Another "leftover" creation

Today was one of those do-only-what-you-absolutely-must sort of days.

Lunch? Leftover pasta tossed with leftover spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese. (Yes, that's what's in the picture!) Dinner? Eggs and toast.

Yesterday I tripped over a shoe, and managed to stub my toe... badly. It hurt, but stubbed toes always hurt. A few hours later, when it really started hurting (and swelling!) I decided maybe I should ice it. Well, it still hurts. I can't walk very well, but, I think it's improving.

And my very sweet husband went to the grocery store for me today, since I had been putting it off and really really needed to go. I don't like going grocery shopping, but honestly, I would never stub my toe this badly, just to get out of having to go!!

So maybe by tomorrow I'll feel a little better and get that post written... the one that's been on my mind for a couple weeks now... :)


Hurt Toes
Submitted by Anonymous
I hope your toe gets better. I did that once and found out that I had broken it - if you did though - there is nothing they can do for it - it just has to heal on it's own. Happy healing!


Submitted by Anonymous
You might want to make sure you haven't broken your toe! I've been reading your blog for a few days now and enjoy your recipes! Thanks!

Submitted by Anonymous
I hope you are feeling better, and thankfully you did not have a full-fledge fall. I've been scraping the pantry barrel a bit myself lately. . . to save money and to avoid a shopping excursion. Hey, I think that pasta looks tasty, and eggs and toast would set me up just fine!


I am sorry...
Submitted by cari
to hear that you hurt your toe. It makes it even worse when you're pregnant and can't reach your toe!


Owwww, that hurts!
Submitted by Anonymous
I agree--being pregnant has to make it worse. Sounds like you've got a "keeper," too. My sweet dh is always doing stuff like that for me. Hope your toe gets better soon!

Sorry to hear you
Submitted by Mrs. Paradis
hurt your toe.I hope your feeling better soon.Isn't it nice to have such a wonderful Husband :)

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Submitted by Emily25069
I hope your toe feels better.

I have had LOTS of those days!!

Submitted by Anonymous
Tammy, I hope your toe is feeling better. I think sore feet and sore teeth are the most miserable non serious thing. And Jane is quite correct, nothing to do for a broken toe except to keep it elevated and maybe buddy wrap it to the next toe (wrap a piece of guaze or bandage tape around both toes....this helps it to heal straight and gives it some stability).

(stepping down from my nurse's soapbox)

Submitted by Anonymous
I'm sorry you hurt your toe, its a little part of the body but an important one!:) Anyway, it's funny to me that you don't like to grocery shop, because I love to grocery shop but don't like to cook.:)

Thanks :)
Submitted by Tammy
Thanks for the sweet comments, everyone! :) My foot is slowly improving, thankfully! :) One thing I can't do for very long is sit down (seems to be worse than standing, when it comes to swelling!) so it's a nice reminder to keep my blogging time short and simple. ;)

Thanks for the advice on broken toes -- it's my big toe, and I have just been not moving it at all (walking on the outside of my foot) and lying down when possible. :) Whether or not it's actually broken, I'm encouraged because I can tell it feels better in the morning than it did the night before. :)

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