Nacho Cheese Sauce

Nacho Cheese Sauce

Tangy real cheese sauce with a spicy kick.


32 oz (approx.) of Nacho Cheese Sauce


1/2 package (4 oz.) cream cheese
8 oz. sharp chedder cheese, cubed
1 and 3/4 cups milk *
1/4 cup milk *
Tapatio hot sauce (or substitute hot sauce of choice)
1/8 cup Jalepeno Peppers, diced (can be adjusted to taste)
1/8 cup Red Bell Pepper, diced
2 tablespoons flour


1. Soften cream cheese in a covered sauce pan over low. Stir frequently. When cream cheese is a soft consistancy add chedder cubes.

2. In a separate bowl add flour to 1/4 cup milk. Mix thoroughly with a fork and put it aside for later use.

3. Add Tapatio hot sauce to taste (I use 10-15 good squirts), diced Red Bell Peppers, & diced Jalepenos & 1/2 cup milk. Stir and melt mixture. Increase temperature to medium.

4. When mixture is homogenous add remaining milk (less the flour & milk mixture). Mix thoroughly.

5. Add flour-water mixture to cheese sauce.

6. Stir constantly and bring to a boil.

7. Once at a boil, let boil for 1 minute while stirring.

8. Turn off burner, remove from heat.

9. Enjoy!

Additional Notes: 

* Water can be used instead of milk if desired.

This recipe can be stored in the fridge in a sealed container for about a week. Just reheat slowly in a sauce pan before use (may require a small amount of water to facilitate warming).

This recipe can also be frozen for longer storage.

This recipe is great for dipping nacho chips in, over burritos, fajitas, and even on hamburgers.

Preparation Time: 

5 minutes

Cooking Time: 

15 minutes

Tammy's Review: 

Joshua created this recipe (see his comment below) and I like it just as well or better than the store varieties we've tried (and of course it's better for you, too!). It adds a great taste to a plate of nachos, taco salad, or burritos. If you like spicy nacho cheese, you'll like this recipe! :) My rating: 10/10


A little back story: We were having company over for dinner and Tammy was making my mom's delicious enchilada recipe. Unfortunately we were out of an ingredient so I went to the store to pick it up. When I was in the Mexican food section I spotted the nacho sauces and thought, "Hey, nacho sauce could make a nice side dish with dinner!" As I read the label that thought quickly raced from my mind as I gasped, "This stuff doesn't even have real cheese! And look at all those preservatives! YUCK!" The hefty price tag for the small can also was a significant deterrent.

This incident made me curious: Could I create my own nacho cheese sauce? The recipe above is my Frankenstein!

The sauce is made with real cheeses and has no preservatives. It also is significantly cheaper than the store bought canned junk. The above recipe costs me less than $2 to make. An equivalent amount of the store bought canned "stuff" would be about $4 on the low end. The fact this uses real cheese and is cheaper than the store stuff is enough to win me over!

But the best part is truly the taste. The sauce has a nice texture (although you can thicken it or thin it out depending on your needs), a nice cheesy flavor, and an excellent spicy kick. We have found that this sauce is excellent for not just nachos but for adding a spicy tang to our burritos and fajitas. And if you like crackers with cheese spread you can use a thicker version (on our site, but in a nutshell use less milk) as a cold cheese spread.

This recipe rates off the charts compared to the store bought stuff. While not a health food, this natural cheese sauce is a delicious way to top off a snack or garnish a spicy meal.


See my review above. ~ Tammy


This is DELICIOUS and even easier than I imagined to make. I'm eating some right now. . . very very good. Thanks so much for a great recipe, it's a keeper. It's probably something that will become a staple around here, something easy to keep made up in the fridge for a quick snack.


I made it both with the hot sauce and without. We all liked it much better with. We added a few more jalapeños than what is called for. The flavor was great but we thought we would like to figure a way to make it a bit thicker...thus the 8 rating. Flavor rates a 9 for sure. I think we will make it again but might add more cream cheese...we will see.


I was so excited to find this recipe! We loved it! Here's a funny story...Lee and I made this together the first time. I put in the hot sauce. Lee, not realizing I had put in the hot sauce put in more. We tasted it and decided it needed more Jalepeno Peppers and hot sauce ( we also added more red pepper because I love them). It wasn't until much later that we realized we had tripled the hot sauce :)!!! I guess we like it extra spicy :)! I also wanted to add that this is great right after you've made it but it is even better (in fact, absolutely perfect!) if you make it the day before you're going to eat it to let the flavors blend. We haven't boughten cheese sauce since we found this recipe a few months ago. One more thing :). If you omit all of the peppers and hot sauce this sauce works great as an alternative to canned cheese soup in recipes and we've even been able to use it instead of velveeta in our favorite soup recipe! That was so exciting to me because I loved cheese and potato soup but wasn't crazy about having to use the velveeta. Thanks for sharing Tammy :)! This recipe has become almost a staple in our home :)!


I've wished my Mexican dishes would have that finishing touch of a spicy cheese sauce like my favorite restaurant (which we don't get to very often). Here it is! It was very easy, although I used a "medium" saucepan and while it was boiling, I had to be careful that it didn't boil over. I think that caused it to not thicken as much as it could have - I thought it was a bit thin, too, but it thickened as it cooled. I look forward to making this more often. I love the suggestion to use it in place of velveeta and look forward to trying that soon.


I just made this cheese sauce and IT IS AMAZING. Appplebees used to have really good nachos before and their cheese sauce was phenominal, but they stopped using it. Now I can enjoy the same great taste at home.
thank you so much for posting up this recipe. IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!


So, I wanted this to be amazing, and I think it might be for me once I change some things. I think it's too thin - definitely not the same consistency as nacho cheese that I'm used to. I added 1 T cornstarch along with the flour, but it was still too thin for my liking.

I think next time I will cut down the total liquid to 1 1/2 c, instead of 2. As I was making it, I felt like it would be too much liquid, but everyone had reviewed it saying it was amazing, so I didn't want to mess it up.

Next time I will cut back on the jalepenos a little. The taste of them overwhelms the cheese.

Finally, I'll use just cornstarch in replace of the flour next time. There is a little grittiness to it that I think wouldn't be there had I used cornstarch (I'll probably use 2 T cornstarch).

Very good base, though, and something I for sure plan to tinker with :)

Way yum with big soft pretzels!


Living in the UK is a major adjustment to me and it's hard finding the staples of home, especially anything even remotely Mexican/texmex! I was really excited to come across this recipe as I'd been wanting to cook something from home for my fiance.

This sauce turned out excellent. The only problem I could forsee while making it was the constancy. I ended up leaving out 1/2 cup of milk and it turned out great! Also had to leave out the bell pepper as I didn't have any and the shops were closed. I also ended up adding about 2oz more of cream cheese to thicken. All in all, it turned out great. Thanks for the recipe! I will be making this again :)


This sauce is delicious. I made a few changes I used corn starch instead of flour and I used 1/2c medium chunky salsa in place of the jalapenos/green peppers. I used Cholula hot sauce to kick up the heat. I have taken this to church, and work potlucks and everyone just raves about how good it is. They want to know what brand did I buy! They are surprised its homemade and how much better it is than the store bought sauce. Thanks for publishing it, I love your website


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