Homemade Sparkling Grape Juice (or other flavors)

Homemade Sparkling Grape Juice (or other flavors)

A quick, easy, and frugal sparkling grape juice (or whatever flavor you wish), made from 100% juice concentrate and club soda!


60 ounces


2 liters club soda (carbonated water), chilled
12 ounces frozen grape juice concentrate (or other fruit juice concentrate)


1. Pour frozen juice concentrate into a 2-quart pitcher. Refill the can from the concentrate 4 times with club soda (48 ounces, or 6 cups of club soda) and pour into the pitcher. Stir.

Serve cold and enjoy your delicious sparkling juice!

Homemade Sparkling Grape Juice

Additional Notes: 

For a stronger juice with less carbonation, add only 3 cans (36 ounces) of club soda instead of 4 (48 ounces).

We like to use grape juice or apple juice, to make sparkling grape juice or sparkling cider.

Any frozen juice concentrate will work, although orange juice is probably our least favorite of the ones we've tried so far. :)

Homemade Sparkling Grape Juice

See my blog post about this sparkling juice for a price breakdown and comparison to store-bought sparkling juice!

Preparation Time: 

5 minutes

Tammy's Review: 

This homemade sparkling juice tastes JUST like the bottles of sparkling juice that are sold for at least $2-3 for 750ml (about 25 ounces)! I love that we can make our own for a fraction of the price... plus get 100% juice (and carbonation of course)! :)

Homemade Sparkling Grape Juice


We tried this after several family members were talking about how much they liked sparkling grape juice or cider. We all agreed it was fantastic and tasted like what we buy in the store. And did you know club soda has 0 grams of sugar and 0 calories? I'll definitely be sharing this super-easy recipe with others!

Note: we let our can of frozen concentrate sit in a pitcher of warm water for 10 minutes before using it to make for easier stirring once it is mixed with the club soda.


Made this a while back and forgot to leave a review. Very refreshing! Certainly keeping this recipe in mind when I have friends/company over.


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