Do you have/use a compost pile/bin?

41% (386 votes)
No, but I used to.
7% (63 votes)
No, but I want to.
35% (325 votes)
No, and I probably never will!
17% (159 votes)
Total votes: 933


Submitted by Anonymous
I guess I've been composting all my life! When I was growing up we had no trash pick-up. We burned what we could, some went to the dump, and all our food scraps and yard waste was thrown into the corn field behind our house.

Now that I'm grown up, we usually throw the food scraps and yard waste into a pile. It's just a hodge-podge that rots eventually. Birds and small creatures pick out the seeds and other "goodies". We often get our share of volunteer tomato and squash plants growing around the edges. Our kids always adopt these plants.

I, too, use the same method as you, lazy man's compost. I laugh a little at the texbook way of composting since I'm not going to worry about turning a pile, taking it's temperature, or layering it just right. Everything decomposes eventually and the dog loves grabbing a banana peel off the top so we'll chase him.

My family used to compost, but now everything that used to go into the compost goes to our chickens-- we call it "The Chicken Bucket"! :)
~Miss Shiloh

We live surrounded by open desert outside Tucson, Arizona. I don't need the fertilizer since I'm not growing anything other than cacti (it's 112 outside today). We have a family of javalinas that walk through our backyard every day. Javalinas look like wild pigs and eat just about anything. It's hard to keep them out of the trash as it is so putting food scraps outside to 'compost' would be like putting out a buffet invitation for them. I like the idea but it makes no sense for me.

I likes composting, but with the amount of space we have available, my family vermicompostes now. It's the best thing I could have gotten into!

I'd like to compost but I live in an apartment complex and cannot have one. Someday when I'm in a house I'll be able to have one.

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