Does your kitchen sink have a garbage disposal?

52% (514 votes)
48% (468 votes)
Total votes: 982


I had a garbage disposal in our last place. For some reason when we were looking to buy a house, a garbage disposal didn't even enter the list of things running through my head. After we bought the house and moved in, I really missed a disposal, but now rarely ever think of the convenience I am missing.

It's just what you get used to!

I make sure to never drop anything down the drain. Sometimes it happens by accident. My husband is not so careful. So, yes, I stick my hand into that drain and pull out whatever I can reach. I'd rather have a few moments of yuck than a backed up drain!

Tina at

I got up and and saw this about garbage disposals. I believe every house should have one.

You will have to buy plastic pvc pipes to run from the disposal to the sewer /water drain line. That cost about $12.00

A descent garbage dispoal, 1/2 horsepower cost about $40 dollars.

All you need is a plug, so it can work. I bet there is a plug under the sink already. It was put there buy the builder so you can also have a dishwasher.

I can't imagine not having one. I would much rather go without a dishwasher.

Desi from california. Are all of you from the midwest?

Yes, we have a disposal, for which I am very grateful! Sometimes picking out "the ickies" wouldn't bother me so much, but when I'm pregnant it does (so does cleaning the high chair, blech!). And I'm almost to the third trimester.

I did not have one at our first house. I never grew up with one either. I do enjoy it and so does my husband. It makes so things don't smell really bad if the garbage bowl get too full. I don't use it for everything, but I do a lot. It also helps with the sepic system. I am not sure what it does for that. I don't throw anything stringy in it or butter or grease. It is bad for. Also if I have a lot of something - like we are canning, I do not throw it in there. That stuff is also wonderful for the garden.


I've had disposals before and loved them! I do miss it from time to time. I try not to let too much food into my dish water. Fortunately my dishwasher is pretty good so not everything has to be rinsed before it goes in.
Have a blessed day!

Had one at our old house which I used all the time but do not have one here and I really do not miss it. Yes, it came in handy but I just peel everything into a garbage bowl and have the kids run it out to the compost pile. I hated the way it would smell if you forgot to run it or to clean it and I was forever digging spoons out of it that fell into it.

We have a septic tank system and don’t want the added waste sent down into the tank. I have had them in the past and did miss it when we moved here. But after awhile it just becomes no big deal. I know I can live without one! One plus is no more garbage disposal odor. I try to scrape the dishes well before adding them to the sink. Sometimes I still have to clean gunk from the drain stopper. It was just one more thing to get use too.

but, I sure do wish I had one!

I have had one for the past 6 years. I like having it, but do run a spoon through it now and then! I won't hurry to replace it if it breaks, though. Like you said, it's an unneeded luxury.


No disposal at my new home, which I also miss. I am also ashamed to admit that I have let my fair share of food slip through the non-disposal sink I currently have. Luckily, my sink has not clogged because of my oversights.

Kim in WI

We just bang the metal sink plug against the side of the garbage can!


Don't have one.....don't want one. I would rather just scrape dishes before I wash. And I always peel or chop on a cutting board or on a tray anyway, so it's easy to dump it into the trash or compost pail. My mom, MIL, sisters, and sisters-in-law all have them. They all think I'm crazy for not having one. (They even tried to give me one for Christmas one year, but I took it back and got some plants for my yard instead.) But I don't ever have to call a plumber for potatoe peelings stopping up my sink, and none of my silverware ever gets beat up, and I don't have to worry about my hands or rings. I do admit to putting some of the kitchen scrap/trash stuff into the old vitamix I have and blurring it up real good before I water it in to the garden or shrubs. That's as close to a garbage disposal as I want to be.

We do not have this in France it is very unusual so I have never experienced thid "luxuary""

I've never lived in a house with a disposal in my life. The very idea scares the heck out of me - a grinder my child's hand could get sucked into? No, thank you!! But my mother's moved since I married and she LOVES hers.

I compost scraps, instead, recycle newspaper, and burn all other paper/cloth/cardboard products, so our trash output (via garbage service) is so small that throwing the meat and non-compostable waste away doesn't bother me.

I grew up without one, never have had one. I think they are a nice luxury, but I just use the strainers in the sink so that stuff doesn't go down the drain and scrape stuff into the garbage rather than the sink. Besides if you have a animal that eats any food or a compost pile you will want to put stuff in that.

My mom just got one and it does make cleanup alot easier.

I have lived without a dishwasher also and although you can do it, I have decided that it is not worth it as in order to stay caught up and the kitchen clean this is the biggest factor! I have also lived without drains too, I love having a drain!

I grew up without a disposal so I wasn't quite sure what to do with the one in this house we bought. I thought you could stick potato peels, carrot peels, onion skins, etc. down them, but a plumber said "No, that would clog it up!" Besides, composting is better for those kinds of things. So, I'm sad to say ours sits unused.

As we prepare to move to Kentucky, I don't think it's a necessity we'll be looking for in our new house. Besides, it's just something else to fix if it breaks! :)

Never had one! I don't think it is commom here in Canada, I have never seen one here.~Tanya

We've never had one either!

I've had one almost all of my adult life. My first apartment didnt have one, my 2nd one did. And when we bought our home, I insisted on having one put in.

We don't do compost piles, so whatever scraps I have either go to the wild animals, or down the disposal.

As long as I can remember, I have never lived in a house with a garbage disposal.

I've never lived anywhere that DIDN'T have one so I don't really know how it would be to be without.. But if I had a good place for composting (living in a condo just doesn't work with that) I don't think I'd miss it. They're such a pain in the butt sometimes, I really wonder if they're worth bothering with. :/

Wow! I didn't know they were so common! I've never had one. One time at someone else's house I was grating carrots and they told me to put the peelings down the disposal and I completely embarrassed myself because I didn't know how to use it! And I think that was the first and last time I've ever used one!

Well I answered yes, but ours is currently broken. Gotta get a new one.

We do have one. As a matter of fact we replaced the one that was in our house when we bought it with a more powerful garbage disposal soon after moving in.

We live in Phoenix and about 6 months of the year, the heat is so high that it makes food garbage really really stinky, both inside and outside of your house. So, the more you can run down the garbage disposal the better.

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