Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: When grapes go bad

Ever notice how grapes first start going bad where they're attached to the stem? Joshua mentioned this to me one time, and ever since then I always feel compelled to look at where the grape was attached to the stem, to see just how good it really is.

And sometimes the grape doesn't look so good there at the top. But it's easily remedied by a sharp knife (I prefer serrated): just cut off the very top of the grape and eat/serve as normal. :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays Participants
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18. Sonshine(check dates)
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24. Little Home (Crock-pot Baby Food)
25. Laura @ Bloggin' Mama (electric kettle uses)
26. Beulah @ Clair De Lune (Brillo Pads)



I can't wait to have grapes again!!! 3 months to go. It would have been nice to freeze grapes for a cool treat here, but alas, Ghana only has very expensive imported grapes here. So the treat will have to wait.

Loretta at:

When I see they start to get dried out I will take them off the stem add them to a big bowl of cold water set them in the fridge over night and they plump back up.Dump the water off and eat them.Now if they get to bad this will not work.

I never thought of this, I am going to start doing this. We love grapes at our house!

Hi Tammy and friends!
I don't know how, but I messed up my link on your site. Maybe it's my migraine or I'm just having a bad computer day. I'm sorry! I do have a good recipe for Hawaiian chicken with a link to Tammy's recipes, so I got it half right.

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