Child-sized picnic fun

A child-sized picnic

Our neighbor is letting us borrow a small picnic table for our back yard this fall. The boys have had a lot of fun with it! Here is one of their picnics, served up on a hot pink tray (garage sale: $0.25) with fresh Morning Glories picked by Yehoshua!

Of course, as soon as the prayer was said, Eliyahu tossed the flowers to the ground...

An 8-month-old Ruth in all her toothless charm...

I have several posts that I'm anxious to type, but this evening Yehoshua came down with the flu and commandeered almost all of my computer time. :) Thank you all for the comments and input you provide here! :)


cute cute cute baby!

Your daughter reminds me of my oldest daughter when she was a baby (she's now 21). Lots and lots of hair, but no teeth until she was 13 months old. Sweet!

Very cute. Good idea about the picnic! We have a picnic tanle like that too...........

This is going to sound like an odd request - but could you please tell me how to pronounce your son's names? Maybe make a video of you saying them.

I am imagining (probably completely incorrectly) them said as: Ye-aw-shewa & El-e-ya-hoo.

Can you let me know if I am even close :)

Here is a post from a long while back with an audio clip and a link to how we pronounce the names:

I hope that helps :)

Also a silly question - is that typically the size lunch your boys eat or is that a snack? People always say their children "eat a lot of" or "not very much" food, but that is so subjective. I have a 4 1/2 yr. old, a 3 1/2 yr. old and a 1 1/2 yr. old. I feel like they eat quite bit, and this might give me a comparison. Thanks! I have never posted here before, but my whole family loves every recipe we've ever tried from you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

My boys are 4 and 2.5 years old and that tray was more of a snack size. A typical full meal would be about 1/2 a serving of the main dish, one piece of fruit, one serving of veggies, and at least one slice of bread. We limit some things (like the bread) until the rest of the food is gone and then they are free to have seconds of whatever they want, so often they eat more bread or fruit. :) Oh -- and usually their meals don't include milk (like this picture shows) unless they've eaten everything else and request some milk. :)

We usually have breakfast, a big lunch, a smaller dinner, and a snack. :) If they're hungry between meals I give them cheese, bananas, almonds, or whatever fruit/veggies we have fresh at the time. :) Or sometimes a slice of bread. :)

I pray the Lord keeps the germies from spreading and especially keeps mommie well;-)

How adorable! Love the pink!! Ruth looks so much older than 8 months, in spite of the toothless grin...:)

I hope Yehoshua is feeling better! Looks like the boys enjoyed a lovely pinic too.

As always, Ruth is so cute! I really like her hair clip.... ~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

Looks like the lunches I made for my kiddos when they were little. I miss that. They are 18, 14, and 11 now!


Lisa Q

Cute pictures of the children-I'm not surprised by Eliyahu's reaction to the flowers. :-)
I am praying that Yehoshua is feeling better and that none of the rest of you end up with the flu.

... he thinks he's getting better but still hasn't kept any food down! Good thing we have a leather couch... :P On my list for tomorrow: wash lots of bedding.

I really hope Eliyahu doesn't wake up tonight throwing up! Their bedroom has carpet :|

Have you looked at bento box lunches? My 15 y daughter and I are making bento lunches. they are compact and interesting. check it out.

I hope Yehoshua is feeling better and over the stomach flu.

I had a picnic with Little Rabbit last week, but we didn't have a spiffy picnic table and thrifty cute tray to use like y'all! Looks like fun! You're kids are so beautiful!

Hope your guy's flu is gone soon. That's the pits!

I tried to teach my kids from an early age (since we also have carpet throughout) to throw up in their quilts or blankets instead of on the floor. Although, it's preferable, as they get older, to get to the commode or to use a clean, empty plastic trashcan next to the bed. I figured at least the blankets were much easier to clean in the washer.


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