Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Fluffy and moist scrambled eggs

Joshua's mom gave us this suggestion a few years ago, and we've been doing it ever since:

When making scrambled eggs, add a dab of sour cream (or kefir!) to the eggs before you scramble them. They'll be moist and fluffy and so yummy! :)

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I like that idea! That does sound yummy! Thanks!

We do this except we add milk

...but sour cream makes them even better! :)

I love soft eggs, I always wondered how to make them without them being runny.

I always add milk too, but I've gotta try the sour cream now. We love scrambled eggs. Thanks for the tip!

We usually add milk to our eggs (1 tbs per egg) and they turn out great, but I really want to try the sour cream. That sounds wonderful!


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