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I don't have a kitchen tip to share this week... we've been taking it easy... I even went to bed early last night, without posting the Mr. Linky for you all! :| But, I'll be ready next week with a good tip (just need to take pictures for it!). In the meantime, you can browse my kitchen tip archives or visit the links below! :)

To participate in Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Post a kitchen tip in your blog, with a link to this post. Then come here and add your name, tip subject, and URL to this post! Links must be family friendly, as always. If you don't have a blog but would still like to share a tip, just leave a comment here with your tip! Everyone's ideas are appreciated. :) Note: Please link to your individual post, not your blog's main/front page! Thanks for participating! :)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays Participants
1. Mrs. Brigham (Keeping Apples From Turning Brown)
2. Kirstin: Crispy no fry food
3. Denaye (Easy Beer Bread)
4. Erica (homemade granola and hot cocoa mix)
5. Kathleen (handling honey)
6. K (creamy white chili recipe)
7. Western Warmth (mmm, chocolate!)
8. Niki (alternative cookie sheets)
9. Sonshine (what\'s in the fridge?)
10. Mrs. Mordecai (peanut butter bars)
11. thrifty florida mama (cooking rice)
12. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home (making homemade baby food)
13. Miranda(extending butter/soft spread)
14. Jasmine31(How to buy better meat)
15. Womanly Pursuits (Using Kamut instead of wheat, YUM!)
16. Donna (soup tips-remake)
17. Babychaser (Getting your Toddler to eat)
18. Happy Housewife ~ leftover veggies
19. Our Red House (Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday)
20. Passionate Homemaking (kitchen uses for Dr Bronners)
21. Donna (how to get kids to eat crazy stuff)
22. Karen (veggie cubes)
23. Amanda (Quick, Easy, TASTY Chicken)
24. Mrs. s (streamlining food preparation)



I really love all of the recipes on this site! I am new to the site and am wandering does anyone have any non dairy good recipes. I have a child that is allergic to dairy.

Hope you are feeling good. Thanx for hosting!

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