Will you be planting a garden this year?

77% (1277 votes)
23% (389 votes)
Total votes: 1666


No! :| But my mom planted a few yellow squash plants for us in her garden... and she's also growing extra tomatoes for me to make pizza sauce, too. I know, I'm so spoiled!

We don't have our own garden spot, and in previous years, I would go over and spend the day helping my mom in return for part of the yield. Now, with three little ones -- I'm not much help! :P :D 

Don't you have 4 little ones now?

Yes! :) This poll was originally run in 2008. (So, some of the comments are older -- see dates.) We have 4 children now and live 2,000 miles away from my mom! :(

How many tomato plants do you and your mom plant when planning on canning tomato sauces?

I asked this earlier this week, but never saw an answer-- sorry if it's a repeat!


Oh, I sometimes lose track, so thanks for asking again! :)

I will call my mom tomorrow and ask her about how many plants. I was thinking 3-4 dozen, but I'm really not sure! :)

The pizza sauce is what really takes a lot of tomatoes. We also do tomato soup, which doesn't take as many for the yield. For our spaghetti sauce, we mix 1/2 pizza sauce and 1/2 tomato soup. So, for pizza sauce, tomato soup, and spaghetti sauce, we really only use two different recipes. :)

My mom said she's doing 3 dozen tomato plants this year. That'll be enough for her to can some (they have 7 adults at their house) and some for Joshua and me too. :) We hope, anyway! Some years the tomatoes do better than others.

That is wild. Everyone thinks I am nuts planting 10 plants (including cherries). I think I'd better plant some more!
:-) Denaye

Already planted lettuce 2 weeks ago and need to get the green beans seeds and tomato and pepper plants in this week.

With 2.5 acres now, I was excited to plant a garden this year. But I'm pregnant and have a toddler, so I don't think it will get done. :[ However, we were blessed to find a local CSA to buy organic produce from for 26 weeks and it's cheap, cheap, CHEAP! I was thrilled - makes me not feel so bad about not getting a garden in. :) I do want to plant some fruit trees, though, and have hubby put up a clothesline!!

definately! And it is already in (did all the planting over the weekend with dh and kids help)still have lots to do today and the mowing too! Better go get the first loads of wash on the lines and get busy here!

Our house sits on about 1/10th of an acre, and takes up most of that space. So our garden isn't that big - only 10' x 15' this year; we should be able to expand to about 15' x 18' next year - but we're trying to make the most of it.

not this year. We have no place for one. I have always meant to research urban/container gardening but I never get around to it.

I have 4 kiddos, 3 aged 4 and under so I won't be able to keep up with a big one. We're planning on tomatoes, peppers, zucchini.

I'm planting one this year, but have scaled back massively since I'm busy with my two little boys. I started my tomatoes indoors and the should be ready to transplant out in a couple of weeks (got a late start on them). My peas are already planted and I'm hoping to get lettuce, kale, chard, and beans planted this week. I also have started three watermelon plants from seed because my oldest was insistent we need to grow watermelon! We'll see if they even turn out in this not so warm environment!

We get the rest of our produce from a local CSA.

We decided to try a pot garden on the back deck. We planted a bit too early so the cucumbers didn't make it and most of the spinach is a lost cause. We waited on the tomatoes so I think they'll be fine. The sugar snaps look good and the carrots are looking great. Some of our squash doesn't look to bad either. This is an experiment for us so we'll see how it turns out and maybe expand a bit next year.

One of the reasons we loved this house was for all its garden beds! We couldn't wait to get started on our garden. So we started early this year, putting things in the ground much too early, but I think they'll survive. We're really very excited about it.

But you shall be called Hephzibah [My delight is in her], and your land be called Beulah [married]; for the Lord delights in you, and your land shall be married [owned and protected by the Lord]. --Isaiah 62:4

We are living in the city for the first time with our 5 children (1yr,3yrs,5yrs,7yrs and 9yrs). {We also have a baby coming any time now!} We have had a 1/4 acre garden in the past at our farm, but recently had a house fire and are temporarily displaced. We decided to plant the yard in raised beds and share with the neighborhood (very inner-city, poor neighborhood). We have 5 different tomatoes, 4 different peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, peas, green beans, yellow squash, and zucchini in! We also brought our chickens to town with us and put them in the back yard. So the neighborhood is enjoying fresh eggs as well! Not to mention the sweet little baby chicks the mamas are having! We would love for the children in this area to learn where their food comes from and the benefits of non-GMO, organic, sustainable farming (even in your own front yard)! We are called to be content where God has us, and boy has this been a contentment lesson for me! But, He is blessing us with being able to bless others and that is such a reward!

***And no matter how much of a garden you have, you should always try to support your local CSA farm!

We got off to a late start this year because my husband had to work a ton of overtime this spring. We have a small garden going this year. We've planted black eyed peas, sweet corn, watermalon, pinto beans, pop corn and orka. We're planning a much bigger garden late summer/fall. Thankfully we have a really long growing season in Texas!

Hugs & Blessings!

Of course!
I already have my peas, scallions and spinach in, but need to wait for warmer weather before attempting anything else.
We also get a TON of fresh local oraganic produce from our CSA, so I try not to over-do-it when planting at home.
My tomatoes and basil go into raised beds along with almost all my herbs, but the rest will go into the regular garden.

I have my green thumb from my maternal grandfather! Luckily there's a farmer's market down the street from where I work, so I can drop off stuff during lunch!

I plant more flowers than food tho, but probably lots more food this year tho. I LOVE spending hours in the garden every year.

I planted the seeds yesterday for rosemary and the seeds for basil.I bought one of those small green house type things for the herbs.If all goes well next year I will do more for vegetable plants to instead of buying plants.I got seeds for lettuce,I will buy tomato and pepper plants to grow too.Not sure what else.Was thinking maybe strawberries too.I don't have a garden so I do mine in big pots.

I'm hoping to, if I can get hubby to till our plot. Then it is just the upkeep of it....with 3 kids, its difficult. But we always manage to have a little bit of stuff....

I have had a small garden for the last while, I am going to build raised beds this year. I have a bunch of plants growing on my windowsill. Hopefully they get big enough to be some good in the next three weeks!

but by using the French Intensive Method,I still can get quite a bit.We also live in the city on a small lot.I want to try tomatoes in buckets this year.Grandme m.

My daughter and I just planted a very small garden. Lots of shade in our yard so we worked with what we had.

With groceries on the rise, we've planted lots. We have tucked vegetables into every little corner of our yard and in two raised beds that hubby built last year. We live in a very small house with a rather small yard, but I wanted to grow enough to eat through the summer and have enough to preserve for the winter months.


I just finished mine today - well I still have to plant my spinach, potatoes, and herb garden. I'm going all out this year!!


We built 4 beds at a friends house last weekend, they have full sun and we're very excited. Bought tomatoes, zuch, cuc, herbs, peppers, lettuce, sugar beans, sunflowers, carrots, and bok choy starts at the farmers market. It's my first garden and the spirit of it is amazing. I'm also making kombucha and dandelion wine. I love the productive nature of spring!! Can't wait to find some spores for portobello mushrooms and all will be complete

Yes! Or as my sister says, "Unfortunately!" LOL!

I've pregerminated my pepper and tomato plants and now they are ready to plant in small containers. Need to rotivate my garden spot and start planting the early veggies. We still have potatoes in our root cellar so we won't have to buy seed potatoes again this year.

Years past I planted a salsa garden. I plant in a raised container so weeding is not a chore. For the salsa garden I planted parsley, cilantro, peppers, ect.. and added peppermint and other herbs just for fun. My granddaughter loved picking peppermint leaves from my garden. I'm going to reserve a small patch to grow a herbal tea garden this year. I read an article in what to plant for a herbal tea garden. Listed was mint, peppermint, spearmint,lemon verbena, lemon balm. chamomile. ect.. I'm excited about this years garden and look forward to the first cup of tea :)

What kind of tomatoes did you plant for the pizza sauce? Do you have a pizza sauce that you are willing to share? I've been experimenting but haven't been able to come up with one that my husband likes . . .


P.S. YES! I have already started planting a garden. I have 4 varieties of tomatoes, and lots of other good things!

Here is our pizza sauce recipe. :)

My mom plants several kinds of tomatoes -- Early Girl, Roma, and Rutgers. I'm not really sure what is the best for sauces (we use all of them!) but I'm sure a Google search would give some ideas. :)

We live in an apartment, and our deck (which we don't use, really) is completely shaded, so I'm not sure what we could grow, were we so inclined.

Regardless, though my parents have a huge garden and are currently enjoying their fresh vegetables, I've never been interested in gardening. Go figure.

We have a tiny plot by the side of the house where there is a good amount of sun. We've added more veggies this year, but I decided to try to start them in the ground - nothing yet. I may have to start some in starter pots.

Our herbs are grown year round outside(zone 7, almost 8), and they've come back nice and thick.

I'm hoping to have a big garden this year. :)
The big garden will be over at my parents, so I'll have the added help too. :) Here at our place, I have what I call my kitchen garden. I'm really looking forward to getting out and working with the soil again. :) ~Tanya

Yes, we will. I know we'll plant tomatoes for sure, some herbs, not sure what beyond that. The yard doesn't get a lot of sunshine, so we have a limited area where things get enough light to do well.

This year I got a great deal on a indoor green house. It is about 5 foot tall and about 18" in depth and 27" across. I am starting all my plants this year. I figured I would try it and see how it goes. I got my trays and starter cups from a friend that owns a greenhouse. She gave me a great deal on them - got about 80 cups and 4 trays for $4.00. I didn't want to put a lot of money into this project because I wasn't sure how well it would do. So far I am really enjoying it. I put the greenhouse up with one son and we got some dirt into the cups. Then then little one helped put the seeds in and top them off. Now all I need is sun. We'll see how things go in the next few weeks.

I voted yes, but I'm not totally sure yet. I want to, and plan on at least tomatoes , lettuce and maybe spinach, but we shall see what really happens. We have a lot of outside house work that needs to be done....roof, painting, and fixing floors under the house. depends on how that goes. Also I usually get gung ho and then loose interest after the plants come up. *sigh*

I am sore from working it today!LOL I have not had one in MANY years because of little ones but this year seemed to be the year. We are doing a rather large one. I am hoping to have...
sweet potatoes
all sorts of herbs

besides the nasty worms (I mean nasty, not the "normal" worms) we found a snake and a GIANT spider that I actually picked up thinking it was a weed!! I screamed!hehe It was in some kind of "house" that looked like a weed until he crawled out. Thankfully he crawled out AWAY from my hand! Oh how I am NOT a green thumb and totally get grossed out but ohhh how frugal I tend to be and push myself through this nastiness!LOL

With 5 kiddos (9, 5, 3, 2 and a newborn), we go through lots of food, so are planting more than ever this year. We live in town but have put in some raised beds and add a few more each year.


We have a big garden almost every year. This year we're already getting squash and green beans. We have blooms on our tomatoes, watermelon and cucumbers. We are planting more tomato plants this morning that came from my parents' house. I am glad that you mentioned Rutgers, Tammy, because I am not familiar with them. I can't wait to check out the pizza sauce recipe... that would save us a lot of money throughout the year. We'd already pulled up our spring onions and they were yummy but I want more. We also have okra, corn and peas. Call me crazy...but we have about 45 tomato plants here. I am praying for them to be coming out of our ears.
I am going to begin canning green beans later this week and put squash in the freezer.
We live in SC so have a long, hot, humid growing season.

I think I may have went overboard...I counted 135 plants in...mostly San marzano romas for sauces, and Long Keepers for juice and to keep and use as long as possible after the growing season. We started everything from heirloom seeds we save each year....from corn to beans and potatoes, melons, peppers, broccoli, cukes...everything but onions...which we order from Dixondale farm in TX.


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