Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Clean your plate!

My kitchen tip for this week: Get in the habit of cleaning your plate! I'm not talking about stuffing yourself when you're full -- I'm talking about getting into the habit of taking small servings and eating every single bite off your plate. Every piece and scoop of everything.

Why do we eat everything on our plates? We're making ourselves think about what we're dishing up, before we put it on our plate, rather than mindlessly filling a plate with food and then either throwing away what's left after we've picked over it or else going to the bother of putting away individual leftovers.

Before we eat, we thank our heavenly Father for the blessing of a delicious meal -- and we demonstrate our thankfulness for His provision by not wasting any of it.

And on a practical note, requiring that each person at the table clean their plate before being dismissed means that the dish washer (me!) doesn't need to fiddle with the compost bucket after meals. My dish water doesn't get nearly as dirty when the plates have been scraped neatly. And that means I can wash more dishes with less water!

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I am terrible at this, so why should I expect my kids to clean their plates. Thanks for sharing this, I need to work on this with the whole family.

This is definitely something that I need to work on with my children. I'm glad that you brought this topic up. Thanks for the great tip!

Hi Tammy, good post. I tend to take out more food than I need. I guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach! Just last night I made an effort to only put 1/2 the amount I thought I wanted and I actually cleaned my plate, which I don't usually do. My husband calls it being a member of the "clean plate club".

If my son misjudges how much he can eat, I just have him put it in the fridge with a bowl over top. Or if it was in a bowl, then I have him put a small plate over top. Either way, I agree that we don't want to waste the precious food we are given.
Have a great day!

This is a good reminder for me. I always clean my plate, but I admit that I eat more than what I am really hungry for. So I definitely need to work on smaller portions, probably lose a few pounds too. (-:

I'm on a break from blogging, but I'll leave my review of the Reynolds vaucum sealer here. It's a no brainer! Super-easy, super-fast and super-cheap! [Even without the now-expired rebate that I got!] Buy one. It doesn't even take up a lot of space! Worked great on the first try!

Forgot this doesn't post my "signature" Lisa at

I love your tip, and I agree with it totally! (In fact, my mom also taught me how to use a rubber scraper really efficiently when cooking to reduce waste and keep the dishwater cleaner.)

My kids had a friend whose mother taught him that "to be polite" he must take some of everything, even if he didn't like it and wasn't going to eat it. I told my kids, "Please, never take anything you aren't going to eat! Somebody else may like it, and that person won't be able to eat it if you have wasted it. It isn't good manners to take some of everything; it is good manners to eat all of what you take."

I struggle with being gracious when people waste food. It makes me very sad. We have a somewhat large family, we work hard to divide up our food so that each person gets what he needs, and we rarely have leftovers. When we share with others, it is a sadness to see good food (that we would have eaten) go into the trash. I have to pray and say to God, "I know there isn't really any difference, once I have given something away; it's theirs and I can't control what they do with it." The waste of my gift makes me think of the infinitely greater waste when people turn away from the grace Jesus offered them at the cross. How much more must it pain God's heart to see His precious gift scorned.

I think rising food prices will make Americans a little more conscious of their wasteful habits. I hope so. It would be a good lesson for our country. But for those of us who already don't waste much--well, it's going to change our budgets.


Growing up, if we didn't finish what we were given, we put it back in the rest of the dish (chili or whatever) and it went in the fridge. I guess it sounds gross, but we never got sick, and we didn't waste food.

Once a week we had leftovers for dinner--Dad would make potato pancakes from leftover mashed potatoes, and Mom would clean everything out of the fridge, to be eaten or composted.

I try to cook small amounts of food around here, because there are only two of us; no point in making a dish that serves 5-6 if it will spoil before we finish it.

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