Kitchen helpers, crackers, and a yummy appetizer recipe!

My friend Tanya posted some pictures of her little guy helping her in the kitchen. :)

It's so sweet to see a child's beaming face when they are permitted to help with something new -- something that is reserved for "big boys" (or girls). :) Eliyahu has just started doing more "stirring" jobs in the kitchen, and I can tell by his expressions that he feels so important!! :)

And then Yehoshua... this evening he was telling Joshua and me that Eliyahu always helps wash the dishes and that it isn't fair -- Eliyahu should share. :) Well, it is true... Eliyahu does always help with dishes. :)

Mrs. Brigham writes about her favorite cracker recipes... something I would like to experiment more with myself in the future! :) I love homemade snacks... they get eaten all too quickly!!

Now, these don't look to healthy, but Bethany took a picture of the jalapeno wonton poppers she made, and they look so yummy to me right now! :) You can head over there for the recipe. :)

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