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We all need a little creativity and inspiration, especially in the kitchen! I started this site to encourage you when you're having one of those "I just don't know" days. Browse through the recipe collection (it's ever-growing!) or visit my blog! I hope you find something that looks good.

I'm just an ordinary wife and mom. Here you'll find our favorites: foods we eat regularly that we love! You can also read comments from others who have tried our recipes. My blog features what we've been eating lately. And, you can even sign up to get my new recipes, kitchen tips, and menu plans delivered to your inbox -- for free! :)

Tammy and Channah
Tammy and daughter Channah in 2013

Who is Tammy?

I'm Tammy: wife to Joshua and mom to three boys, Yehoshua (2004), Eliyahu (2006), and Moshe (2010) as well as two girls, Ruth (2008) and Channah (2012). Our 6th child is due in November, 2014. My life revolves around our faith and family. :)

Children making personal pizzas
Our 4 oldest children making personal pizzas (2013)

When I'm not in the kitchen, doing laundry, or working on homeschooling, I can be found playing or reading with my little ones, stamping homemade cards, drinking tea, having fun organizing, or enjoying a walk outdoors. I do most of my personal blogging here, but you can also find me on Twitter and Facebook. :)

Tammy and daughter Ruth in 2008

Blog posts about our personal lives are filed under "Our Family". For more about me, see my post titled 27 Random Things About a Now-27-Year-Old, a family photo update and meme, and Bits of My Life. :)

Tammy and Joshua, 2013

My husband Joshua and I have been married since 2002. He's the technical support behind this website and my encourager in this endeavor. Joshua loves to grill, makes the BEST cheesecakes, and tries new things in the kitchen with me whenever his busy schedule permits! :) We moved to the Seattle area from Ohio in 2008.

Children reading together
Enjoying a story together

We started this website in 2006. My goal is to offer everyday cooking inspiration through my personal kitchen blog and tried and true recipes -- taste tested, husband approved, pictures provided, and community rated!

So, welcome to my online kitchen! Make yourself comfortable, and enjoy your visit! :)

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Our family, July 2008

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