Family photo update and meme

Beautiful Ruth...
Sweet, cheerful Ruth -- so much joy! Can we change her name to Ruth Patience Joy Shalom Sunshine? :)

Ten Years ago what were you doing?

Let's see... ten years ago I was 16, starting my junior year of high school (at home), and my life revolved a lot around music. I took private violin and piano lessons and was in the midst of entering competitions and doing as much as possible with classical music!

One of the highlights of that year was the privilege of performing (one of the piano parts) in Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals -- I still love that music! :)

Handsome Yehoshua
At 4 1/2, Yehoshua can be serious or funny, happy or sad, excited, disappointed, thoughtful, silly, and grown-up. He's precious to me, and he really loves his little sister.

Five things on today's "To Do" list:

1. Wash dishes (the never-ending job).
2. Wash diapers (and hang them outside).
3. Pay bills. Uhg. :|
4. Read the Bible to my boys.
5. Do school work with Yehoshua.

Silly Eliyahu!
Eliyahu is silly and sweet. His life right now is characterized by a lot of favorites. A favorite shirt, favorite shorts, a favorite hat, stuffed animal, blanket, car, everything we have -- Eliyahu has a favorite one.

If I were a Billionaire:

You know, I really never day dream about having lots of money because it's not very profitable and only seems to lead to discontentment. I guess I would use the money to bless others and spread the Good News. Oh, and I would probably like to buy a dishwasher and a bed that doesn't cave in the middle. :)

Sweet Ruth...
My beautiful Ruth. Words just aren't sufficient to describe how I feel about her. I love this girl so much!

Three bad habits:

1. Biting my nails. Did I just say that publicly? :P I have struggled to kick that habit for many, many years. Sometimes I do okay but usually I fail.

2. Not wanting to go to bed. But I love sleep. Explain this one? Okay, it's lack of discipline.

3. Not controlling portion sizes on sweets. One bite usually does me in -- I crave sweets like crazy unless I stay totally away!!

Five places I've lived:

1. In a small town in NW Ohio.

2. In the Ozarks.

3. Back in the small town in Ohio. And that's it!

Five jobs I've had:

1. Piano teacher.

2. Violin teacher.

3. Deli worker at a small grocery store.

4. Shift manager at a Taco Bell.

5. My present job and the best one ever: Wife to a great guy and mama to 3 gifts from Yahweh. :)



Thank you for sharing your life with us. Your children are truly wonderful.


Thank U for sharing your life and loves with us!

Your children are beautiful-- Ruth is so charming, a dollbaby!

Would love to hear some of your music sometime-- would you consider putting some on here? :-)


Your children are BEAUTIFUL!! I really enjoyed how you mixed the meme with your kids:)

Awww!!! Loved the pictures and the post :)

Awww...the pictures capture their personalities so well! The last one is the best - contest material, right there. :-)

I can't believe it's been 10 years since you played for Carnival of the Animals...I remember you telling me all about it at the time, and I was quite properly envious of such an incredible opportunity. :-D

Ruth is just beautiful!! I still just can't belive how grown up those boys are getting.

Ruth is getting so big and cuter day by day.What a neat post.

Oh, I am a nail biter, too!! I know it is disgusting, but I cannot seem to help myself!

Wonderful post and beautiful pics!

All of your children are so precious!
I have meant to comment this before, but I have to tell you that your precious Ruth looks just like a baby doll I had when I was a youngin'.
Her name was Baby Crissy. She was probably from around 1970 & she had beautiful red hair that you could 'pull out' to make it long, or pull a string that pulled it back in her head to make it shorter. I still have her, she packed away in the attic somewhere. In the face, Ruth looks so much like this doll. :)

I too would like to hear your music.

I had that same doll JustJane. Many hours of fun were had with her. What made her really great besides her hair was her size. She was as book as a 3 month old! :)

Thank you all for the sweet comments! :)

Perhaps sometime we could record a video of me playing piano or something. I don't write music, so it's all classical (which many others have performed much better than I!) or just pretty music that I play by ear. :)

Oh, your kids are so precious!
Ruth is a little doll. I love sweet close-up pictures of babies. I love to take those kind of pictures of my 11-month old Zeke.
I never realized that Yehoshua is around the same age as my Tyner. They even have the same haircut! He looks like such a big boy in that picture.
Thanks for sharing the pictures and the meme. My three bad habits would be the same as yours.

I did a doubletake when you mentioned adding those names onto Ruth's name because I have a friend who named her daughter E----- Shalom Sunshine Lastname. That seriously was her name from birth.

Your children are beautiful, as others have said!! What blessings from the Lord. :-)

Your daughter has so much hair, I love it! People say my 6 month old has a lot of hair but its nothing compared to Ruth's. Seeing the pics you have of Ruth makes me want to put little bows and barrettes in my daughter's hair :)

Zoe (my daughter) has that same adorable onesie/dress that Ruth is wearing in that first photo. It's such a cute little dress!


Hi I just found your site and love it.
I also think your family is beautiful.
Also noticed you cover your hair as well. Nice to meet someone else who also does this. Have a great and blessed day.

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