Celestial Seasonings instant herbal packets

Celestial Seasonings herbal tea packet

This week, we got a free sample* of Celestial Seasonings tea in the mail! The packet pictured above is an instant herbal mixture, sweetened with stevia. It's quite a small packet (perhaps 1/2 teaspoon or so) and makes two cups of iced tea when added to water.

We added the powder to an almost-full bottle of water. I let Yehoshua shake the bottle for me.

I don't usually like the instant herbal tea mixtures I've tasted, but this one was wonderful! It was slightly sweet and had a great berry flavor! I took one sip and told Yehoshua, "Oh, you're going to love this!" And he did. He drank most of the tea, until I took the bottle from him and said the rest was for me!

Yehoshua enjoys the tea...

The next day, he asked me to make more of that red tea for him. ;) I told Joshua, "I know why they send out free samples to people. Now I want to buy some of that instant tea! And I would have never bought it without first tasting how yummy it is!" :)

But, I still have lots of pregnancy tea, so I don't really foresee myself actually buying instant tea that I don't need. I thought about getting some for Yehoshua, to use as a special treat or reward, but I doubt I could keep myself from drinking it all!

Have any of you seen this instant tea in stores, or tried a sample of it? If so, I'd love to hear what you thought! :)

*I've been regularly checking Wal-mart's free sample page, since they usually have 4-6 different free samples posted there. Right now, all I see is one for NutraSweet, which I would never use -- but in a few days, they should add more. I have the link saved in my favorites folder and just check back once or twice a week. :)


I've tried it!
Submitted by Anonymous
I bought that same tea quite a while ago. I liked it a lot too! It wasn't too sweet, like some of the Crystal Light drinks can be. It has a great flavor. I have actually recommended it to other people.

Instant Tea
Submitted by Anonymous
Hi Tammy,
Yes I have tried this tea and liked it very much. I like that it is made with the natural sweetener stevia.
Yum! Yes, you can buy it at the stores. I tried it for the first time about a year ago.

Instant Tea
Submitted by Anonymous
Hi Tammy,
I checked the Celestial Seasonings website and they have an online store. You can order the zingers for $3.99 per box of ten from them.
I love that they use stevia instead of NeutraSweet.
That junk is akin to poison!
Take care,

Tea pot question
Submitted by Anonymous
Okay, this isn't exactly on topic but having to do with tea the question that I've been wanting to ask anybody but keep forgetting is this:
I've heard that you shouldn't wash your tea pot because that ruins the flavor of tea. Instead you should leave it and let it 'season' (I guess that's the term you'd use). Have you ever heard of this or is this just plain wrong and gross and teapots should be washed after every use?? I'd appreaciate your (or other reader's) help on this.

washing teapot
Submitted by Anonymous
I don't wash my tea *kettle*, the stainless steel, whistling one that goes on the stove, because it only ever has water in it. (I do wipe down the outside if it gets greasy from living on the stove.)

I do, however, wash my ceramic teapot, because otherwise it begins to smell musty. I can't imagine how you could 'season' a ceramic pot--it has a glazed surface so that nothing can stick to it! :)

washing the tea pot
Submitted by Anonymous
My scotisch mother always told us not to wash the tea pot.
We only rinsed it and left it to dry. So I do the same. No mold. But I live in a temparated country: FRANCE.
We make tea in it and only tea!
The other day I put my coffee in my thermos and as I had been drinking thyme tea for my cold I can tell you the coffee had taken an awfull taste of tea...so even glass keeps the taste...why not the glazed surface???

Washing teapots
Submitted by Tammy
Well, I'm no expert, but I usually just rinse my teaware with hot water. (I do wash the cups I actually drink from though!) If I'm making more tea right away, I don't bother rinsing.

I don't know about the "seasoning" aspect; I just don't want any soap residue or funny smells! :D

I just tried it!
Submitted by clovermeadows83
Hi, Tammy!
I had completely forgotten that I bought that very same tea back in September or October. When I read your blog about it, I went straight to my tea cupboard and promptly mixed up a packet!!! It is the first time I've tasted it, and it IS delicious!!! I was just on celestialseasonings.com, and they have 3 other flavors -- Blueberry Splash, Peach Delight, and Tangerine Orange Wave. I got mine at Walmart, and haven't checked anywhere else. The whole reason I bought it was because it was sweetened with stevia, instead of aspartame, Nutrasweet, or Splenda (all three are aweful!!! )

Submitted by Isylla
That tea looks good! Too bad all the free stuff from walmart is only for America!:)

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