Dehydrating Bananas

Yahweh blessed us with some bananas this week. Never one to turn down free food, I pulled out the dehydrator and Yehoshua and I got busy!

Working on bananas...

We had nine trays to fill. Yehoshua helped by throwing the wrappers in the trash can and then peeling bananas for me. I trimmed any bruises or strings and used a butter knife to slice them. Then Yehoshua helped me line the trays with the slices. As you can see, I had a whole box full of bananas to use, so I sliced mine nice and thick (about 1/4-inch).

Eliyahu gets in on the action

Eliyahu felt a little left out, so I put him up in his high chair and let him eat some bananas while we worked. He loved that!

Getting started dehydrating bananas...

Yehoshua peeled and peeled. He was fast!! And he loved doing it. Not many two-year-olds get to peel 75+ bananas, all in one morning!

More and more bananas!!

I think it took us about 1 1/2 hours to fill the dehydrator, and I was trying to work quickly. As the time passed and the peels piled up, Yehoshua decided to take a break. He gave Eliyahu some spinning car rides in the kitchen.

Dehydrating bananas

The full dehydrator! It will probably take 24+ hours for these to dry, since they're so thick. The dried bananas will make a tasty snack -- Yehoshua and I especially love them! :)

After filling the drhydrator, I still had some bananas left. I set aside some for Joshua's lunches, and made a triple batch of Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. I ended up freezing about half of the muffins for future use.


What a productive day!
Great photos.

Meredith from Merchant Ships

How do you get free banana's?

Sometimes, Yahweh surprises us. :) They were a gift. I'll just say that we never know where our next blessing might come from, but our Heavenly Father loves to bless His children in unique ways! :)

Thank you! I really needed to know how long it took to do this because I put some on at about 2 pm and thought that would be done in a hour, lol! God bless you and your family!

So you don't even bother thanking the "mere mortals" that actually gave you the bananas? :oP

Looks like you had a blessed time with the younguns!
I have never used a food dehydrator. How much do they cost? Where do you get them? WalMart? How do you know how long to keep food in so it doesn't get over dehydrated?
I still have yet to try the banana chocolate chip muffins. I might make them when DH is gone (save some in the freezer for him though)and bring them to church. ;-)

Thanks, Meredith! :)

Dawn, we purchased our dehydrator second-hand from some friends of ours. We have an Excalibur dehydrator, which are excellent. (They last a long time and work really well!) I think they are fairly expensive brand new.

There are suggested drying times and temperatures, and so I have an estimate, and I just taste the food to see if it's done. :)

Wal-mart sells dehydrators, but some cheap dehydrators dry unevenly and don't hold much food.

Hi Tammy,

I am inspired to make some muffins of my own and was wondering if you froze your muffins b4 or after you baked them? Thanks!


Hi, Shannon! Thanks for commenting! I always freeze my muffins after they're baked. I thaw them out on a plate (out of the wrapper).

What a wonderful blessing. Your house must have smelt like bananas too. :) Enjoy your banana chips. :)


It sure did smell like bananas! :) We ate a lot of them while they were drying, too... ;) So warm and chewy! Yum! :)

I was wondering if you have had your bananas stick to the tray before. I really like your children's names.

No, ours have never stuck to the trays. The trays do need washed afterwards, but they aren't extremely dirty, just a little sticky. :) I think the type of dehydrator one has might make a difference. Ours has clear plastic "screen" sheets that lay on the trays. To take the food off, we just pick up the screen sheet and roll it or move it a little to "pop" off the dried bananas. :)

Thank you, about the childrens' names. :)

Hi, i tried doing the dried bananas but it did not get crispy. What shoul i do? thank yoU!

I would suggest either slicing the bananas more thinly or drying them for a longer time. :)

Did you pre-treat the bananas in a solution? We are going to try drying bananas and I keep getting mixed information..If so, what did you use?

I don't do anything extra to the bananas -- just slice and dry! They do turn dark, of course. I dry them on the highest setting for my dehydrator (145 degrees). :)

Although I've never tried it, I was told that Pam sprayed on the drying trays helps prevent sticking. I use a Nesco Gardenmaster Dehydrator which has an adjustable thermostat going to 155 degrees F. I use the highest setting and place the pieces on a solid sheet of plastic.
I have a question maybe you can help with. Is there a tool which can be used to slice the bananas to a consistent thickness? The only thing my old brain can think of is one of those expensive Deli-Type meat slicer. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Linwood Ray

or just do a search for banana slicer

To the lady that said she heard you could use pam to keep them from sticking. That may work if you are going to eat them fairly soon. But if you are going to store them for any length of time the oil will get rancid and the fruit non edible.

Chris Freeman

an adjustable cheese slicer works well too.

I use one of the egg slicers that you can by at just any store with a kitchen department, you only get 8 slices at a time, but 2 times is all it takes to slice a whole regular sized banana.

You can purchase a mandolin. It is a type of slicer with many attachments and you can usually vary the width at which you are slicing. Be careful though the blades are very sharp. You can slice a raw potato or carrot with ease with these things.

hi there, I have the nesco american harvest dehydrator and I like it. I have tried to dehydrate bannanas before and first without treating them they turned pink!! yes bright neon pink! of course I did not eat them. then many years later I bought a powdered treatment and soaked them for about 5 minutes following the instructions and then they turned dark brown. how do you get them to look normal? where do you live and what is the climate? first try was in north carolina- very humid, second try was in colorado-very dry. help, I am tired of making banana bread and muffins and just want some darn dried bananas!!!!

To keep from browning,try dipping the bananna chips in lemon juice, or another citrus beverage if extra sugar is desired. then deydrate

Am I to use a lemon and sugar on them to make them taste a little better on this and add some water to them to make them tart to?

How do you store food in the freezer? (ziploc bzgs? special containers? what?)Tereza

You can also add cinnamon on top of them!

An egg slicer will slice about 1/3 (maybe 1/4) of a banana at a time into even slices.

Thanks for sharing this I love you kept your kids busy and entertained. I know that there is a banana slicer look for it at the stores to see if you can find one it cuts the work in half.

What about one of those things you use to cut Crisco into the flour when making dough? (I forget what it's called)

I have my grandmother's butter slicer from the 1940's or 1950's. It's intended purpose is to make perfectly equal butter pats much like an egg slicer only it is as long as a stick of butter. It works great on ripe bananas. I have seen them at "dollar stores" and flea markets.

At first I was trying to peel the banana chips off one by one by hand- really hard! Then I tried using a knife to scrape them off, but that didn't really work either. So I tried turning the drying tray over, and was able to poke a small point through the holes so that the chips come flying off. So much easier!

After drying some bananas overnight they have a bitter taste to them. Any suggestions?

I just recently made a batch of banana chips ( still drying rofl, but snuck a few for tasting =) )

The Nesco book that came with my dehydrator had 2 suggestions.

1) First dip them in a citrus bath, any thing citrus. Orange juice, lime juice etc

2) Second was the one I used this time, and that was to make a like glaze using huney and water. Sounds sticky but isnt, use 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup huney ( I used a flavored huney ).

Just slice the bananas and dip em in the liquid, I just put a bunch of slices in the bowl with the huney water and swirled around, then used a spoon to get em out / drain them and then put them on the drying rack.

They havent turned dark yet ( about 18 hours now, going for a 24 hour dry ), and have a wonderfull fruity taste.

I am making cookie, bread and brownie jars for gifts for the holidays. I was thinking of making one for banana or zucchini bread. If i bananas can be re-hydrated, then I can include them in the jar with instructions on how to re-hydrate. If I have time, I'll test this and write back on what I find.

Quick tip I learned, just take a spray bottle, fill with lemon juice and mist the bananas, will keep them from turning as brown. Also the pink color is due to them not being fully ripe. They are still fine to eat. You can look for discounted ripe bananas at the produce section. I get 5 pounds for 99 cents.

were yours chewy too...or crispy like a chip?

Spritz with lemon juice or another citrus juice and dehydrate at 135 degrees for 18 hours or so.

If you're wanting crisp banana chips, those are fried and an unhealthy choice, though they are tasty!

i just made some banana chips in my dehydrater for 24 hr and they are still chewy,is this the norm? I wanted them more chrisp.

I just put on my first batch of bananas in my new dehydrator. Wish me luck!

I'm new to dehydrating, but LOVE it! The jerky and apples seem to be the top hits around here. But, on the banana chips! I'm GOING to get crispy chips if I have to use the last banana standing! I've done the lemon juice and they tasted more like lemons than bananas AND were not crunchy! Next I tried orange juice and honey. After 24 hours, they were sweet and tasted like orange juice and honey. Good, but STILL chewy! I got a banana slicer at Bed Bath and Beyond for 4.99 and it's great. But, I've also cut the banana in half and then sliced with a knife long ways. You can get them pretty even and just cut them in 1/4th. These I have sprinkled with Fruit Fresh, but was light and just a hit and miss. I always sprinkle with cinnamon which is good for you and is great on all the fruit and leathers. Also a favorite is dried mango sprinkled with cinnamon! You'll love it, I promise! Make sure the mangoes are nice and ripe, they are worth the trouble. I have a Victorio dehydrator and love it. I use 9 trays and got it from Amazon.

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