Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Greased baking dishes

When preparing baked goods that use butter and require a greased dish, use the empty butter wrapper to grease your dish by placing wrapper butter-side-down in your dish and rubbing to coat!

Greasing a dish with a butter wrapper

An additional greasing-tip from my friend Abigail:

One other easy way to grease dishes - for those times when you don't have a butter wrapper handy - is to use a rubber spatula to spread a bit of cooking oil around the pan. Then use the same spatula to scrape out the bowl of batter as you pour it into the pan. You'll end up with a clean bowl, clean spatula (the oil keeps batter from clinging to it), and clean fingers (not greasy from trying to spread the oil around by hand).

Do note, though, that using oil (rather than butter or shortening) will leave a sticky build-up on your bakeware. See this post for tips about dealing with oil build-up!

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Thanks, Tammy! These are great tips!

I am very excited to being linking my new blog for the first time. I will get better at it as I learn more, but I sure do love your website and tips! Thanks for this opportunity!

I was pleasantly surprises when I came to add my blog link and saw you were also talking about the same thing! Neat! :) ~Tanya

Hi Tammy, I have enjoyed your site and recipes for over a year now. Thanks for all your hard work. ~ Rachael

That is a great tip! For shortening I use a piece of paper towel that I keep in the shortening can. When I need to grease a pan I just get a little shortening on the paper towel and then rub it on the sides and bottom of the pan.

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