Collecting teabag envelopes

Working on my teabag collection...

This week is going to be a full week of projects. For starters, I have put off filing our taxes and am only just now working on that. After dreading the process for months (mostly due to the time involved!), I know I will feel greatly relieved when it's over. I am generally not a procrastinator so I'm not sure why I've waited so long on this!

One project I recently did was organizing my teabag collection. It was already organized, but over the past year, I had collected many more empty teabag wrappers and needed to put them in my albums. I took a photo of the kitchen counter where I was working.

For those of you who have never heard of collecting teabags, my collection is basically one of each "design" of any and every teabag wrapper/envelope, including the little tags. I drink the tea and save the wrapper.

I started my collection when I was 13 or 14 (I really can't remember now!) and eventually found other collectors (mostly in other countries) and have traded tea with several ladies over the years. My collection has several thousand different teabag envelopes, but it's tiny compared to some collectors who have ten times as many!

When I was younger, I had much more time and money to devote to buying and trading tea. At this point in my life, I can't really afford to buy every new tea in the stores, or to do a lot of trading; nor do I have the time.

Since I still love drinking tea, I save all of my wrappers, and some of my friends save wrappers for me, also. My pile of "empties" grows, and once a year or so, I sort them all out. One of each kind goes into my collection, and the rest get sent to my collector-friends.

I think teabags are my only real collection of anything. I love collecting something that's "free", and I think they're fascinating! And my entire collection only fills part of a shelf on our bookshelves. For a practical tightwad like myself, it's the perfect thing to collect. ;)


Tammy, this is really a unique collection! I've never heard of collecting teabag wrappers! really is a frugal hobby! :) ~Deb

I want to do this too. What a fun hobby.

Would you mind taking some pictures of your photo albums for us to see? I would love to see what they look like inside. I love tea but don't get around to taking the time to enjoy it like I should. I am drinking some ginger twist tonight which is tasting good to my hurting body! Thanks for sharing this with us

Hello Tammy and Anonymus. I am a teabag collector from the Netherlands and I would like to change teabags with you. My email adress is
With kind regards, Geertje

Thanks, everyone! Shorty, yes, I would like to share more about my collection... when I have some extra time! There are some really pretty teabags. :)

Geertje, Welcome! Thanks for commenting! I'm sorry, though -- I won't be able to trade teabags with you. I only trade about once a year, and I have just a few collector-friends with whom I've been trading for many years now. Thanks for asking, though, and maybe another collector will see your post here and want to trade! :)

Instead of trading with dozens of collectors, I send many duplicates to my few traders, for them to trade with others. Teabag-collecting is a fun hobby, but I limit the time and money I spend doing it. :)

i have a teabag from montreal quebec canada call our compliment earl gray tea. if you want it... i'm curious if people just send you the wrappers or the tea itself. if you want i can mail you a tea. its the only kind my family drinks and they go throught 2 boxes of 54 a week.

Hi! I'm a tea bag collector too!! from Chile. If you want exchange o see my scans my mail is

Hi! I'm a tea bag collector from Czech Republic.If you would like to change teabags with me, you can choose the teabags in the section:

and contact me on email:

I also collect teabags. If anyone would like to exchange with me please take a look on my web:

Many greetings from Poland,

Hi! I'm a tea bag collector too!!If anyone would like to exchange with me,my mail is

many greets from germany


I´m teabags collector from Czech republic

my web page with teabags for exchange are:

I´m from Czech Republic and I collect teabags too. If you are interested to exchange some, only write me on my e-mail:
and I will send you my scans.

Best wishes, Lenka


I'm from the Netherlands and I'm collecting teabags for 4 years.
I think I have more then 5000 different ones.
If you want to exchange with me, then you can mail me.
My emailadress is

I'm looking forward to receive more exchangers :-)

Many greetings, klaske

hallo ik ben bep uit nederland en verzamel ook theezakjes als je wilt ruilen mijn email adres is bergpeter742GMAIL.COM
groeten bep

I have 20 teabags from Croatia to offer (and many doubles of these). I wish to exchange them for used stamps. I exchange 5 stamps for 1 teabag. Stamps can be doubles but no more then 10 of the same kind. Tell me if you like to exchange and how many doubles do you need.

I am interested in sending you stamps for Tea bags.

My email

I was wondering whether uyou would be interested in trading various tea bag envelopes?


Many of you have traded with me before, so feel free to contact me again. I have some tea tea wrappers to trade. I trade the wrappers 1 for 1. I don't have a website but will send scans of all my extra wrappers.

I also can trade USED postage stamps for tea wrappers. I do not collect stamps as a hobby but save all stamps from my penfriend letters from around the world. I don't have a website or scans, but my stamps are all in good shape and I will send a nice variety if you want to do an exchange for stamps & tea wrappers.


Joyce in USA

Hello everybody!

I'm Anja, 18, I come from Slovenia. I have over 300 different tea bag envelopes and I would like to exchange some of them.

So, my e-mail is and if you want to contact me you're welcome! :D

Hi - on my facebook group you can find pictures of my tea bags -- i have some doublets .. let me now if you want to trade. or -- you are also welcome to be part of my collection...send me your doublets -and you will be creditet and part of my collection.

You are also welcome just to post pictures on my facebook site... like to see what you have...!/groups/teabagcollection/

i have a empty tea wrappers from my country CROATIA and near countries and few another for selling ...the price is 20 euro for 25 differnt + 25 double ...also post expence included ...

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