Protecting crib mattresses

Both of my children still sleep in cribs. When the second crib was given to us (passed down from a friend), our friends had put a piece of cardboard in the bottom to protect the mattress. I wish I had thought of that myself!

Here is the mattress that we bought (brand new) 2 years ago for our oldest child. After 2+ years of use, the metal wires has put indentions in the mattress (thankfully, it hadn't punctured the vinyl) and even some rust streaks.

Step 1: Use a paste of baking soda and water to clean the mattress. Most of it came off for me. Below is the mattress after I washed and scrubbed it.

The mattress, after laying directly on the bottom of the crib (metal)

Step 2: Cut a large piece of cardboard to fit in the bottom of the crib. Here you can see the cardboard. The bed on the left already had cardboard; the bed on the right was the one which needed the mattress cleaned and cardboard put in. 

The card board pieces

Step 3: Get children out of mischief, because by now, they have probably gotten tired of jumping on the mattress and playing with card board scraps. ;)

Eliyahu likes to pull up the vents...

Step 4: Put clean sheets on the mattress and lay it in the crib, on the cardboard. Here are the finished beds! Yay! :) Now I can expect my crib mattress(es) to last a lot longer. :D

The finished beds

For more helpful tips, visit Shannon's blog! :)


Great tip. My sister passed her crib to us with a piece of cardboard underneath. I never thought to remove it. I figured it had to help somewhat. But I can see that it has probably helped prevent punctures. We have had some very bouncy babies in that crib!

Great idea. My favorite part, however, was the picture of your child getting into mischief. Cute!

This is a good idea. I gonna do it next time I have some cardboard.

This is a great tip! We have had crib mattresses with and without the cardboard and you are right, it really does make a big difference in the life of the mattress.

Thanks for sharing!

who is currently in the market for a new crib mattress herself! :)

Great tip ... I'll have to go put a piece in my son's crib!

Thanks, everyone! My guys are pretty bouncy in their beds, which probably IS part of the reason for so much wear on the mattresses, though I didn't think of that until one of you mentioned it. ;)

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