but I may just have to start making some again.:)


Grab your kid's markers - or pick up a few packs now while the Back-to-School sales are on. Color the rubber and stamp away in some more manly colors! I've used both washable and regular markers successfully. As a bonus, they allow you to use more than one color to stamp an image, which can be a really cool effect sometimes.

And envelopes are easy to make, too. Make yourself a template on cardboard of whatever size envelope you need. You can use nearly any kind of paper to trace, cut and fold your envelope. I've even used pretty paper napkins by first fusing the design layer of the napkin to freezer paper with my iron (at least it gets some use...).

Happy crafting!

Have you ever made sympathy cards? I thought of it recently as the occasion came up, but felt too intimidated to try it (I have happy stamps, mostly) so I bought some at the dollar tree. I'll have to try to make some so I'll be better prepared next time. Any tips?


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