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While I strive to share links only to wholesome websites and resources, remember to use prayerful discretion when browsing my links or considering my recommended resources!  I heartily encourage you to seek God's wisdom and your husband's blessing for any online purchases. :)


Learning from others

I frequently link to other blogs and websites that may be of interest to my readers over here under the topic "Learning from Others". :) If you have a blog post or website you would like me to consider, feel free to send me the link and I'd be glad to take a look! :)

Each week you can also browse dozens of links full of kitchen tips via my Kitchen Tip Tuesdays carnival.


Kitchen Resources

I keep things simple in the kitchen (see pictures of my kitchen here!) but we do have a few luxuries I love! :) (Update: new kitchen video tour here!)

Berkey water filters -- we love ours! I've written two reviews about the Berkey filtering system: August 2008 review and  February 2009 recap. Also: 2011 Berkey review with more photos, and April 2011 video demo of the Berkey black elements filtering red food coloring out of water.

Grain mill -- we have a WonderMill. Honestly, it was a toss-up between the WonderMill and the NutriMill, for our own personal reasons. We spent many hours researching grain mills; there seem to be pros and cons to almost every option, but I'm happy to say that we have been completely satisfied with our decision! :)

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro stainless steel cookware -- we invested in this new cookware last year and I love it!

Aeropress coffee press -- I use this regularly and it makes awesome coffee!

More of my kitchen things can be viewed in my personalized Amazon store. See notes under each item for my quick thoughts! :)



Better Birth -- a birth blog by my friend Mary, who was such a blessing to us during and after the birth of our first child, five years ago now! :)

KellyMom.com -- great breastfeeding articles and info.

AskDrEllie -- a blog by a dentist! She'll personally answer your dental questions by phone or email. I've read everything she has online (which is a LOT!!) and feel it's useful info even though she's neither completely on the "natural health" side nor on the mainstream medical side.

Xylitol -- one of the (unfortunately) best-kept secrets about dental health. If you want naturally clean, healthy teeth I highly recommend xylitol!


Find out what I've written on a topic:

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If you are already planning to order something through Amazon.com, I'd love it if you considered ordering through my affiliate link below! I will receive 6% of sales.


Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs is THE place to get high-quality bulk organic herbs, spices, essential oils, and highest-quality + best-priced coconut oil! This company is highly recommended!



More Than Alive is the company where we purchased our Berkey water filter. They have a great selection of bulk herbs as well!


Cultures for Health

Source for kefir grains and other supplies! :)


My personal advertising policy

The ads you see on my blog are a way of financially supporting this website. It is a blessing that the costs of this website have been offset through the support of you, the reader -- through your Amazon purchases, clicking on ads, and showing enthusiasm for giveaways! :)

In the past, I have occasionally reviewed or recommended a product through my blog. I have always maintained that any product review I write will be completely honest. I would never recommend that anyone purchase anything that I wouldn't spend my own hard-earned money on.

Along with that promise of honesty, I also want to be transparent. If a company has given me a free sample of their product in exchange for the review, I'll clearly state that in my post. If I am earning revenue through affiliate sales, I'll be upfront with you about that, too. And while affiliate money is nice, I am so enthusiastic about the products I promote that it really doesn't matter to me if you order through my affiliate link... or not. :)

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