Garden Bounty

Our strawberries...

Friday morning we got up bright and early and went to my parents' house to pick strawberries! They have a strawberry patch and have generously let us come over and pick twice this year.

The two bowls of purple/black berries are mulberries. We picked some of those, along with some sour cherries, to make cherry mulberry pies.

After about 4 hours of picking, I was tired, hot, sweaty, and dirty!!

Yehoshua, Ruth, and I were ready to get into the car and head home, but we stopped for a quick picture. :)

Since I remembered to take my camera along, I took some pictures of my parents' garden. :)

Red leaf lettuce... so delicious!

The garlic patch. I love garlic!!

Dill. My mom uses this for her dill pickles. :)

A blossom in the midst of pea plants.

Left to right: Potatoes, onions, carrots, peas, horseradish. There are also a few kinds of lettuce at the far ends of some of these rows.

Potatoes (4 rows), onions, (small) cabbage plants, and red raspberries in the back ground. When they're full of weeds, these 100-foot rows can seem endless.

The strawberry patch is on the left; a row of asparagus (not up to seed) blurs some of the strawberries; straight down the middle is red raspberries.

On the other side of the strawberries grows tomatoes, peppers, corn, cucumbers, and squash.

Compared to our tiny little beginning of a garden, my parents' garden is amazing! I still can't imagine doing a 3-acre garden though...

Have any of you posted pictures of your gardens this year? Feel free to comment with a link to your post! :)


The gardens look so great and amazing. How blessed to have a parents that share their harvest with you. Do they sell their produce to any markets? That seems like alot of work, they must have more energy than me, mom of 3. Good for them. Thanks for sharing. Gina

My parents can/freeze/dry all of the food from their garden. My mom does a lot of canning... tomato products, pickles, green beans, etc... :) They make sauerkraut with the cabbage, freeze the peas, make spread from the horseradish... the onions, garlic, and potatoes they keep in their root cellar to use in the winter. :)

What a beautiful garden! You have a grand heritage to pass on, don't you? What an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

What an awesome bounty, What are you planning on making with all of it. I so wish we had resources like that here. We use to have a wonderful fruit and veggie market, but it closed and the farmers market in our area is super expensive. There are some you pick places, so I will have to try them this summer. What a blessing you have to have your family close by.

AMAZING! How wonderfully delightful! What a garden!
And that sweet baby doll, what did you do with her while you picked berries?

Let's see... first, Ruth sat in the stroller and watched me pick... that didn't last long, but I nursed her and she was ready for her morning nap, so she napped inside my mom's house for about an hour and a half while I picked. Then I fed her again, we ate lunch, I nursed her again, and then picked during her afternoon nap! :) My mom was inside the house with her to keep an eye on her. :)

My Grandmother told me this story about her Mama. They were tenant farmers in the early 30's. She had 4 kids, and my grandmother was the oldest. During cotton picking season, she made little cotton picking bags for the girls out of flour sacks, and they tailed along behind her. The baby slept in a laundry basket in the shade at the end of the row she was on, and she would just go halfway down the row and then work her way back to check on him. When he was old enough to scoot around, she put him in a gown, and sat one leg of their bed down on the tail of the gown so he couldn't crawl very far. :) She left him some toys in his reach, and sent my Grandmother back in to check on him ever so often.
I love to hear her stories of their life. Your photos make me wish that I had a nice big garden ;)


If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? –Milton Berle

What a wonderful garden! Can you share a recipe for mulberry pie? I made one this week, but the recipe I used was WAY too sweet. Mike still loved it, though. :-D

Yes! I'll try to get to that this week. My mom uses lemon in hers to counter the sweetness, and doesn't add much sugar. I'll get her recipe for you. :)

We also really like pie made from mulberries and sour cherries. The mulberries are sweet, and the tart cherries are flavorful... it makes a good combo! :) 

Lovely berries and garden! :) Our garden is not that far along yet or that big! I remember from last summer being very impressed when walking through your parent's garden. :) I did post a garden picture last Friday, but was planning and still planning to post better ones this week. :)

So what are you planning to do with the strawberies? We don't have a strawberry patch right now, so we will be going berry picking this week hopefully. :) I'll be making jam and freezing some, plus of course we will eat lots too. :)

~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

Well, we are further south than you guys are... and my parents do get things in early. They are very devoted to gardening and do a great job with it! :)

I'm freezing the strawberries, just plain. We'll use them in smoothies. :) We also ate a lot of strawberry shortcake! :) 

WOW!!! What a beautiful garden!! My children and I picked 36 pounds of strawberries last Monday! What fun. Many hands make light work and it is good to have loved ones to talk to as we work! You are so blessed to partake of this bounty! Thanks for sharing!

Ruth, PA

What a big beautiful garden your parents have.That is so nice to get stuff from them.I was wondering also what are your plans with all those Strawberries?That is alot!

You didn't really think they would make it through the weekend did you? ;)

How did you use all of those gorgeous looking strawberries? I am planning on making a [gluten-free] strawberry crisp this week and maybe some salmon with strawberry salsa...but other ideas are always appreciated :)

We are boring! :) We love strawberry shortcake... and I froze berries for smoothies. We also use frozen berries for homemade syrup for pancakes. :)


LOL ~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

This year, we got 80 quarts. The previous two years, we got about 55, so this was a bountiful harvest for us! So we shared with others more than usual, and ate fresh more than usual ourselves. Then with the rest....

One day when I have a lot to processs, I work on making strawberry pancake syrup to freeze in quart containers. We have 8 quarts in the freezer now. We'll pull this out during the year to have on pancakes or waffles. We also make some with apples and peaches from the local orchard, so we'll end up with enough to have fruit syrup about once every other week during the year. Then the other times, we'll have real maple syrup.

The rest get frozen sliced. Most of these are thawed to have for breakfast with Tammy's Shortcake recipe, which used to be whole wheat, but we had to convert to gluten-free. When we have it for breakfast, we just have plain yogurt with it rather than ice cream or sweetened whipping cream or anything like that. A few of the sliced quarts will get pulled down instead for a strawberry pie or something similar.

about freezing ours as strawberry pancake syrup and sliced for shortcake. I forget to log in here whenever I post a comment....

What a garden- it makes mine look pitiful! :-) Also- we like seeing YOU in the pictures too Tammy. I am always behind the camera as well.

Wow, their garden is amazing! Mine's a bit more humble:

Thats not a garden. Thats a farm!

How blessed you are.

you are so lucky to have parents like yours. I am jelous! :) We do have a garden but not nearly as big but still I am excited to can and freeze. It makes me feel good to provide that for my family.

First, I am amazed by this garden...everything is so neat! I have a hard time just with my little garden.

Second, I would like to know more about the dill. I have been drying my dill with hopes of making pickles later this year. I read somewhere that I'm actually supposed to be drying the this right?


I would love to have a garden that nice some day. Right now it's just a few smallish plots in our suburban backyard. Someday...

My mom uses the seed heads to make her pickles, so yes save the seed heads too. The dried leaves are good for tarter sauce, cream cheese mixes,salad dressings, and coleslaws.

Wow - your parents' soil looks so sandy compared to our Virginia clay! :) Thanks for sharing. I've done 17 different post about gardening on my blog, with lots of pictures, too. My Dad has instilled a love for it in my heart.
This post doesn't have any pictures, but it's an interesting story about our garden's ENEMY:


Does anonymous, mind sharing the gluten free shortcake recipe. We love the shole wheat but my hubby really should be gluten free all the time,even though he refuses to believe it.

Thanks Esther

When I lived in Michigan, our family had a wonderful organic garden. Now that we live here on Long Island, we just can't do it. The soil is very very sandy and our little property is all shade all day because of beautiful :) big trees. So I miss my garden!

I also see a Meijer bag in the background of the strawberry picture. Oh, how I miss shopping at Meijer. Food prices here on Long Island are outrageously high. Lots of frugal shopping and cooking is my constant concern here. The Lord provides though. And we eat even more simply than before which is good.

Your parents have an amazing garden! That would be so awesome... but I also imagine it's a lot of work!

I can barely keep up with our small garden:

As for God, his way is perfect, the word of Adonai has been tested by fire; he shields all who take refuge in him. For who is God but Adonai? Who is a Rock but our God? -- Psalms 18:30-31

I am really scared. The kids and I went on a two and a half week camping trip. Tomorrow we must face the garden. It has rained at least every other day and I am sure that we will not have fun weeding the third of an acre garden tomorrow morning. We planted our garden at my mom's house this summer because we are trying to buy the house up the road road from her and I did not want to take a chance on planting a garden in my own yard and having to leave it all behind! I imagine it will take us a few days to get all of the weeds under control again...

I love gardens. Your parents' garden looks well kept and bountiful :)

Wow, your parent's have a good size garden. It is also way ahead of mine. I didn't get mine in until the end of May because we were getting our crops in. Just rotivated most of it this week so it looks much nicer. I'll have to post some pictures if I remember to take the camera down.

Do your parents use chemicals to keep the weeds away? What is there secret? I can never get ahead of the weeding.

No chemicals... lots of hard work! :)

Does she dry the red raspberry leaves? :) I've been reading how great they are for women's teas and even for goats! ( course!)

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? –Milton Berle

No... my mom isn't really into tea or herbs! :)

I was thinking about drying some, but then I bought a whole pound of dried red raspberry leaves (which is a huge bag full!) and thought of how much work that would have been to dry them all myself... ;) 

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