27 random facts about a now-27-year-old

This tea cup and saucer were a gift for my 17th birthday. This week, I sipped tea from the same cup as I turned 27! I had a quiet day at home, thinking about the passing years and setting a few goals for the coming year. :)

If you frequent places like FaceBook, you've probably seen the "random facts" everyone's been posting about themselves. I have so enjoyed reading those types of posts and learning more about my friends and acquaintances! :)

So in honor of turning 27, I decided to share 27 random things about 27-year-old-me. (Who is so very different from herself 10 years ago!) :)

1. I love pizza, and it's easy to make, so we have it about once a week. I've also found that guests usually really enjoy being served pizza.

2. I love variety. For that reason, I like to grow my hair really long and then get 10+ inches cut off all at once. Then I grow it really long again! :) I love trying new things and changing things up a little, just to keep life interesting. :)

3. I really like to empty things and use things up and throw things away. When the shampoo bottle gets low, I can hardly wait to finish it and set out a new one! :) This is partly why I enjoy using free sample sizes of things. I get the fun of throwing away a package after just one or two uses! I know, this isn't very "green" of me. In general I actually try to be frugal though. :)

4. All three of our children have been born at home.

5. Along those same lines, I have been changing cloth diapers for almost 5 years. I don't have any of my original diapers though, since they were very cheaply made and wore out! :)

6.  I read a blog written by a dentist. (AskDrEllie) She motivates me to be really consistent with dental hygiene! :) About a year ago, I was having tooth pain and went to a dentist (after 8 years of no dental visits at all!!). They wanted to do 5 fillings and a root canal. I spent the next few weeks reading anything and everything about dental care. I started using Dr. Ellie's recommendations for daily oral care (including using xylitol) and have had no pain or bleeding gums since. I'm optimistic about the future of my teeth and am actually excited about going to the dentist again soon. :)

7. I grew up without a tv or computer. When Joshua and I got married, he let me use his computer. Then one of my brothers very generously shared his computer with me for a few years. Last year I got my very own computer for the first time! :)

8.  I like Edgar Meyer's music. I also really like Elliott Park's songs and am anxiously awaiting his new album!

9. I have worn glasses since I was 10 or 11. I can't really remember now, actually. I'm near-sighted. I'm SO thankful for my glasses. I don't like to think about what life would be like without them!!

10. I love sunlight and open the shades every morning, before it's even light outside, even on days when the sun never does come out.

11. Despite the cloudy winters, I am loving living in western Washington. I just love this area. I can't really explain it, but I'm thankful, since this is where God led us! :)

12. I always think, "I should go to bed earlier." but I never really want to stop whatever I'm doing and actually go to bed. When my head finally hits the pillow, I calculate how many hours I have until the alarm goes off and wonder why in the world I stayed up so late. Bed feels so gooooood!! :)

13. For the past couple of years Joshua worked the midnight shift. That was a very challenging time for us in many ways, but I saw a lot of good come from it too. Now that Joshua works a more normal schedule, I do find it easier to get to bed at a reasonable time. Especially if I skip blogging... ;)

14. I love playing Boggle, but I beat Joshua at it a few too many times and now he convinces everyone that they don't really want to play with me!

15. Joshua and I have been married almost 7 years now. I had just turned 20 a month before our wedding. I love how the passing years has "seasoned" our love and relationship. :) We have a good marriage and with Yahweh's help, it keeps getting even better! :) I'm so thankful.

16. I like to keep things simple and have only the necessary things in life. However, I am a penny pincher and hold onto some things if I think they will save us money down the road. :)

17. I love garage sales.

18. I love browsing through the housewares and bath sections at stores, looking at all the beautiful towels, kitchen gadgets, decorations... but I rarely buy anything due to finances, space, and simply not really needing anything. :)

19. My parents were married 8 years before they were able to have children. Then they had 6! I'm the oldest. Joshua is also the oldest of 6 children.

20. My parents started homeschooling me in 5th grade. I was really excited and enjoyed it for the most part, even though it was more challenging than public school had been.

21. I am pretty good at math, but I try to avoid doing any more than necessary because it feels like it hurts my brain. My mom did Algebra, Geometry, and Chemistry with me in high school -- she likes math, which is a good thing since she's now going through Algebra for the 7th time in her life!!

22. When I walk through a cemetery, if I am close enough to read the dates on the stones I feel compelled to do the math and figure out how old the person was when they passed away. Since I don't really like doing the figuring, I try not to look at any numbers as I walk.

23. I am less talkative than Joshua is, but I can be quite silly, goofy, and talkative, especially late at night.

24. I love it that Joshua drives us everywhere. Riding is so much more relaxing! Plus, I get to play with the GPS while he drives. Ha, ha! :)

25. My alarm goes off at 4:55am on weekdays.

26. I almost always have laundry that is clean and waiting to be folded when Sabbath starts. So I hide the basket(s) out of sight and enjoy relaxing! :) Normally I have trouble relaxing when there is work waiting for me...

27. I have a dishwasher now for the first time in my life, and I love it! Especially when we have company and there's lots of dishes to put in it! :)

So, did you learn anything new? Did any of these make you say "Me too!!"?? :)

I got new socks for my birthday! :)


I love those socks!!! I also really enjoyed reading your random things! We all have our little "things", you know? Thanks for sharing!

ps-I did that 25 randoms on face book too and it really is kinda fun!

@ #12: I always wish I could get to bed earlier (I don't have any kids or a job.. so only my husband has a problem with me sleeping late lol) and get up earlier. I love to get up early in the morning, but I rarely do because it's morning before I even get to bed! (And then I have the hardest time getting out of bed.) Then there are nights where I wish I didn't have to sleep at all because it seems like a waste of a perfectly good night/morning.

What a cool post Tammy! I really enjoyed reading it and getting to "know you" a little better.
I wish I could motivate myself to get up early in the morning like you do. I could get so much more done but it always seems that my children wake up early in the morning if I do and so I never end up getting that extra time I was hoping for!

Oh, I know what you mean -- our children have always seemed to wake up about 20-30 minutes after I get up, no matter how early I get up! In our house in Ohio, I thought that was just because their room was adjacent to the kitchen and only had a curtain for a door. I rarely got up before 6 am because the kids would all just be up earlier and grouchy!! Now, they are usually up by 5:30-5:45am so I hardly ever get extra stuff done in the morning, but they do go to bed early (7pm) most nights which helps. :)

re: alarm ringing at 4;55am - do you really get up at that time then too? Mine rings at 5.30 and I don't get out of bed until about 5.55 Lisa

Yes, I actually do get up pretty early. I have two alarm clocks. One goes off at 4:55 and the next one at 5:00. (I don't use the "snooze" button, never have.) :) The 4:55 one is to let me know, "hey, you gotta get up in 5 minutes so nurse Ruth some more" (she sleeps beside me) and the 5:00 one is when I get up and stay up. :) I don't really have a choice, since I pack Joshua's lunch in the morning and then all the children wake up super early too! :)


Happy Birthday! It is also my now 2 year daughter Sophia's Birthday!

I can certainly relate to some of your random things! Always have laundry awaiting folding, there's alot of laundry with 7 people. Figuring out the years that the dash represents-gotta do it. Love garage sales. Hate going to bed early. I could go on, but I have a birthday cake to make!

Enjoy your birthday.


oh-I'm enjoying the skoy cloths, thanks for the giveaway!

I commented on your pictures the other day and how much I miss the NorthWest - to the extent I still want to kidnap my dh and move back out there. However -- like number 10 in your list -- I am solar powered. And that is about the only thing out there that I am not sure i can handle. LOL All the cloudy days.

What an interesting post...and a beautiful cup and saucer! I said "me too" to quite a few of these. Math also hurts my brain! Kudos to your mom for staying sharp in it all of these years. I feel like I forgot every algebra formula the minute I left college! lol!

Happy, happy Birthday!
Love the cute socks!
I didn't know that Joshua was from a house of 6.
I have 6 kids...my oldest wants to have a big family...he thinks the Duggars are really something!

Would you ask your mom what is a good geometry course?
We have bought a couple but NONE "teach" the geometry.
I took it in school and then chose to forget it!
....And it REALLY makes my brain hurt! -Donna-

Geometry courses -- we have only used the A Beka Geometry course and if I remember correctly there is an answer key with all the "problem solving" worked out so you can see how they arrived at their answers. I know for sure that was how their Algebra course was. Also, my mom worked on it with me from the very start, so she wasn't just jumping in when it got too difficult for me to do by myself. We would work each problem and check them as we went.

I'm there with you on #12... I get up a little later than you (I aspire to get up at 7 am, but I often go to bed too late and can't get up that early in the morning, but I don't get up later than 8:30.... my husband doesn't work until 10 or 11 am), but I always kick myself when I go to bed too late... usually because I can't drag myself away from the computer!

I, too, can't relax when there is stuff to be done, and I have a reeeeeally hard time relaxing on the Sabbath. I allow myself to do some stuff though, because a lot of housework actually relaxes me.... it's like therapy!

Lots of me too's!!
#2 that's sooooooo me!!!!! maybe not 10". But at least 6 lol.

12 (not 13 lol)... I'm usually up doing laundry etc, and my dh will be watching tv, or on the pc. And finally he will say or I will say let's go to bed. And it'll be late! And I lay there, and I'm ok, IF I fall asleep now, I'll get 41/2 hrs sleep in lol.
21... LOVE math! I have to hand it to my HS Algebra teacher (I went to public school) Mr Clemson. He was awesome! He made it so easy, and understandable. He was truly gifted in math. And if I didn't get it, he would stay after school, or help me on my study halls, since he was the teacher in my study hall. Today, I owe what I remember of Algebra to him!! And I'm sure the rest will come flowing back when my children go thru Algebra in school.

#25 Mine goes off at 4:31. That's because when i set it, it went by 4:30 too fast lol. And you KNOW it takes forever to get back around to 4:30. Obviously a man built alarm clocks. Otherwise it would be like phones just type in the number! Or like my microwave, type in the numbers!!!

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! You are just 8 days older than my brother! He turns 27 on the 15th. I was going to call him my baby brother, but realized you two were the same age. I always affectionately call him that. I can't help it, I'm 51/2 yrs older than him, and remember the day he was born!

Happy Birthday Tammy!

Hmm, let's see... I share number 1 (delicious), 2, 3 (oh the joy when I have (im)patiently waited for those last drops to be finished up!:) I try to excuse this un-green enthusiasm with the fact that I at least recycle...), 10 (I am embarrassed to admit the timespan between deciding that I am off to bed and the moment when my head hits the pillow and I make the maths on how many hours (never enough) of blissful sleep I can allow myself), 12, 14 (for my husband it is Scrabble, I should have let him win a few times at least. I also turn into a little competitive monster, which is not very attractive. :) This only happens when playing Scrabble...), 15 (not the being-married-to-Joshua part obviously :), but the way the passing years season a relationship wonderfully), 17, 18 (kitchen supplies and plush towels!), 21 (Math lover!), 22 (I really believed that I was the only person in the world that compulsively does that. I also have to look away!), 23, 24 (LOVE playing with the GPS and the relaxed cruising along), 26 (I have hid a few baskets of clean laundry in my day before having people over.) and 27. Wow!

Once again, have a very Happy Birthday! You are so blessed with your wonderful husband, your gorgeous children and this amazing blog. Thanks for the many great recipes you have offered so far!

Well that WAS fun to read.....I just wish you wouldn't skip the blogging in the evenings:):) I do understand though............

These Random Thing memes have been fun to read. :) I'm the same with you on #3. :D

That was fun to read! :) Thanks for sharing.... :) Happy birthday once again! :) ~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

I feel so bad because I forgot your birthday but truly, I didn't mean to forget it.
What I mean is that I saw your bd was coming up last week and then it slipped my mind. So happy belated 27th birthday, Tammy!!
I enjoyed reading your 27 random facts and yes, I learned some things about you that I didn't know already. I plan on posting my 23 random facts on LJ before too long.
I love variety too; I just wish my hair grew faster so I wouldn't feel so bad when I cut it ;) But I only cut it once every year or every other year.
Mmm, I love pizza too! We usually have it every other week here. In fact, we had it tonight!
I love the socks; cute!
I didn't realize you'd been married for 7 years already! Wow! Congrats :)
It was neat to find out that you and your husband are the oldest in your families!
I am the same way in cemetaries... always finding out how old they were when they passed away...

I found you over at Dell Sisters Kitchen, so I thought anyone who loves them and whom they love must have something worth reading.

It was the beautiful teacup which first peaked my interest, though. I have a tea business and have two websites I thought you might like to check it out ~


Our family lived on Whidbey Island for a few years when my husband was in the Navy. I love the Northwest!

Happy Birthday!

I loved reading about you. Yes I did learn something's about you.
We love pizza too since I can make it at home. Thanks to you! We live rural and it is no fun getting a pizza to go and then eating it cold at home.
We started homeschooling our oldest in fifth grade. So that was nice to know it was the same for you.
And I get up with my husband at 4:30 and pack his lunch, make him a light breakfast. Then, kiss him at the door around 5:30. On most days I am back to bed till 7. I would love to have the gumption to stay up and get lots of things done before the kids get around. But that comfy bed calls to me!

Do you do anything with your 10" of hair that you cut off? Have you considered mailing it to Locks of Love (.org) ? If you cut off 10 + inches of hair, they can take it and make a wig for a cancer patient. My only tip is have your husband make the initial cut and then go to the stylist. Last time that I donated my hair, I gave 10 inches and my stylist donated the other 2!

Happy Birthday!


Yes! I have donated hair to Locks of Love numerous times. :) I have had my mom or sisters do the trim... one time Joshua did it and although it took a while, he did get the ends trimmed evenly for me afterward. :) I have actually never been to a stylist... :)

>I really like to empty things and use things up and throw things away. When the shampoo bottle gets low, I can hardly wait to finish it and set out a new one! :)

Me too, totally!

I'm going to be 27 in May and I can hardly believe it. I keep thinking I'm still 25...and I will be married for 8 years this April. (and we're on our 4th child-time flies) I too, do the same thing in a cemetery, but I was never all that great in math, and it's been so long since I was in school my brain really hurts when trying to subtract mentally!

I also like to jump the gun and throw out the bottles of stuff that have just a little left in them and put new ones out...weird.

Hi Tammy,

Congratulations on turning 27! I really enjoyed reading through your list, thanks for sharing.

I also feel compelled to do the math on tombstones and love to serve homemade pizza. It took a while to get the pizza recipe perfected, but now it's one of my simpler meals that I can always count on to turn out perfectly.

Take Care,


#'s 1, 3, 12, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26 are so me too :).
I'm also the oldest in my family and I was a mixture of public and home education, with a little private school in the mix.
But I do not get up early at all! Our family is full of a bunch of night owls and since Lee works late some days we just go with the flow and go to bed later and wake up later. Ahhh, the perks of home education ;). I don't know what we would do if we ever got a morning person!

I loved reading your 27 facts, and number 26 made me feel better because that almost always happens to me, especially since I've been pregnant. For some reason, I can't seem to get that last load of laundry folded before Shabbat. Thank God for a door that closes on our laundry room! : )

~Jenny M at Tavita's Purse

My husband won't play with me either! It's the only game I can beat him at. Happy belated birthday.


Hi Tammy,

I recently stumbled upon your site and enjoy reading some older and current posts you have! I have a 15 month old toddler and am struggling with a picky eater. There are days that he will love one item, and then next day I offer the same type of fruit, for example, and he spits it out.

Did you have this experience with your children? Any suggestions on how to get around it?

Thanks for the great posts!

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