Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Baking tips and recipes from King Arthur Flour

I love baking; to me, the word baking brings to mind loaves of fresh homemade bread, bubbly casseroles, or steaming hot muffins. So delicious and so comforting!

So instead of a kitchen tip today, I'm going to point you toward a website and blog: King Arthur Flour.

For starters, they have a great recipe section. But I'll admit that what really drew me in was their blog! The folks in their test kitchen have a sweet, homey, and often-hilarious blog. Ignore that weird-looking marshmallow post at the top right now -- check out their Top Ten Test Kitchen Disasters to Avoid, their granola bars (I've got to try those!), the whole grain pancakes that look oh-so-yummy, and yes, they have lots of posts about bread making!

Okay, okay, enough links. Time for all of your wonderful tips!

To participate in Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Post a kitchen tip in your blog, with a link to this post. Then come here and add your name, tip subject, and URL to this post! Links must be family friendly, as always. If you don't have a blog but would still like to share a tip, just leave a comment here with your tip! Everyone's ideas are appreciated. :) Note: Please link to your individual post, not your blog's main/front page! Ask me if you have questions; links that don't go to an individual post will be deleted. Please, no giveaways since they "expire" and this is for timeless kitchen secrets! ;) Thanks for participating! :)


For some reason it did not change the title of my post in Mr. Linky. Tammy, would you mind changing it to Cranberry Candy Canes..thanks!

The BEST tip I ever found about baking with WW is from my King Arthur cookbook (the only cookbook I own by the way). I add a couple tablespoons of orange juice to all my whole wheat recipes. Not enough to taste orangey, but it really makes the wheat smoother tasting and fluffier. A little closer to the taste of white with all the nutrition of 100% whole wheat!

I have the King A cookbook for whole wheat flour. It is awesome. I think I have only had one recipe out of about 50 that I have tried not turn out. I love it!

I have to agree with you..I love King Arthur's Blog! They have some really nice and easy recipes to try out. The granola bars look yummy, thanks so much for pointing them out!

Hi, Tammy! I found you through Biblical Womanhood and love your blog. I've joined Kitchen Tip Tuesday for the first time this week and I'm excited to read everyone else's tips. Thanks so much! Jennifer at Cooking Like a Frugalite

We learned about King Arthur Flour from a friend of ours who is a wonderful cook. We bought a book from them, then discovered their website and blog. They really know their flour!

I was just at their site last week using a latke recipe they had for making them in the oven with oil instead of frying them in a pan. They were so much easier to make! And they tasted just as good! I'll have to check out the rest of their site. Thanks for the tip.


Super fun top ten list! I have used the King Arthur Whole Grain Baking Book, too, and found it to be really good. Maybe you can find it at the library?

I had never been to this site before you mentioned it, but I checked it out and it's great! I just made some chocolate-peanut butter cookies from their recipe (I think they're called Magic Middles) - oh my goodness, so incredibly good!!!

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