More Than Alive: Review, Giveaway and Discount!

Berkey water filtering unit

Last year we discovered the Berkey water filtering system. It has been such a blessing!

In Ohio, our city tap water was almost undrinkable; I had been refilling gallon jugs with drinking water at the grocery store each week and it was quite a chore. We use about 14 gallons of drinking water each week, which is enough jugs to completely fill a cart at the store. Waiting longer than a week meant even more jugs to fill. Add to that three small children, and all in a mid-size car -- it was pretty crowded and frustrating at times!

I was elated when we got a Royal Berkey water filtering unit. No more trips to the store for water: we can just fill the Berkey with tap water and have plenty of fresh, clean, delicious drinking water -- right from home. (When you have little children to take along to the store, limited vehicle space, and only one vehicle, the less you have to do at the store, the better!)

Plus, the price. The two filters that came in our Berkey will filter 6,000 gallons of water before they need replaced. Berkey water costs 1.6 cents a gallon, which is a lot cheaper than the $0.39 per gallon we were paying.

And if for some reason we can't get to the store, we won't run out of drinking water. The Berkey can even filter rain water, lake water, etc. making it a great survival resource. No electricity is needed, since gravity pushes the water through the filters.

But, I should stop raving. After all, I already wrote a lengthy review of the Berkey last summer! Go read it for more info. :)

Lemon Lover's Herb Blend

Along with discovering the Berkey, we discovered a great little company called More Than Alive.

When we bought our Berkey from them, I was thoroughly impressed with their customer service. They attended to our order quickly, answered my emails within a day or so, and even answered some of my questions over the phone!

After trying out the Berkey last summer, I knew I wanted to review it here. More Than Alive graciously offered a discount to the readers here, along with inviting me to be a part of their affiliate program. We've been blessed by a number of readers who have ordered Berkey water filters through our links, as we earn a percentage from those orders.

The Discount!

I've kept in contact with the folks at More Than Alive, and they're again offering a discount on their products for my blog readers! This is exciting to me, since we've been so thrilled with our Berkey and I love to be able to recommend it to others!

So, for 2 days only -- Monday, February 23 and Tuesday, February 24, 2008 -- use this code when ordering from More Than Alive and you'll save 10% on your order: r9ua2k

More Than Alive gives free shipping on all Berkey orders. And if you're thinking about ordering a Berkey -- they still come with your choice of a free gift (we chose the fluoride/arsenic filters with our order; we've also tried the shower filter and it's great!). (Update from 2012: More Than Alive no longer offers a free gift with Berkey purchases.)

The Giveaway!

More Than Alive is also offering a giveaway that will be open for 2 days (Monday and Tuesday, February 23 and 24). Two winners will receive a free Berkey Sport water bottle and three winners will receive their choice of an herbal tea blend! If you'd like to be included in the drawing, leave a comment with your name and a way to contact you.

More Than Alive sent me several of their herbal tea blends to sample, and as I expected I thoroughly enjoyed them! I took some photos of the beautiful herbs, and I'll give my comments on the teas I've tried!

Spiced Licorice Tea lived up to its name. The ginger made it kind of "hot" and it had a fabulous licorice flavor! However, it doesn't have a "chai" sort of spicy taste -- no pepper, cloves, etc.

As you can see, the herbs are large and high quality!

This citrus mint blend wasn't quite what I was expecting! It's great as an after-meal digestive aid, but the ginger was stronger than I prefer. So, yeah... I can't really see myself drinking this one all day... but after meals, yes. :)

By the way, a half-pound bag of dried herbs will make a LOT of tea. And notice the labels on the bag -- 1/2 lb -- plus some! The folks at More Than Alive do extra stuff like this just because.

SOS for PMS -- what can I say? Pregnancy and lactation-induced infertility does wonders for PMS. ;) But seriously -- herbs are wonderful and if your body needs a boost -- try them. :)

This Lemon Lover's Tea is my favorite of all! So soothing and delicious!!

There. Now don't you want to win some?? :) Leave a comment (and a way for me to contact you) to enter the giveaway! :)


Please enter my name. I would love to win any of these prizes. I drink water all day. And tea is always good:)

Thank You,

richshelpmate @ yahoodotcom

What a great giveaway! Count me in! My e-mail is

I would love to win some delicious tea! Thanks for doing this Tammy!

My email is

Thanks again,

Wow they sound great count me in for the drawing.
crickettcrossing at

I'd like to be entered into your drawing.

Bryan Buie

Wow! What a neat giveaway--randomly pick me! :-)

Wife to my Michael and mama to our Willow

This looks great. I am thinking of ordering some more bulk teas anyways.


This would be a very nice win!

I would love to win either of these drawings. Thanks!

livinglaughingnlearning at yahoo dot com

Thanks to your glowing review, I recently ordered a Berkey and I absolutely love it!! Would love to try the herbal teas so pick me! :)

I'd love to be entered for your giveaway. Thanks! ~ Deb (debgiro at wildblue dot net)

Thanks for the chance!

nettacow at yahoo dot com

love me some tea!

Pick me! Pick m!

sruszkowski (at) gmail (dot) com

Would love some tea!

Darla @

I love tea! Please enter my name:)
Liz at www.eafollman,

Please count me in, some of the tea sounds good!

~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

I'd love to try these teas!

Anne Jisca

I'd love to enter! I'd be happy with the water bottle, and my husband would be thrilled with the tea, so if we win, either would be great! Thanks for the chance!

I love tea!

Ooo. That sounds great!

Oh, I'd love to win either thing . . . I love water and tea! :)


I'd love to be included in the giveaway. That water bottle sounds neat.

Sarah in MO
misterjimmy at sbcglobal dot net

I'd love to be entered!! :)

I'm going to talk to dh about getting one of these. I've my eye on them since I saw it on your blog a while back. Where we live the water is SO gross. It rarely passes the inspections, and they have notes posted that say when you're pregnant or ill (and another long list of things) not to drink the water. Blech. So we have one of those store bought filters that attaches to our faucet (we used to do the store jug thing too).

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Wow! What an awesome giveaway! And thanks for introducing me to this company!

You can reach me here>
bessiejoy2001 at yahoo . com

Pick me!!

jackier24 at gmail dot com

My husband and I just talked about the purchase of a Berkey filter and made a decision a three days ago. I'm SO glad that you arranged for a discount! I ordered my filter--my husband is so pleased.

Thank you so much,


P.S. Please enter me in the drawing.

This looks fantastic! We use the 5 gallon jugs with a simple hand pump ($5 at Walmarts in south Texas) but they can still be a chore to carry and refill. I've looked into several different filtration devices but just haven't found the right one...yet!

Thanks for this opportunity and the review!


Please enter me in this giveaway. I love teas. Drink it everyday. I would love to try their lemon tea sounds delicious.

thanks for the giveaway. . .I could use some tea to chase away these winter blues!


Enter me, I would love to win! I want one of those water bottles.

Please just enter me for some tea!


I would love to try the Lemon tea. Sounds yummy! I have tried their PMS tea and it is very good. I try to drink it every day.
Enter me in the drawing. Thank you.


After reading your review of the Berkley, my husband and I have decided to order one once we're all moved and settled. So, THANK YOU!

If you could randomly pick me, that'd be GREAT! I've been eyeballing their sport water bottles and LOVE tea!

~ Brandy (email can be found in the sidebar)

Please enter me in the drawing!!!! Blessings Amber

I would like to be included! More Than Alive is a great company! ahoanna86(at)

we would love a sport's bottle or tea. what a great giveaway! our house loves tammy's recipes. you are inspiring. mistyG

Yeah, I'm actually your brother from way far away, but I don't know my user name and password, so I can't sign in, which is ok, because I never remember those things anyway, and the e-mail account I used to sign up is not available anymore, because I don't know my password for that either.

Try diagramming that sentence...

Anyhoo, as an electrical engineer, I see an improvement that could be made in this filter system. It would be nice to have a scale under the filter system to see what how much it weighs, so you could tell how much water to add based on weight full versus weight empty. Using a simple strain gate bridge and LCD display you could read out how full the system is.

Oh the marvelous possibilities we could have in this world if the electrical engineers were working instead of surfing the internet and leaving comments on people's blogs.

On a side thought, I would love to try that licorice tea, but putting me in the drawing could be a conflict of interest, since I'm a family member. I'll just have to come out to visit and try it at your house. Is it ok if I bring some friends along? How about in April?

I digress... Later,


My dear Pipster,

Such a device has already been invented. ;)

Me, I have my own, cheaper method of not overflowing the Berkey. ;) One gallon in the top, one gallon out the bottom. :)

Definitely visit us again, bring whoever you like, and April sounds perfect. :)

I think you can still be entered in the giveaway. is pretty unbiased! :)

Tossing my name in the hat! ;-)

mrshuntinak @ msn DOT com

Please enter me. I really enjoy your website. Thanks for the opportunity.


I would love to win something!! My email is sherahtaylor @ =)

Thanks Tammy for the great giveaway. I have really enjoyed your recipes esp. the challah one!
Blessings, Monica

We love our Berkey and we live in the same area as the owners of More Than Alive. I have been priviledged enough to meet them on one occassion and can say that they are a wonderful family. Their herbs are superior as is their customer service. With that said, please enter me in the giveaway!

I would love to win . . . especially the water bottle! Thanks for the opportunity!

mrsmec @

I really enjoy your recipes and make the wheat bread all the time.
Kimberly in NC
knchock at yahoo dot com

Hey- I would love to win!! :) I try to drink alot of water, and I love tea, too!

Count me in!
Naomi Marks

enter me, please!
(post if i win =)

I'm curious what the difference is between the 2 (other than the price and the amount of water they hold)? I'm in a financial position where a $65 difference would be very beneficial.


Hi Kelly,

I haven't actually seen a Berkey Light, but from reading about the different berkeys (and watching a couple videos about them on You Tube), there is really just the filter and the "housing" -- that's all there is to it.

The Berkey Light that More Than Alive sells comes with the same 2 black Berkey filters inside that the Big berkey, or the Royal Berkey, etc. come with.

So, it's really just a preference issue -- do you need something larger, strongly prefer stainless steel (the Berkey Light is BPA-free according to More Than Alive's website -- see home page title), etc...

The factors that influenced our decision: We felt that the stainless steel Berkeys would hold up better over the years vs. plastic, we wanted something a little bigger, and we thought the stainless steel (with a stainless steel lid vs. a little "beret" on top!) would look nicer in the kitchen.

Originally we thought we'd get the Berkey Light, since it's the cheapest, but decided it was worth the extra money to get the Big Berkey. Then, the Big Berkey was on backorder for a number of weeks and More Than Alive told us that if we wanted to change our order to the Royal Berkey, they could ship it immediately -- so that's what we did. :)

Thanks so much for your reply, Tammy! I didn't even notice that the Berkey Light was made out of plastic (I've never been a real "details person"....but come on, that was pretty obvious!). Ü I will definitely wait and save up the extra money for either the Big Berkey or the Royal Berkey!

Have a great week~

Enter me! We've been talking about getting a filter and the 10% off might kick us into action. Thanks!

I love tea, please enter me!

I'd love to try any of these items.

i'm having a hard time deciding if we need a water you feel like it gets in the way?
i would like to be entered, thank you

ericandmeggan at gmail dot com

Hi Meggan!

If we liked tap water or felt it was safe to drink, (which was not the case in Ohio; tap water here near Seattle is much better but still has a chlorine taste) then I might consider the Berkey to be "in the way" or taking up valuable counter space... as it is, we like and use our Berkey so much that it has never been a "burden" to have! :)

Every home is different; you might have less of a need for a water filter, or even no need for one at all. :) On my kitchen counters I have a bread machine, toaster, dish drainer, and Berkey. Those are the things that are most valuable to us in our everyday lives. That's just preference and how we choose to live. :)

My contact info-
dkcdac at yahoo dot com

Thanks for having the giveaway!

I would especially love to win one of those water bottles. Thanks!


I would love to win...pick me...pick me!!!


I would love to win either of the drawings.
Count me in!

I would love to have a chance at winning some tea! I have just recently discovered herbal teas and wow they totally replace my coffee now!
Thanks for the chance

I'd love to be entered... I'm always up for trying a new tea!

Oh, PLEASE count me in!!!

We live in a heavily farmed state, and I would love to reduce the amount of chemical junk in our water! Oh, and my dh and I love tea ~ even our kids love it, with honey of course :o)


indigo52 at cox dot net

Something Ive been thinking about already, water filtering. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love your blog and have tried many of your yummy recipes.

homekeeper93 at gmail dot com

Hi Tammy,

Hope all is well in the Northwest. I would like to enter your drawing. If Pip can, then I figure I can, too!! Thanks,


I would love to be entered in the drawing.
Thank you so much.

Email me at

Love your recipes.

Please count me in!

Mrs.KW at sbcglobal dot net

I drink tea all day every day. I would love to have some new tea to try...


I love tea--and giveaways. What fun. Just recently found your blog--it's great.


What a super-duper giveaway!
Please count me in!
I love teas! Any kind!

Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you!

I'd love to be entered in this giveaway!

April Lott

Thanks! I always enjoy reading your blog!!! :-)

Would love to win! Thanks for the chance! I enjoy your blog.

We'd love any of these prizes. I'd also love to get us the water filter but it isn't in the budget right now unfortunately!
vikaann at

Marj M.
What a great give away. I drink water all day long. A new tea blend sounds yummy. Thank you.

Please enter me in your contest! I'd love to win.

Thanks for the chance to win!

These sound great! Thanks for your great recipes!

I'd love to be entered.

jess @ inklog . net


Sounds great! I'd love a new water bottle! The tea sounds great too. Thank you.

Please enter me for the drawing! I am so sad though!! We just bought our Berkey (the crown) from MTA, and I missed this discount!!!!!! Oh well, we are glad to have our filter anyway! I still need to get it set up.

That lemon tea looks so good.

sammye AT pobox DOT com

I would love to be entered! How fun!

Wow! What a great giveaway! I would love to be entered to win this system! I love tea also!



Dear Tammy,

Thanks for entering me in your drawing and for your willingness to share your recipes with others. I know my family has benefitted from eating less processed food. What a Blessing!


Wow; a lot of entries here...but...I might as well throw mine in, too. :D Thanks for the giveaway!


Please enter me in the give away.
susiecoo at dejazzd dot com

Thank you!

Hi Tammy!!
Please add me to the drawing too.
Thanks & have a wonderful day!

What great timing for a new coupon code, I was just going to put in an order for some herbs and Supermom vitamins on Friday :).
Oh! And please enter me in the giveaway :)!!!

Thank you so much for offering these wonderful giveaways! I have never been to the More Than Alive site before, and I am excited to have another great resource to go to!


Please include me in the giveaway.Thanks!

Please enter me. =)
The tea looks very good and I know I/we could always use that. I've got my eye on that SOS tea. lol
crickettsgirls at isp01 dot net

Thanks for this great giveaway!

I have been pleased with all my ordering from More than Alive. I would love to try some of those different teas mixes.

sethandtania at hotmail dot com

I've check out More than Alive before and am really interested in trying their teas, so I would love to win!
My email is keeperofthehome (at) canada (dot) com.
Thanks, Tammy!

That lemon lovers tea sounds wonderful!

wow would love to be entered to win!!

nicole lum

Please count me in on this one. We all love tea especially my children who have digestive disorders. We drink more tea and it keeps them off medication

The water filtration unit sounds great. Lately I noticed our city water smells either like a over chlorinated swimming pool or bleach. Not good. Will have to check this one out

Thanks for posting this


Hi Tammy,

Please enter me in the contest!

Thanks for a great site.

Farm Girl

business 83 @ verizon . net

Please enter my name for the giveaway and thanks for the code! I was actually placing an order when I came across your site.

tawiker at gmail dot com

I ordered my Big Berkey on Monday and received it on Wednesday. After washing and priming I put in a gallon of water. I added a tablespoon of food coloring to test the system. I didn't have a tablespoon of any one color so I just used all I have. The water in the upper chamber was a muddy, opaque brown. The water in the bottom chamber is crystal clear.

The unit was easy to assemble. The step by step instructions were clear and included an exploded diagram. It was terrific to call my husband and report how well our investment purchase is working!

Thanks for telling me about Berkey, Tammy.



We have the water system too and it's the best thing ever. We love it!

those look wonderful. i will have to look them up to do some of my ordering. during the long utah winters i really get hooked on tea warming me up. these are wonderful.

I was getting ready to place an order for herbal teas to make mama's milk tea when I saw this giveaway. We are adopting twins and I am trying to breast feed them....the tea will definately help!

Enter us in the giveaway...PLEASE!!!

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