What is your favorite winter beverage?

Hot coffee
30% (2107 votes)
Hot tea
21% (1460 votes)
Hot chocolate
35% (2446 votes)
Hot apple cider
11% (744 votes)
Other (specify in comment)
3% (243 votes)
Total votes: 7000


And that goes for any time of year, not just winter. ;) Tea is that wonderful drink that's got some redeeming qualities (like antioxidants!) and the great feature of being calorie-free. ;)

I love hot chocolate and hot apple cider, as well. I haven't had hot spiced apple cider in years, and really should make some this winter!

Ok, I just found this site and couldn't find the "post comment", so I thought I'd just reply to someone else's. (Maybe I need to make an account first?) But I thought I'd share something my coffee guy made for me one day when I wanted something different. He made me a mocha with mexican hot chocolate mix instead of regular syrup or powder. He described it as "ski-lodgey" and it was a perfect description! I've been hooked on it ever since. Try it, it's wonderful!

Celestial Tea makes a wonderful apple spice tea. It tastes like a combo of hot tea and apple cider, you should try it. Yum!!

I have been wondering which one to try, I will have to try this one

I love Mexican hot chocolate! But tea is so much more healthier, and it's more satisfying when you're feeling sick. :)

Hot apple cide I haven't had in awhile! Sounds good!

Please, oh please, will you send me your recipe for that? :)


I prefer iced drinks, but if I drink something hot it would either be unsweetened tea or hot chocolate. For a sweet, special drink you can't beat Cranberry Tea. We make it every Christmas. I have posted it on my blog. :-) Diane

Thanks for sharing about your cranberry tea recipe, Diane! It sounds delicious!! :D

Currently comments posted by anonymous users are moderated before they're viewable to the public, which is why yours didn't appear right away. :)

Hi Tammy - I realize this is an old post.....was just wondering if you ever got the cranberry tea recipe - I don't think the blog exists anymore. Thanks - Angelia:)

I prefer iced drinks, but if I drink something hot it would be unsweetened tea or hot chocolate. For a special drink at Christmas, I always make up a batch of Cranberry Tea. I have posted the recipe on my blog: http://candidreflections.blogspot.com/2006/12/recipe-cranberry-tea.html
Enjoy! Diane

sorry for the double post...technical problems on this end!

Hot chai comes in many flavors or you can make your own. The kids and I love it almost anyway it comes!

It's great to make it with a little milk. The tea is not as hearty as hot chocolate and yet still feels cozy.

My current favorite is green tea chai with milk and a spoonful of honey. :)

That was hard, but I did vote for hot chocolate!! That is so good when you come in from being out in the cold. That all said I do enjoy herbal tea, so that is a favourite too. :) ~Tanya

EGG NOG! Yum! Winter would not be complete without a large glass of egg nog... and it is quite good with some Sprite in it as well.

A close runner up is Mint Hot Chocolate.

My favorite winter drink is apple cider. I drink more tea (regular green is my favorite) than cider though as cider is a treat for us. :)

Hot chai... yum! I need to get a good recipe for homemade! :)

Tanya, I agree! Hot chocolate is such a yummy treat on a cold day!!

Joshua, I knew I should have consulted you before posting the poll. ;) Leave it to me to forget about egg nog! Well, you can have your glass of raw liquid pumpkin pie filling egg nog. ;)

Heather, same here -- tea is much more of a staple than apple cider! :)

I adapted this from a Taste of Home recipe...

Microwave 2 tea bags, small cinnamon stick (or 1 tsp cinnamon), 1/2 tsp ginger, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, and 1 cup water until boiling. Drain through a coffee filter or mesh basket (original recipe said to make this in coffee pot basket and brew but I don't have one).

Now you have a basic chai, but I prefer the indulgence of the latte :)

In a saucepan, combine 1 cup milk, 1/4 packed brown sugar, 2 Tbs half and half or heavy cream, and 1/2 tsp vanilla. Cook over medium heat until warm but not boiling. Combine milk mixture with tea. Pour into two mugs and top with whipped cream and more nutmeg. YUM!!

Any time of day or night, a glass of fresh cold water is my favorite breverage!

I like anything warm, then again I live in Alaska and the winters are cold cold cold. My two favorite things in the winter is a warm cup and wool socks. I love curling up on the couch with my loved ones with warm tootsies and a warm tummy talking about all the little things that make a family a family. Good times!- Briana www.homeschoolblogger.com/knitteralaska

I voted for apple cider though hot chocolate would be a close second.

Well, you can have your glass of raw liquid pumpkin pie filling egg nog. ;)

Haha, I love your description. I just cannot acquire a taste for that stuff. :P

I agree - egg nog is gross! = P Who would want to drink raw egg? I do have a recipe for MOCK egg nog that I really like, though. It is pretty just milk with cream, pudding mix and flavorings added.

That sounds good Ruth. The pudding and cream would give it a nice thick, rich texture. Mind sharing this recipe :) Perfect guest chef ... even front page uber ad! Better yet, we can turn the entire site into an Egg Nog cookbook!! Yeah... I like Egg Nog. I don't think Tammy will go for these ideas, but I am sure she wouldn't mind the recipe to make sometime for her husband ;) He likes his raw eggs you know!

lol the recipes I have do not use raw eggs.

This was a hard decision since I really like all of those drinks. I would probably choose coffee or cider if offered to me. I try to stay away from caffine, but I love an occasional flavored coffee.

My hubby got a gift card for Christmas and bought me a green tea latte...WOW! It was so good I actually spent money on it the next day! I have been feeling ill so it just sounded so good. I told him tonight that I am now a spoiled latte drinker!

Personally, I prefer drinking water for the most part, especially since I haven't been able to develop a taste for tea. : p

But I drink hot lemonade (hot water, lemon juice {squeezed lemon if we have the luxury}, and a bit of honey). It's very good for a sore throat, with the vitamin C of the lemon juice. : )

And, at Dad's request, I tasted healthy hot chocolate (found at http://www.ganozone.net) and try to drink a cup of that most days. The h.c. is supposed to be especially good for your brain and mental clarity (and I need all the help I can get! ; )). I do like it - it's quite tasty and not so sweet like most. : )

~Marissa W.

because i like hot coffee during the day and hot tea at night.

either cappuccino or warm, sweet milk...so yummy!

I am in desperate search for a recipe to mimick Second Cup's green tea latte!! I have the matcha green tea powder and now all I need is the recipe. Second Cup's brew tastes nothing like that of Starbucks (riddled with melon flavour) and is milder - although often too sweet. Anyway, if anyone has tried this or been able to get a peep of the ingredients labeled on the bag, please let me know!

I drink tea pretty much every day all year though, except on the hottest days of summer.

gingerbread lattes!

as I drink it nearly daily and love to have mine with a teaspoon of xylitol in it. But my favorite drink is Hot Chai which is a sort of tea I guess, but more creamy. We have our own instant chai tea mix that we make.

Love chai!

Wassail and liquid custard are two of my favorites although I don't have them often. It is just easier to make a cup of tea or coffee!


I like hot teas. But I drink more ice teas than anything. My favorite Hot tea is coconut chia ohhhhhh YUMMY.

You can buy it at the store - most stores have it, and the hispanic-oriented ones DEFINITELY will have it. It's called Abuelita. Mmmmmmm..... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51e-UjzgBOL._SL500_AA280_.jpg

Tim Hortons *Canadian Girl here * Has a GingerBread Hot Chocolate out for the holidays.. UMMM Its was Yummmmy


I thoroughly enjoy chi tea. However, I've stopped making my own since I found how harmful dry milk powder is for you. I would love a recipe that was healthy and easy to make and still tastes good!

WATER!! GOOD water that is...

I put coffee but it isnt as simple as that. It has to be a thick latte or a nice frothy cappucino. I would love to get the recipe for the gingerbread latte, it sounds very warm and chrismasy. One thing I am missing living in australia. It is summer for christmas and I never enjoy it.


I prefer iced or cold drinks. I feel I can't taste the flavors as well when it's hot. I can't decide my favorite drink: iced peppermint mocha, eggnog, chai, and holiday milk from Target are all tied.

Is my favorite.I like a tiny bit of Tiramisu creamer in it.Yummy!

My favorite beverage is Pike's Place Coffee from Starbucks and also their Caffe Latte. They have such a distinctive flavor. No sweetener, and the Latte is made with non-fat milk, the coffee is also made with cold nonfat milk and a touch of half & half.

coffee. One cup of decaf Caribou Coffee (their house blend or Reindeer blend at Christmas time) every morning is usually enough for me. In addition, I enjoy Adigio tea (thanks Tammy for the review a while back) when I'm wanting something lighter. BUT hot chocolate is my go to when I'm craving some chocolate and I will grap a cup of hot cider when the "need" hits me.

I grind my coffee beans (Caribou Coffee) because I LOVE the taste of fresh coffee. I however have never found a good hot chocolate (I buy Swiss Miss brand) or hot apple cider (I buy Alpine brand) that I can put together myself. I like the convenence of the packets but don't like the artifical flavors, ingredients, etc. Any suggestions?

but for the holidays, our favorite holiday drink is strong black tea, sweetened, and creamed with real egg nog. We don't like eggnog lattes in our house, but with tea, it's the best.


these days I prefer cold drinks, even when the weather is cold. currently I am a new fan of lemon perrier. little more expensive than seltzer, but much better tasting.

Instant hot chai tea (we make our own) and I also liked Spiced Cider.
Hot tea is good too; esp winter time.
Oh and Joshua, bring on the egg nog!! Our entire family loves it. Most relatives and friends think we are crazy =D

Hello every one just joined and hope that men are allowed here.lol
I do alot of the cooking here at home and now I have decided to start baking my own bread so it is all new to me (baking that is).
I like to drink hot chocolate during the day and then a nice hot cup of strong coffee in the evening as that is what helps me to sleep better.
Hope to chat with every one here and get more help on making a good loaf of bread.
Thanks and and have a great Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.


I make a mix for wassail that I make. I like to have it during the holiday season!!


I LOVE chai - it's definitely my winter favorite!

Can you share your recipes for homemade chai

I got hooked on a mix because I don't like coffee or hot coco alone but mixed it is great! Here is my combo...

1/2 c coffee (my hubs makes his coffee VERY strong)
1/2 c water (milk sometimes)
1/2 T. chocolate syrup
1/2 T. vanilla creamer
1/2t. sugar

I realize that is a lot of trouble but it is very very good! We have a grocery store out here that has a small, make it yourself, coffee bar that I started making this concoction at. I shop there with my coupons and my friend kept getting coffee. I finally was soooo cold I had to figure out something I could drink. Once I figured this out I have been hooked! At the store I use steamed milk but at home I use water. It only costs me $1 which is 1/4 the cost of a fancy coffee house and for me it is BETTER than a coffee house!

I am personally offended that there isn't a box for "all of the above." OFFENDED I SAY ;)

My Favorite holiday drink is Apple Cider (Cold and Hot) with biscotti and a close second is gingerbread eggnog because it tastes like Christmas (the only description that fits the taste)

I love to make homemade hot cocoa and mix with coffee topped with whipped cream!!

cappuccino homemade or store bought, doesn't matter.

Wow...I am surprised and impressed that so many folks love the Chai Tea! I would love find a recipe for chai latte! There is an International Coffees Latte, but it is expensive and I am not sure what all is in it. I prefer to make things on my own...

I love this site and thank each of you for making my day with you great recipes! Take care....

Love chai. Can't survive without it. lots of spices.All time favourite.

I LOVE my tea!!. . .I have a tea cabinet lol. . .I have all sorts of teas, from chai to earl grey and lady grey, regular black tea, raspberry tea, lemon, peppermint, irish breakfast and the list goes OOOOONNNNN!!.. . my son loves camomile tea at night and especially when he is sick. . .
I want to thank those of you for the recipes, I'm a foodie and I love trying new things and especially when I can make them from scratch. . .
here is a tip: if you don't have apple cider, just heat some apple juice up and add cinnamon, ginger, and/or nutmeg.. . I get apple juice from my WIC program and jus tuse that for cider, that way we can drink it cold or we can heat it up. . .


I love hot chai tea with soy milk.
I really love all cold weather drinks :)

I would like a homemade recipe for that one and also the chai please

My favorite drink is water.

My favorite drink is a mocha. But alas I have to watch my what I eat and my budget, so water it is.

Since my daughter and I cannot have chocolate I got tired of the guys drinking yummy hot cocoa in front of us I went to the kitchen and started throwing things together and what came out was a wonderful drink.

put in a pan

heat up and drink. we have also added either almond extract to the mix or nutmeg (but not both at once.)

We called it Hot Snowball Drink!


Jeannie, that sounds delicious!! Thanks for the idea. I want to try it with some coconut extract added! I wonder if I could whisk in a little coconut oil too -- the good stuff that smells heavenly. :)

I drink unsweetened iced tea 365 days a year... If I do drink a hot beverage, it's hot tea or chai (and actually I prefer iced chai and iced coffee !!)

Well, I would say chai...but I drink chai nearly every day. I picked hot chocolate instead. For those of you (Anonymous) who who want to know about making chai, here are some instructions for the curious!

I learned to make"pakka chai"--genuine Indian chai--in India. It's quite simple, though difficult to put precisely. I'll do my best though! Put 2/3 water and 1/3 milk in a pot. When I make it for myself, I measure it in the cup I'm going to drink it in. A lot of Indian ladies know how much to fill the pot and just eyeball it.

Add a slice or two of peeled ginger and/or crushed cardamom if you like. Or a pinch of chai masala (tea spices) if you have some. Bring it to a boil, then let it simmer a bit to reduce it. Add sweetener to taste (usually sugar, but jaggery is a special treat--it's a kind of date sugar made in India, brown sugar is a decent substitute) and a half-spoon of chai leaves. Get them at an Indian store. Teabags taste funny.

Bring it to a boil and then simmer it til it's just a bit darker than pale tea-coloured. Strain into your cup.

Thanks for sharing your authentic Indian chai recipe and tips, Kathleen! :)

At the end... how long do you simmer the tea? Five minutes or so? :)

And just FYI, those proportions were for one serving!

Have you tried Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Suite? It is great hot or cold. Sold only during the Christmas season.

Yes! I have had Nutcracker Suite tea by Celestial Seasonings. I agree, it is so good! :D

I love cappuccino. A cross between coffee and hot chocolate. It's a great base for flavored creamers such as peppermint mocha!

cappuccino, hot cocoa and hot tea, in that order too :-)

Chai Tea!

Heat up some milk and add a spoonfull of vanilla and some sugar to it :)


in all forms but mostly black tea with fat free milk and stevia.. I drink Gallons of this every day


I chose hot chocolate, but REAL egg nog is amazingly delicious. A little goes a long way. I gain 10 pounds just thinking about it. Eggs, sugar, whole milk, cream, spices, bourbon and brandy! The most delectable, warming, comforting, festive drink ever :) We use Emeril Lagasse's recipe: http://www.fabulousfoods.com/recipes/emeril-s-eggnog --grantgracenmercy

I found our two teen boys LOVE hot apple cider when we ran out of hot cocoa. For special occasions we use a nice mulled cider recipe, but for average cold nights lately we just grab some regular apple juice, warm it up, throw in a cinnamon stick or some cinnamon powder, and voila--they can't get enough! It's surprisingly yummy. I'd forgotten about egg nog. Sounds good (we leave out the alcohol but still love it!). --Martha Ann

I love HOT water with either cinnamon or fresh lemon.

One spoon of instant decaf coffee added to the hot chocolate mix and then add some milk when you add the water - yummm :)

Hot Lemonade!


am just learning to like plain water now, drank coffee till about 6 years ago and had a bout

of colon cancer ,then a year of kemo and lost all interest in taste of things.I know that is not

good in any way ,but was feeling down about that time. MAD ,SCARED, HURTING, and just

wanting DR. PEPPER. That is my sob story but am trying to change it ,after GOD first and

then my husband talked to me. !!!!!!!!!

I would have to say one of my favorite warm winter drinks is warm milk with honey.
Cozy and sweet

I enjoy gluhwein, as I live in Germany and it is often sold near Christmas time.

Hi Tammy,

I've never made chicken pot pie before and I was thinking of trying yours out. I like all the vegetables you have in there and the crust sounds really interesting. I was thinking about adding sage to the filling...do you think that will conflict with the flavor of the celery seed in the crust? I've never used celery seed in cooking before so I'm not even really sure what it tastes like. I was also wondering if the cream cheese is a prominent flavor or it just makes the filling creamier?

Thanks so much for your help!

Milo is my winter drink of choice - malted chocolate!

Hot chai tea latte!

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