A couple new recipes:

First of all, I just want to say:

Having my own personal technical support for this site is awesome. ;) I just woke Joshua up because I could not figure out how to get something to work... he figured out the problem right away ;) I'm so glad I married someone who knows a lot more about computers than I do! :)

Secondly, most of my longer blog posts (which will probably be the majority) will require you to click on either the title link or the "read more" link at the bottom in order to read the rest of the post. I had been posting the entire entries all on the main page, but I want to try this system and see if it makes the site easier to navigate and use.

So... what have we been cooking lately? Well, Yehoshua helped me make some cream cheese brownies. That recipe is an old favorite, first passed to my family by a friend named Sheri. I don't believe Yehoshua had ever eaten them, though... it had been that long since I made them! He enjoyed getting to help mix them up, and has been enjoying eating them, too ;)

We also made beef vegetable soup. This is one of Yehoshua's favorite soups, since the vegetables cook down. My mom makes it often and he always eats a big bowl full :).

I am thawing some chicken breast for tomorrow... maybe Joshua will grill it for me ;) If not, I can always torture him with my chicken rice bake, which he doesn't especially love ;) Although he has said that I've made it better the last few times... it was one of my staple "easy" meals after having Eliyahu ;)

Well, it's bedtime... I get to go walking early tomorrow! I slipped and hurt my ankle and wasn't able to go for several days... it will be nice to get back out on walks in the mornings this week.


For those searching for a dessert item to prepare I want to encourage you to try the brownie recipe Tammy posted above. It has earned my rare, and coveted, 11/10 rating. Very few recipes get this special award--it being the first on the site. It is a must try!

Just remember to get in your daily exercise before you make them!

Just remember to get in your daily exercise before you make them!

That is too funny :) But yes... I feel like I should do a post about exercise every time I post a dessert recipe ;) Maybe I will post about it soon :D

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