Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Stuffed crust pizza (& fun with the children!)

I'm sure this has been mentioned here in the past, but: To make stuffed-crust pizza, pull the pizza crust dough up and around a cheese stick. Mozzarella cheese sticks work best, but I used a cheddar/mozzarella mix today since that was all I had. :)

For more pizza tips, see this post! :)

This post was originally published in 2008, but I wanted to re-run this tip since stuffed crust pizza is so fun! :)

Yehoshua was my pizza helper! I broke the cheese sticks so they would form a better circle.

Eliyahu (2) and Yehoshua (4) both helped shred the cheese. I'm sure some chunks of cheese made it into their mouths while they were at it... :)

Yehoshua spread the pizza sauce for me. Here you can see that the cheese sticks have been covered with dough and pinched shut. :)

Then the pizza was ready to go in the oven! Yehoshua got out some frozen veggies and put them in a pan to warm up for along with our pizza.

Yehoshua washed a few dishes for me...

...while Eliyahu's Ferrari navigated around the frozen veggies he was snacking on.

Stuffed crust pizza: Simple but yummy.

Happy little helpers: Priceless!

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Pizza is on the menu tonight for dinner at our house, so maybe I'll try a stuffed crust! I don't have any string cheese, but maybe smallish slices of regular cheese would work. I'll give it a try anyway!

Ah, we've done the same thing! Sharp cheddar is tasty too. I will have to get some string cheese and try it sometime!

Mmmm, that looks tasty. We are having pizza tonight, but I will have to try the stuffed crust pizza another time. :)

Since you are on the topic of pizza I was wondering if you or anyone has tips on how to make a homemade frozen pizza to be able to be pulled out for quick meals, maybe if I'm not here and that it would be good.
thanks Lisa

We do that, too. I love using a multicolored cheese in there. It's an adventure for the kids and they love helping put it in there, too!

Wow- you have such great helpers! :) I love the Ferrari photo. It is so cute!

We have always made homemade pizza at our house. In fact, My kids don't really like fast foodie pizza anymore. My Kitchen Aid Mixer makes the dough making really easy and fast. (How did I ever live without my mixer before it joined our family?)

We'll have to try the stuffed crust version next time! Sounds GREAT!

Leslie ~ aka, The Menu Maker Mom

Oh, that looks good and a great idea. I may need to try that next time I make homemade pizza.

Cute I love the pictures of your boys helping! Great idea for the stuffed crust pizza--can't wait to try it!

Great photos! I LOVE the stuffed crust idea. Why have I never done this before?

I love to see kids working side-by-side with mom or dad. It is the perfect way to raise children these days. Great idea on the pizza too!


Our family absolutely loves stuffed crust pizza, but our grocery store hasn't had them in stock for quite some time. We've never thought of putting cheese sticks inside a homemade crust! Thanks for the tip. We will definitely be trying it. :)

I'm thinking I need to try this next time I make pizza! Looks so yummy!

Here's my link for easy peel boiled eggs:


Thanks Tammy!

Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship
My entry: Repurpose Kitchen Items for Storage

Thanks Tammy!

That looks SO good! We make homemade pizza a lot, but we've never made a stuffed crust. I love that your little helper broke the cheese sticks so that they'd fit better. What a smart kid!

My tip this week is to cook brie to make it more palatable. I included a recipe.

I love how your kids help you out in the kitchen! I need to get better at having my son help me.

Here's my link : How to use and care for Cast Iron pans…ow-to-care-for/

Great idea! You're making me want pizza now. :) Here is my post on filling the freezer - Thanks!

Here is a tip on how to toast nuts I enjoyed reading yours as well. I was not in the blogging world at that time so it was new to me. Here is the link to my tip

Here's my tip for today:


Save your butter wrappers!


That looks like fun! We do something similar with our 4 year old, except we make mini-pizzas with english muffins :)

My husband just walked into the room and after glancing at the computer commented, "hey, that's an interesting way to play with your food. Good choice of vegetables and cars! ;-p"

with our water bill going up 50% in January I'm trying to find more ways to be conservative with my water usage. I posted a few more today:

Pizza night at our house is always fun too!

Using a clear Measure All is easy to measure Peanut Butter, butter, corn syrup, etc.

Thanks! ~Liz


Love the pizza pics/ideas!

Here is my post for preparing pumpkin for the freezer


I had a tip for the week but forgot it was Tuesday (we got a LOT of snow here yesterday) and the re-posts never show up in my Google reader. Ah, well, Guess I'll save it for next week . . .

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