Are there any gnats/fruit flies in your house right now?

Yes, unfortunately!
70% (968 votes)
No, thankfully!
29% (402 votes)
I never allow even one gnat in my kitchen.
1% (12 votes)
Total votes: 1382


I just read about how to kill them here
It works! I use 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp of sugar with a drop of dish soap. Then cover the jar with saran wrap and a rubber band. Make a 1/4"hole in the top saran wrap.
They get in and can't get out. The soap takes away the film on top and they fall in and drown!

I'll have to try that gnat remedy of yours. I found a great gnat trap and it works. It's the "not so great escape gnat trap". Pour some apple cider vinegar into a small bowl. Take some plastic wrap and fit it over the top of the bowl, TIGHT. Stretch it out and put a rubber band around the top edge. Poke a few (3-4) small holes on top, swish the vinegar around and leave it on counter(or wherever they roam) and watch them collect after awhile. Happy gnat trapping! Gina

...we have another type of gnat trap that seems to work pretty well. If you take a glass and place a bit of ripe banana in the bottom of it then place a funnel on top (small end down) they can get in but not out. It works pretty well.

I have recently used this very same method of catching gnats. Within hours you can see all the gnats you didn't see.

i tried the banana thing as well as the honey and dish soap, so far the banana has 1 in less then 5 min. I've only seen a couple so hopefully it will have them all in no time!!

Apple cider vinegar and dish soap works for me.


I use a mixture of water, honey, and a little dish soap in a small bowl and leave it on the counter. The gnats love this! They get into the liquid and die.:)

TY they gather on our back porch. So one day I was trying to get our carpet back in from cleaning it...I had to leave the back door open to do so. They came in and we have had an awful time getting rid of them. Will try the above!! We have used fly strips with sticky glue on them..they did cut them back quite a bit.

A ton...and we've already had a couple of below-freezing nights that we thought would kill just seemed it make them worse in the house. My two little brothers are becoming quite good aims with the fly swatter, anyway. :)


I've also used plain white vinegar and dish soap too. it works almost as well as cider vinegar.

Best remedy for gnats is sweet wine in a bowl. Within a few days there will be a TON in there.

I scent my vinegar with orange and lemon peels (no flesh) and use about a half inch in a mason jar, bit of water and two drops of soap. I don't bother with saran wrap on top, I just keep this sitting to the side of my sink and wash and change it out weekly. Though I seldom see them flying, I always seem to have some drowned.

Kris S

I never allow them in, I post up small signs ;) Unfortunately, they must not be able to read, so I guess I'll be trying your trick

A little wine and orange peel works well to.

I use my vacuum hose or a small vacuum and suck them all up. It is cool with my little one cause they can't get out and I can watch them fly around in it. Even cooler if I can vacuum a spider up too. Of course the kids think I am a bit strange..

Lol....that's really funny. I think I would do the same thing (catch a spider with it) and then hopefully watch the spider eat them. My kids would love it. Occasionally, we feed the outside spiders when we catch a fly in the house. It's actually very fascinating. Spiders are super fast.

we do the apple cider vinegar and a drop of basic H. It's great.

BethMaybe it's where you live? We struggle with ants, and bees, too, in the summer and spring. We don't see too many gnats, but in NY right now it is cold and rainy.

Hard to get rid of one you have them, too, right now ALL of my pasta and grains are in plastic bags, and I think they might be in my dried beans!

we had our drains treated thinking that was where they were coming well i still have knats I now have fly paper up now im gonna do the apple cider and the banna remedy I hate knats !!!

Omg! I'm going to try the vinegar/soap
remedy right now,tiny gnats have invaded
my kitchen and are driving me crazy!
Thank You

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