Keeping homemade tortillas soft

Homemade spinach tortillas recipe

This email came from Amy R.:

I love your recipes; thank you! I made the spinach tortillas, but they didn't look or feel (I'm assuming) like yours at all. Mine were more dry and crackery, and they didn't fold well... do you know what I might have done wrong?

Hi, Amy!

Some things that might cause the tortillas to be dry or hard would be:

-- Too much flour in the dough (my dough is soft and I roll it on a lightly floured surface)

-- Cooked too long

-- Cooked at too high a temperature

If those issues aren't the problem, then here is what I would suggest. :)

Dampen a clean dish towel and wring it as tightly as possible. The towel should be damp but not wet enough to make the tortillas soggy. As you cook the tortillas, wrap them in the damp towel on a plate. The towel will soften the crisp edges, and should make your tortillas soft and pliable.

Using a damp towel is especially helpful when you're making quite a few tortillas, or planning to save them for later (rather than eating them hot off the griddle!).

Our homemade pita pockets recipe uses this same technique, as the pockets come out of the oven slightly crisp and dry, but soften and flatten as they cool between damp towels. :)

Anyone else have any tips for making or storing homemade tortillas? I'm no expert!


Everytime my tortillas are crackery (perfect description!), it's because I overcooked them. My tendancy is to keep cooking them until they have quite a bit of brown on both sides. However, if I "undercook" them, then they turn out perfectly!

It does seem like there is a fine line between tortillas being under-cooked and being over-cooked! :) And the thickness of the dough makes a difference, too... :)

For my tortillas and wraps (make daily) i have found that when I shorten my kneading and resting time I get cracked or crumbly tortillas. I find a good 10 minutes for kneading and a 15 minute rest period will do wonders before rolling out. Perhaps if anyone experiences this, they could next time add a few minutes to the kneading process and the rest time.
This recipe sounds delicious and will be making them shortly! thank you Tammy!

I've just started making my own tortillas and find that they are often stiff. People seem to make comments regarding the measurements of lard/water and consistency of the dough. I've used the same batch of dough using different rolling methods, where some have come out soft and others came out stiff. The thinner I rolled my tortillas the stiffer they were. Since I'm a beginner at rolling, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how evenly the tortillas are rolled and not necessarily how thin.

I get soft tortillas by putting them in a gallon-sized plastic ziptop baggie as they are done cooking. One bag can easily hold 3 dozen tortillas at one time. The heat from the just-cooked torts causes condensation in the bag, and lightly steams them, so even if they are a little crisp, they will turn soft and flexible. You can also rinse the bag out afterward, let it dry, and use it again.

By the way, Tammy, I have gotten lots of great tips and recipes from your site. I am so glad to have something to share with you!


Hi, Laura! Thanks for sharing!! I'll have to try the bag idea next time... no wet towel to wash afterwards. :)

Thanks ladies! I will definately try this recipe again with your tips included!

Hi Tammy!
I loved this recipe and have tried it twice now, but was just curious about the 1 TBSP of this in addition to the water you cook the spinach in? Or do you only cook the spinach in 1 TBSP of water? I couldn't quite figure that out from the recipe! I needed to add more water than 1 TBSP to get a good consistency. Thanks!
Jamie -

Hi, Jamie!

The tablespoon of water is what I put in the pan before cooking the spinach. I use that water, plus all the water that comes out of the spinach as it is cooking (about 1/4 to 1/2 cup, I'd guess). Sorry for the confusion! :)

Thanks Tammy! I saw the comment on my blog and came back to say thanks for the info! I for some reason didn't seem to get all that water coming out of the spinach?! So I just added a little more water and I think it worked out more or less! :-) Thanks!

I make and cook tortillas 5 or 6 times during the week . I like to add spices and herbs to the flour mixture before cutting in the shortening. I have rolled tortillas very thin , although when I transfer them to the pan they tear . Perhaps if I were to roll them out on a piece of parhment paper using either plastic wrap or wax paper on the top ,then transfer to pan leaving parchment on until ready to turn .
I do not relish the idea of leaving wax paper on a tortilla while it is in a hot pan , do you ?
Any comments ? Success or failure related stories ?

I can have successfully thin tortillas if I use enough flour on the counter when rolling them out... I think I usually put a tablespoon of flour on the counter for every two tortillas I roll... I haven't had them tear! :)

I make tortillas 5 or 6 times a week. I add spices and herbs to the flour and liquid flavers to the water.
I am able to roll very thin tortillas ,when I transfer them to the pan they tear . I am thinking of using parchment paper on the bottom and wax paper or plastic wrap on top. then when I transfer I can leave the parchment on until ready to turn .
Any comments ? Success or falure stories ?

I will also try this recipe as I like spinach.

I has problems with tortillas being dry, flaky and breaking when you try to fold. Grandmother's recipe calls for oiling the dough after kneading is complete and prior to letting it sit.

knead the oil in a little but not too much.

my tortillas now come our soft and pliable. make sure the griddle is hot to you don't spend too much time cooking/drying out.. they should brown within 30-45 seconds

Hi Tammy,

These tortillas look very delicious! But, I don't like spinach, so one question is how spinach-y do they taste? I like raw spinach in salads or on sandwiches, and I can do some spinach in a dip now and then, but generally cooked spinach just tastes too strong for me. I like the idea of the added nutrition in these though, so I'd like to try them.

Question do you get your tortillas to look so nice? mine end up in all manner of shapes, even though they start out nice and round...I'd like to be able to make them rounder!

I don't think these tortillas taste too spinach-y! If you can eat raw spinach in a salad, I would think these tortillas would be fine. :)
Here are my tips for rolling dough into circles! :)

I have been searching for answers on my tortillas getting hard on the edges or the whole tortilla. And the answer was - to much flour, the dough even though soft was to dry. I adjusted the water and heat of water and that did it.

I had been making tortillas without measuring but it was to much dough to make. So I cut it down and then the trouble started. I have looked and searched for answers everywhere. And you had the answer all the time. I find that if you do not ask the computer ion just the right way, it will not give you what you seek.

I have written down the receipe now and I took pictures to be able to help others with same issue.

Thank you Tammy

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