You know you're a teabag collector when...

You know you're a teabag collector when:

You feel compelled to purchase new kinds of tea that you don't particularly care for, just so you can save the wrappers.

You know words like "tea", "green", "black", "lemon", and "apple" in ten (or more) different languages.

You've drank tea without knowing what kind it was, because you couldn't read the wrapper.

You get excited when you see a new packaging design for Lipton's old kinds of teas.

You've secretly taken empty teabag wrappers from someone's trashcan when you were at their house.

You never, ever just tear open a teabag. In fact, you have a special knife or scissors just for opening teabags.

You never make a cup of tea with a teabag that still has a tag attached to it.

When your guests have tea, you open the bag for them. If you're feeling especially kind (or self-conscious), you might let them use the tag, but you keep a watchful eye on it so you can remove the tag before the used teabag gets thrown away.

When your friends offer you a cup of tea, you look at their selection and drink a kind that you don't already have in your collection. Usually you already have envelopes from most of the kinds of tea they have, anyway.

You have developed specialized detective skills so that when you're in the tea aisle at the grocery store, you can shake, tap, jiggle, and squeeze an unopened box of tea and figure out whether the teabags inside are individually wrapped.

You're extremely disappointed when you open the new box of tea you bought and discover that the individually wrapped teabags are in plain white envelopes.

When you're putting empty teabags into your albums, you can identify whether the teabag still has the tag inside (or attached) by simply feeling the bag rather than looking.

And lastly:

Your husband is afraid to buy you tea for a gift, because he has no idea which one(s) you still need for your collection. :)


I buy some Celestial Seasonings which do not come individually wrapped or with tags. They must be really dull. ;-)

However, a friend did just give me some St. Dalfour organic earl grey that has the most beautiful box and packages. It's on the counter for decoration. :-)

Oh, I do really like CS teas. :) I get them on sale sometimes... because they are just so tasty! They do individually wrap some of theirs, but they're harder to get and expensive. I've seen them in their catalogs, and I actually have about 10 different ones that were sent to me from other collectors. I've NEVER seen the individually wrapped CS teas in the store though! :)

I like St. Dalfour's! :) They have colorful teabags. And they're organic! :)

selection is very limited compared to what you have!! :) I enjoyed reading your tea confesions. LOL ~Tanya

funny i just posted about my tea obsession in my lj a couple days ago...
i myself am a HUGE fan of tea. My obsession started at 16, tho it started off as sweet iced tea.... it wasnt long before i was addicted to hot herbal teas. every year for Christmas my mom gets me a sampler package of tea becasue she knows its not something that i often buy for myself even tho i LOVE it. i LOVE this gift, i have been receiving it now for about 13 years or so....

my newest OBSESSION tho is chai tea... YUM YUM YUM... i love the spicy taste..

i dont have a tea bag collection but i do love that you do!!!

Tanya, that's okay. I know not everyone's obsessed with tea like I am. ;)

Confessions? You mean you think I actually DO these things?! ;)

Anonymous, thanks for comenting! I have no idea how to get to your LJ, but you could always send me the link to your post -- I'd love to read it! :)

That is HILARIOUS!!!
Does that really describe you?? I can see it does in some of the descriptions but all of them? Wow!!
You really got me smiling and *laughing*
I have collected 'special' rocks over the years on our various camping trips, day trips and such. I usually only get small ones though ;-)
I also collect State quarters, State spoons (at tourist/souvenir shops), and I also collect pencils. Not just ordinary pencils but those have sayings on them or a place name printed on them and such. I even have one that changes color from green to yellow (hot to cold).
I never have thought about collecting tea bags even though I do drink tea regularly. Is there an official website for this type of thing? =) What kind of albums do you put your collection in? (acid-free?)
Now, you've really got my interest in this "new" idea!

LOL! Well, yes...  I'm not always displaying all of those traits, but they're all pretty characteristic of someone who collects teabags. ;) For the record, the last time I swiped empty teabags from someone's trashcan was about 10 years ago. Of course, that's also the last time I happened to see empty teabags in someone's trashcan. I'm not sure I could resist if the situation ever arose in the future... ;)

No, there is no official website for teabag collectors. It's actually really difficult to find teabag collectors online, and most of them live in Holland. They have meetings/exchanges/etc. over there, it's a really big hobby. I put my teabags in 3-ring binders with plastic pocket-sheets (9 pockets in each sheet) that were made for baseball cards. :) I have no idea if it's acid-free... it's just a silly collection. ;)

I will try to post more about my collection soon though! :)

I love "You know you're a teabag collector when...". Now I know that I AM a real collector!!

If you want to exchange, please contact me.

I live in Denmark (Europe).

I also love the "You know you're a teabagcollector when..." I recognize myself very much in this story.

Anonymous.. would you like to exchange with me?
I live in The Netherlands/Holland (Europe).

I have put all my doubles on this website: .

But I can also email you my scans;

Already thanks!
If there is someone else who want to exchange with me, you can also mail to

Hi,I Ros-marie from Sweden and I want excange teabag. Contakt me if you want to excange.

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