Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cream of wheat

I love cream of wheat (aka Malt-O-Meal, farina cereal, bear mush, etc.)... even though I can eat a huge bowl and still be hungry 2 hours later. ;) "Bear mush" (as we called it) was one of my favorite winter breakfasts as a child.

I don't, however, like cream of wheat made with water. The instructions usually say to use water, but I like it much much better when I use milk instead of water in the recipe. I also use a little salt. After I spoon the hot cereal into my bowl, I add a spoonful of brown sugar and a little more milk (cold, from the jug). Yummy!! :)

Buying a box of cream of wheat cereal can be rather pricey at a regular grocery store -- even at Aldi's. I get mine at bulk foods stores, where it's very affordable. Sometimes the bags come without instructions, so I copied instructions from a box at the store! ;)

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I'm OK with cream of wheat but it's not my favoriate. But I couldn't resist the deal I got at a discount store a month or so ago.... I got it for 50 cents a box.... unfortunately they only had 2 boxes.

Thanks Tammy. I feel the same way about instant oatmeal. Its not good with water, but with milk, its really good and much more nutritious.

I love cream of wheat! I like it with water, brown sugar, and a pat of butter. Yummy! I just had some yesterday for breakfast. It makes a nice breakfast on these cold Michigan mornings.



Try giving flaked quinoa a try. It's whole-grain and with much more protein and a better nutritional profile than any of the refined options mentioned above. Your health foods store should have it. Over here, we like mixing homemade applesauce into the cooked quinoa.

Cream of wheat is a favourite hot cereal here. I also add an egg just after I add the cream of wheat to the boiling water. Mix well and then eat with milk, sweetner, (we use honey) and cinnamon. Yummy!! :) ~Tanya

I love it with honey and a bit of milk and served with buttered toast...I have not had it in ages. I think the last time was when I got sick and my sister made me some! my mom is a really good cook, but I know we all have those whoops moments when we rush doing something and our recipe doesn't turn out right. I can remember being preteen/teen age and my mom who worked trying to get all four of us kids dressed, fed and out the door for school. That morning she made cream of wheat. I am not sure what she did, but when we came down to sit at the table to our bowls of CofW, which has cooled quite considerably by the time we got downstairs. We lifted our spoons and it all came out stuck to the spoon in a gelatinous blob in the shape of the bowl. We wiggled the spoon and it stayed stuck. I just remember looking around the table at my three brothers and all of us cracking up laughing. I have never been a fan on CofW. Maybe I will give it another husband likes it.

I just realized today the steel-cut oats in bulk at my health food store cost 1/6th of what they do in the little bags or boxes. Amazing. I realized the same thing for one of my favorite granola cereals. It's much too expensive to buy in a box, even when it's at Costco, but they sell it in bulk for 1/4 the price. It's wonderful!

I had no idea this stuff came in bulk. I will definitely have to check that out because my fiance and I LOVE cream of wheat. I never thought about making it with milk though. I usually put cold milk in mine when it's done (fiance likes it without), and when we're making the original flavor, I add brown sugar and sometime maple syrip when it's cooking.

SO good with toast :9


I will have to try Cream of Wheat with milk. Thanks for the tip - and thanks for hosting.

I will be praying for you - as the baby will be coming soon!


I can't participate the righr way...
1- my blog is in french
2- It is'nt the place at all for kitchen tips ...I am an author, composer, singer...mother of five.
I like to come and read your tips...I have one to share that saves water...
Don't you ever fill a pan of water to let it soack and find it easier to wash...?
But I learned at a camp site, you cannot fill the huge pots and pans...there is another way to get round the problem of soaking...

I have just done it a few minutes ago: You put an inch or two of water and then you put the lid of the pan on. Leave it stand for 10-30 minutes or over nignt.
Damp will get all over the pan and it will be very easy to clean off the sticky bits!!
It is a wonderfull way to save water!
Sorry for my mistakes!

I stir in sweetener and low-sugar strawberry preserves into my Cream of Wheat. Delicious!

brown sugar


good try -to foreign person trying to post

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