Preparing for baby: Making homemade thank you cards

Some simple homemade cards...

One of the projects on my "preparing for baby" list was to make some homemade thank you cards to have on hand. As I've mentioned before, I love making and sending homemade cards. They're fun to make, and (of course) a whole lot cheaper than purchasing thank you cards at the store. Since after having a new baby, I'll probably barely have time to write thank yous (much less make them, too!), I wanted to have some already made.

The cards in the photo above are all unique, and were made using picture cut-outs (from cards or papers I would have thrown away otherwise), some stickers which were a gift to me, various paper I had on hand, and a few stamps. I had fun finding cute ways to use the pictures I had saved for card-making. :)

I also made a number of cards like this one (instructions) because they're easy and cute. :)


Wow, they look really nice. I'm sure people enjoy receiving them. I see you use some Stampin' Up stuff on that one card you linked to. I've got quite a bit of their products.

Michelle Moses

Thanks, Michelle. :) Yes, I do have some Stampin' Up stuff -- my stamps and ink (and some other supplies!) were given to me as gifts from a friend who is a SU demonstrator. :) I find that the coordinated sets of stamps are really easy to use, and I can do so much with just a few sets of stamps! :)

Beautiful cards, Tammy. :) ~Tanya

beautiful and nice idea!

Your cards are beautiful! I have TONS of stuff because I am a scrapbooker, but I rarely invest any time in cardmaking. Maybe that's a good New Year's Resolution for me, huh?

Those are gorgeous! Have you ever thought about selling your handmade cards? I would buy them! haha. How'd you get the 3d look on those first two cards?

The first two cards are actually made with some 3-D stickers! I know, that's kinda cheating. :)

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