The new kitchen (photo tour)

My kitchen is unpacked and completely functional now. Yay! :) After 4.5 years in the same kitchen, it felt strange to be cooking in a different place, now called "my kitchen", that still felt like it must belong to someone else or something! :)

We're in a 2-bedroom apartment, about 900 sq. ft., which is a little smaller than our rental house in Ohio. Here are pictures from our kitchen in Ohio. I was accustomed to having a few more cupboards, plus a nice-sized enclosed porch right off of the kitchen, which I used for storage. There was even a small counter top on the porch where I had my appliances like the toaster, bread machine, grain mill, etc... so that freed up space in the kitchen.

I knew that most likely in our new place, I'd be condensing the kitchen and enclosed porch both into a smaller kitchen, so when we were packing, I tried to get rid of as much as possible to make the adjustment easier. Many of you also advised me to get rid of things before the move rather than after, which was great advice! We sold a few things, but with only 8 days' notice, most of it was given away to family and friends. :)

Okay, enough gabbing. Here are photos of my new kitchen! :)

One half of the kitchen has the sink and dishwasher. I didn't think I would like having a single-basin sink, but with also having a dishwasher, it's not too bad. One definite perk is that big dishes (like 9x13 bakeware!) can lay completely flat to soak. :)

Our Berkey water filter is to the left of the sink. (You can read about the Berkey water purifiers here.) The little window in the wall has a small counter area, which I've been using to store fruit. I've been using my dish drainer even though I have a dishwasher, because it seems like each day there are quite a few larger things that need hand-washed.

My bread machine is obviously a well-used appliance, since I decided to sacrifice counter space to have it out! (Our blender? Stuffed in the cupboard above the fridge... it'll take a serious smoothie-craving to bring it down!)

The brown closet doors lead to the laundry closet with a washer and dryer. More on that in a bit.

Here you can see the whole kitchen. In spite of the fact that I don't really like the fluorescent lighting (and taking pictures of food in this kitchen is kinda out of the question!), I will admit that it does make the kitchen very bright for working in. 

And if I can complain for just one second, I don't like the fridge. It's small. The butter compartment in the door doesn't even hold butter without it falling out. The produce drawer holds a few more flat things, like carrots or celery, but good luck getting broccoli or a head of lettuce in there! I could go on but I'll stop. Let's just say I am going to have to get creative and learn how to fit things in that fridge. :)

The stove is old, but it works. :) I'm still not sure why the exhaust fan above the stove just blows the air back out into the kitchen (at our last house the vent above the stove blew the air outside) but oh well! :)

Things I do like about this kitchen:

It has a dishwasher. It has a good spot for the Berkey to sit. It has outlets above the counters, to plug in things like the bread machine. :) It doesn't have carpet. (That's always a plus in my book!!) It's small, so it's easy to clean up. It has good lighting. And the fridge is short enough that I can wipe the whole top clean without standing on a stool (I'm 5'4".). And, hey, there's enough counter space to do some real cooking. :D

The dining area holds our table comfortably. :) I still need to re-tape the tablecloth; that's somewhat of a sanity-saver for me since I can't give up the cheery brightness of a white table cloth on my table. :)

The buckets on the right hold grains (hard and soft white wheat, hard red wheat, rolled oats, and quick oats). Those are the grains I use the most frequently. The rest of my buckets of food storage items are stored in the master bedroom. Yes, even in a smaller house I still cling to my reasons for having some extra food stored ahead. :)

Another view of the dining room. To the right of the table is a short hallway that leads to the bathroom and the door.

The laundry closet has two shelves, along with a nice-sized washer and a decent-sized dryer. The washer is a newer model and I must admit it's rather luxurious to be able to set soaking times, or turn on a second rinse for my cloth diapers! I was used to having to run up and down the basement stairs, turning on and off the washer, hoping that the children wouldn't tear apart the house while I was away for a minute or two. :) (Our basement in Ohio was rather icky and the children weren't allowed to walk around down there.)

The dryer, which stopped working after our first week. But they fixed it! :) I have no clothes line here, of course, and the weather this time of year isn't conducive to setting my wooden clothes rack out on the balcony.I was able to dry a few blankets on the rack on the balcony our first couple days, but nothing since then. I'm sure summer will be easier. :)

My (homemade) plastic bag holder is on the left, my mixing bowls are up above, along with some extra towels and such. I think this area needs a second, lower, shelf, but we'll have to see if that's allowed and how much the materials would cost. :)

Maybe my favorite feature here: A little pantry closet with shelves, strong enough to hold canned goods! And it is full. We are so blessed!! :)

I also took pictures of what I have in my cupboards, so stay tuned... :)


Your vent over the stove has a filter in it, so it filters out the smoke (I bet you never burn food thought) and helps cut back on stong food smells.

Well, considering that our smoke alarm already went off twice while making toast... lol!! :) The toast wasn't actually burning though... :)

How does a filter like that filter out the smoke?! Joshua told me the same thing but if it's anything like the filter on our stove in Ohio... it's just some metal mesh stuff?? :)

That is a good question, I don't know for sure. My stove is the same way and for some reason it works :)


Have you tried to remove the filter and wash it? It might be clogged up with grease on the backside, even if it looks clean on the surface. We have a metal mesh filter in our kitchen (similar to these: ), and it needs to be washed quite frequently to function properly. It can be washed by letting it soak in hot soapy water (which I usually do) or even by washing it in the dishwasher, if it's stainless steel.

I love to see a well stocked pantry! Best of luck with your new kitchen

Hi my name is Liz, and I have been enjoying your blog for the past 6 months or so. I just wanted to stop by and say hi, and that it looks like you are really organized!

Thank you for the tour of your new kitchen. I too will be moving soon and will most likely face the same challenges as you are, smaller, etc. I saw your buckets in the dinning area and I thought of my grandmother. She didnt always have room to unpack her cardboard boxes so she placed them around and covered them with sheets or blankets and used them for tables. She was very good at this, place items on the (table) and it looks like a real one. I have also heard of using buckets as a round table with a top on it and a cloth to cover, you can make it tall or short. Just an idea.

Ahhh... the generic Seattle apartment. Welcome! In my smallest apartment fridges, I've just taken out the produce drawers and either just used the shelf space, or used my own plastic bins. If you get completely desperate, you could get small (dorm room sized) fridge on sale in the fall. =)

I don't think we'll be desperate enough to buy a second fridge... I will probably just not be able to over-buy on fridge stuff. :)

Consumer Reports recommends against buying those dorm fridges because they suck up SO MUCH energy to cool such a tiny space.

I also have a Big Berkey. I bought a water crock stand for it. It not only frees up some counter space, it allows me to put a glass or pitcher directly under the spout. The stand is specifically designed for those ceramic water stands which are heavier than the Berkeys even when they are completely full. There is no dsnger of the stand breaking and was purchased online.

Also, I have the single large sink. I had my kitchen recently remodeled and had the dual sink replaced with a single large one. I love it!!! I love the ease of washing large pans and cookies sheets without getting water all ove the place.

A Berkey stand sounds like a great idea! :)

I had a litlle kitchen like that in our first apartment. You learn to make do and it is fun to stretch your skills that way. I am envious of your pantry...that is nice and kitchen side laundry has long been a dream of mine.

I agree with you on long term food is essential and should be done. Hubby says, however that we who do it should be careful about broadcasting the fact.

Good luck in your new home!

We really missed you.
Good for you, that you now is safe and sound in your new "nest".
hope y'all have a blessed holiday.

so glad everything is going so well, did you get your brakes fixed on your car? your apartment looks very cute. hope you are enjoying your new life

Yes! :) We got the car fixed. It's nice to be driving our own vehicle instead of a rental. :)

Its looks so nice and neat and welcoming! Not everything can be perfect. I think you are aloud to have a few things that aren't quite what you want. But the blessings far outweigh that fridge. And your very creative!


It's common in apartments for stove hoods to not vent outside.

I don't know how many apartments you've lived in, but I think you have quite a bit of counter space. I've never had that much :-Q

I'm glad you have your own laundry. It is a huge time saver.

This is my first experience with apartment living! :) In the first place we lived, a triplex, the stove had no fan, light, etc... I guess I figured if the dryer was vented outside, the stove would be too! haha :)

Yeah, the counter space here is nice. :) I just have too much stuff still! :)

If you happen to see one of those divider screens at a yard sale or thrift store, you should consider getting it. Set it up in the corner and then you can stack all sorts of food storage buckets behind. I learned that from a roomie in college. It also spared us closet space, which was nice because the closets were small.

If you where able to put extra shelves up in the laundry you could store all sorts of bulk things in there.
Good to have you posting again.

Here is a link for the water crock stand:

They have the best prices. I bought a taller one for only $27.00

yes more shelves in the laundry area and the divider wall and covering with cloth ideas a wonderful!
It looks like a typical apartement but you know what with only 3 kids I think you can make it work just fine! Is there a park close by to bring the kids to play?
Will you be sharing pics of the rest of the apartment too? I enjoy these kinds of posts. It always gives me ideas or cheers me up to see how things can be working just fine even when one doesn't have much!

Glad you are doing well!!! How are the kids adjusting?Tereza

Now I can picture you in your new place somewhat better. Not the same as having visited with you in person though. I'm sure you will enjoy your laundry machines being much closer and your pantry looks great!! I'm looking forward to having the laundry room on the main level in our new house. It will be nice, I think! :) I'm surprised no little ones were in any of the pictures... :) How are they enjoying the new home and different sights! Hope they have done well...

Blessings to you my friend!

~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

But you have it so nicely organized and it looks roomy compared to some!

One thing to check about using your rack on the balcony, check with the managment as my mom got a citation in Seattle area in a apt for hanging he clothes out on a rack on the balcony.

Also, under beds work good for storing extra food!

Oh, I do hope there are no silly rules about laundry on my balcony!! :P Hopefully there are enough trees around that it won't be too noticeable. ;) And I did read the apartment rules and didn't see anything about laundry on balconies... :) So I'm hoping... :)

I am Iwantmycrown on here..sorry..I will eventually remember my Congrats on your new place it looks awesome. Your kitchen is actually bigger than mine:) I agree with an above poster it looks wonderfully organized. You did a great job..I think if it were me I would still be


I'm glad you're feeling settled now! I love your blog. I moved last week across town with 3 little ones and it was a nightmare. I can't imagine how hard it was to move across country. I've never had a dishwasher either but maybe someday...=) Our new rental home has a huge yard for the kids so I can't complain even if it's only around 850 square feet.

Happy settling in! I've learned that where there is a will, there is a way when it comes to homemaking! If my cowgirl friend who lives in a tiny, one-room camper with her family of 4 can cook delicious homebaked goodies, anyone can!

Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Jo

Nice to see you moved into your new place. Looking forward to more recipes!

Your kitchen looks to be about the size of my sister's kitchen which is where I am doing most of my cooking. I'll be glad when life settles down and I can get back home to my bigger but not especially spacious by any means kitchen. I also noticed we shop at the same store.

Wow, I'm really impressed! For a smaller apartment, that is a very nice kitchen. Much, much larger than I was thinking it would be for you and quite a bit bigger than our galley kitchen that we had for three and a half years. And it actually looks like it's a bit bigger than the kitchen we have now--especially when it comes to countertop space and cupboard space.

Yay, I'm so happy for you! A nice kitchen can be such a help when living in a small apartment! And, if it encourages you any, I think you'll be able to do just great in there. :) I hosted gatherings, made big dinners, and did all kinds of baking in my little galley kitchen. And while it seemed like most of the time I was tripping over everything, it worked.

The cut out window will also give it a little more of an airy feel, too. And maybe the balcony will work for taking pictures of food on?

So glad you are moved and getting all settled in. I've been thinking of you a lot.

-Crystal P.

Yes! :) The kitchen is actually pretty wide. :) And probably a foot or so longer on each side than your apartment kitchen from a few years ago. :D

I'm already making good use of the balcony. :) 

Hi Tammy!!!! It was so nice to see pictures of your apartment. Thanks for sharing! Its also so nice to see your Godly attutude about the whole moving quickly and out of state too. Unfortunately a internet friend of mine is not as thankful and, I'm disappointed in her. Its refreshing to go back to your site and see a familiar Godliness and thankfulness.

I'm so happy for you husband getting a job and, your very nice looking apartment. I missed your posts and, look forward to hopefully many more. And pics of your beautiful children too! LOL I pray that things work out for your good and look forward to God answering prayer for you.

My family also has enjoyed the many receipes I've used from your site and, the great tips for families and, uses in your home.

Thank you and know we appreciate you. I think I'll also regret not driving up to see you when you lived in Ohio too. Maybe some day if you drive back to visit, I can stop by and say hello.


I've lived in many apartments over the last 25 years! Who knew that you just moved in recently - you're already organized - great job! THANKS for sharing with us. I'm so glad you're back on line.

Even with a full-sized refrigerator and a small family of only 4, we still never have enough room for refrigerated items. We store extras (fruit and beverages mostly) in baskets in our attached garage. I'm assuming that you don't have a garage with an apartment, but you could store things on your balcony (if the rules allow). Just put them in coolers or buckets with lids - something that won't be affected by the weather.



Hey Tammy...I'm fairly new to your blog and followed the link to your kitchen tour! The last time we lived with a galley kitchen, we moved the fridge into the dining area (similar set up to yours). We them moved a small dresser into the area where the fridge was. It cuts into your table area a bit but the extra "counter/drawer" space were worth the hassle. Just a thought.

Now that you've shown the rest of the apartment too i see it's all a very nice and open layout!!!

Hi Tammy, Thank you for sharing your kitchen tour. I motivated me so much that I decided to clean and rearranged mine. The result? My family thanked me and I am a a more joyful mom. :)

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