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Oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries...

We love oatmeal! It's affordable (we buy it in bulk) and healthy and so comfortingly warm on a chilly morning...

Usually I just make a very basic oatmeal for breakfasts: oats cooked in water with a sprinkle of salt, topped with brown sugar and milk.

Lately I've been making fruity oatmeal, and the children love it! I do too! And it's very weight-loss friendly -- a huge heaping bowl figures out to be about 300 calories.

Here is how I make mine:

Cooking the oats

Bring the water to a boil. Add a sprinkling of salt and add the oats. You can use rolled oats, quick oats, steel-cut oats, whatever. Follow the instructions for the oats you use... or if you do soaked oats, do that. Basically, cook the oats. :)

Chopped strawberries...

While the oats are cooking, chop some frozen (or fresh) strawberries. We get strawberries and blueberries in 5+lb bags at Costco and have been very pleased with the quality and price. ($2/lb for blueberries; ~$1.50/lb for strawberries.)

Add some brown sugar...

When your oats are cooked, add some sweetener. I prefer dark brown sugar, but have also used white sugar, honey, stevia powder, xylitol, or a combination of those.:) Basically, sweeten the oatmeal a little, to offset the tartness of the fruit we're going to add. :)

stir in the fruit

Add the fruit to the pan. Leave the heat on medium-low and stir gently. When the fruit is thawed and the oatmeal is warm, it's ready to serve! If you add too much frozen fruit, you could end up with cold oatmeal. Cold oatmeal is still yummy, in my opinion, but more suited for summertime. :)

Oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries...

Spoon fruity oatmeal into bowls and top with a little milk. Enjoy! :)

Now, the calorie breakdown.

Rolled Oats: 2 servings (1 cup dry) is 300 calories

Brown sugar: 15 calories per teaspoon (I use 3-4 tsp.)

Strawberries (frozen, unsweetened): 50-60 calories per cup

Blueberries (frozen, unsweetened): 80-85 calories per cup

Whole milk: 1 cup (the amount I use for two big bowls of fruity oatmeal) is 150 calories

These ingredients will make two big bowls of fruity oatmeal and each bowl only has 320 calories! :)

I like to make extras of this oatmeal, and re-warm the leftovers halfway through the morning. Because 320 calories only holds me over for about 2 hours. :P :)

After having this same fruity oatmeal many times in the past two weeks, we're ready for some new ideas. I'd love to hear about your favorite oatmeal add-ins! :)


I make oatmeal for my husband every morning before he goes to work.

I cook 1/2 cup of quick cooking oats in 1 cup milk. I add a splash of vanilla, cinnamon, sneak in a teaspoon of ground flax and sweeten with maple syrup.

I then top it with a mixture of raisins, dried cranberries and whatever kind of nuts I have in the house...this month its slivered almonds. He likes pecans the best tho!

Ive heard of cooking the oats in apple juice...I need to try it sometime.


oh you'll just have to come to my cooking blog for that one now wont ya!!:) We make what I call "dressed up oatmeal":)Similar to yours!

by the way..how is the weightloss going?

I think I have 8 pounds still to go? So that is about 4 lbs lost in 3-4 weeks! Yay! :)

I am having to be very good about not eating sweets or overeating (like pizza... :P) :D

It is a rare blogger who can photograph oatmeal close up and have it look so appealing!

Meredith from Merchant ships

The sun is my friend. ;)

I love adding some natural PB, pecans and ground flax seed with a little stevia for sweetness.

My daughter loves to have raisins, brown sugar and a little soy milk in hers.

I will make a pot of plain oats and then everyone here adds their favs in.

I will not even go to where my oldest son(14 and eats all day and weighs just over 100 pounds)outs in his, it would be my only meal for the day!

I also will make up oatmeal bars for a change up once in a while, and those are great grab and go meals for me. I just add a piece of fruit and my coffee and I am off out the door.

That looks delicious!

We make apple pie oatmeal - my kids think it's awesome and it's so easy.

I peel and chop an apple and cook it with the oatmeal, adding cinnamon and a little sugar.

We like it a lot - and apples are inexpensive so it doesn't add a lot of cost.

I heard oatmeal can increase milk production so I have recently been eaing it 1 -2 times per day. I make mine wih milk in the microwave while hustling my kids to get ready for school. I've made walnut with honey (walnuts are expensive but so good for you and honey has antioxidants; I bulk buy it), peaches and cream -homemade peach jam with a dash of creamer, apple pie - applesauce, cinnamon, brown sugar, even peanut butter chocolate to try to crush donut craving - a scoop of peanutbutter and a few chocolate chips. I've also done a lot of fruit combos like bananas, blueberries, raspberries etc.

I'm siple. I just add honey, cinnamon, and sometimes a little applesauce to my oatmeal.

My favorite combo: oatmeal w/brown sugar and raisens or cinnamon and shredded apple...Yum!

That looks yummy to me!

I love stewed apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and milk in mine to shake up the regular stuff.

After a recent visit to Costco, I was disappointed that they didn't seem to have food items that I used regularly. I missed the frozen fruits though! Thanks for the great idea!

Hmmm... the more I go to Costco (we just moved near one a few months ago) the more I find there that we use... :P :)

I just love adding brown sugar, chopped walnuts, and a mixture of raisins/cranberries. Yum. =)

When we had to start adding protein to all our meals and snacks to keep blood sugars under control, I started adding peanut butter to the warm oatmeal. The peanut butter melts and adds just a little flavor.

We skip the sweetener all together and cook the oats in juice and water. We use a 46oz bottle of juice with enough water added to equal 7 cups of liquid for 3 1/2c of oats. There is no need to use any sweetener and the oats take on the flavor of the juice. We also add fruit to coordinate with the juice. Apples with apple cider is one favorite or also tropical fruit juice with pineapple and coconut added to it. Then of course they top it all off with milk!

I have also taken oatmeal and added mashed banana and peanut butter to it. That way I get my protein in the morning that my body needs.

I'll have to try that recipe.

I also like eating savory oatmeal with parmesan cheese, bacon, and chopped green onions.

I love homemade granola with dried fruit for an oatmeal change up.

I love to put in almonds and walnuts. Both are high in the good fats and provide a really great crunch to compliment fruits!

I love steel cut oat but usually make old-fashioned because of time and budget reasons. Lately I've been chopping up dried apricots and stirring that in with brown sugar, butter, pecans and a drizzle of cream. My kids call oatmeal "oats oats creamy groats", I think they think that is the real name of it! Too funny!

We cook the oats in half water, half milk and add grated apple and cinnamon with sugar. My kids sometimes have a mashed banana stirred into theirs. We are from England. I really enjoy your blog, thanks x

Hello there! We too have to take care of blood sugar levels, so protein is a must. the peanut butter is a great idea!

This is a favorite in our house. I'm usually pretty liberal with this recipe and it often changes from meal to meal, depending on what fresh fruit is in the house.

hope you enjoy!


Baked Oatmeal

1 1/2 cups oats*
1/4 cup melted butter (or a dash of olive oil)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup almond milk (or regular milk)
vanilla and or cinnamon/nutmeg to taste

combine dry ingredients in a baking pan with a lid. add in mixed wet ingredients and stir. adjust liquid to preference.

Bake at 350 for 30-40 min, until light and crumbly, and golden brown.
serve immediately with any (or no) combination of: almond milk, fruit, apple sauce, yogurt, granola.

refrigerate the rest upon cooling.

*because the oat mix we're using at the moment requires more liquid, lately i've been adding in a generous amount of apple sauce, until the mix is quite wet.

I cook out oatmeal in 1/2 whole milk and 1/2 water. I bring it almost to a boil and then turn it down to medium low and let it cook while I shower. Sometimes we add applesauce with the milk/water. Sometimes we top it with chopped apples. Sometimes we top it with dried cranberries and pecans. Sometimes we add fruit like you do, frozen from what we picked in Portland last summer. Sometimes we add purried pumpkin and pecans and cinnamon.

I enjoy my oatmeal the most with just a small dollup of margarine (or butter), some brown sugar and cinnamon. No milk needed here. However, I do add some raisins or chopped walnuts if I have them handy and I'm in the mood.

P.S. It's ironic... I came here to get a fruit crisp recipe and found your peach crisp recipe... and lo and behold, you're blogging about oatmeal!!! I'm tweaking the recipe to use up some apples I have.

I was just thinking of making oatmeal for dinner! Have you ever tried butterscotch oatmeal? I found a recipe online and was considering making some tonight...

I often dice up an apple and cook it with the oats. Then add cinnamon and milk (sometimes raisins) after cooking. Very yummy! You're fruity oatmeal loooks delicious, but we rarely have frozen berries. :(

I recently started making steel cut oatmeal in the crockpot overnight with milk and water mixture and some brown sugar and cinnamon and love it! It's so wonderful to wake up to warm and fresh oatmeal! :) For leftovers, I simply pour it into a bread pan and cover and put into the fridge. Then, the next morning, we simply 'slice' it and put a slice into a dish and heat it up. Yum! :)


My favorite oatmeal is when hubby makes steel-cut oatmeal in the rice cooker, overnight.

But if I'm making oatmeal just for me, I like cooking 1/2 cup rolled oats with 1 scant cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (would use cow's milk if I could tolerate it), 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, and 1 teaspoon brown sugar. Sometimes I add 1 tablespoon wheat germ and use 1 tablespoon less oatmeal; sometimes I add 1/4 cup applesauce.

Our costco only carries frozen organic wild blueberries, $14 for 3 lbs., which seems high to me!

We love to heat a little bit of pure maple syrup and pour it into a bowl of oatmeal. Then we add a few chocolate chips! Just a few go a long way. We stir it all together until the chocolate melts and it sort of feels like we're having dessert for breakfast.

Amazing. I'm going to have to write all of these down. These all sound so delicious and oatmeal is so healthy!

We eat oatmeal on a regular basis here too.
Our typical stir-ins include goji berries and flax seeds along with a chopped nut of some kind.
On weekends I bake it instead, and add maple syrup and dessicated coconut, along with chopped apples or pears and usually pecans.
Another hot cereal we like is quinoa. Lots of complete proteins and a yummy change in texture.
My youngest likes frozen blueberries on top of all his cereals, hot or cold. My oldest prefers raisins.

I took down your recipe and will be making it tomorrow morning for breakfast for Dh & I.Dh said it sounds good.

Do you cook breakfast every morning?If so is it always oatmeal or do you make different things each day?

I did get a 5 pound bag of frozen Strawberries from Gordons Yesterday and it came out to $1.55 a pound.Good deal!Now the blueberries were $2.00 a pound and I was hesitant about it and after we talked about it I am going tomorrow and getting some.Besides oatmeal I will be using them in pancakes and muffins.

Our breakfasts vary... the children love homemade granola or cold cereal, but I don't always have that on hand. (Cold cereal is really rather pricey since I don't usually have coupons or special ways of getting it for pennies!) I also sometimes do eggs w/toast or omelets. We do a lot of hot cereals... 7-grain cereal, whole wheat cream of wheat, oatmeal... those are affordable and easy and yummy. :)

We rarely have pancakes or waffles for breakfast, since they're more involved (syrup is too sweet for us so we make a fruit topping) and we're not used to all the sugars so we have eggs, toast, etc WITH the waffles or pancakes... it's just a huge production! lol :) So sometimes we do that for dinner. Or waffles for dessert. YUM! :)

Tammy, That looks so good! We do use berries some, too. Also like apples and cinnamon. But whatever we use, we do use vanilla (yummy)! My favorite has to be using canned peaches (packed in fruit juice) brown sugar, cream or half and half, and toasted pecans.... It is the best, occassionally add raisins, too. But the cream and vanilla make ALL THE DIFFERENCE to us. Blessings, Deena

We live in the Philippines www.babyhomepages.net/tenlittleinions so...we make tropical oats. Oats cooked in coconut milk - yum! We add mangoes and papaya for vit. c, also cinnamon or freshly ground (from our trees) cocoa beans.

I like to add a couple of tablespoons of pumpkin, cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla to my bowl, Or peanut butter and brown sugar.

We love to have our oatmeal with yogurt stirred in and fruit, etc. added. Here are 2 examples, easy and easier: to each bowl of oatmeal, sweeten with honey, stir in 1/4 to 1/2 C. plain yogurt, slice in orange sections, halves of grapes and a banana. Top with wheat germ or ground flax and sunflower seeds!
Easier: stir in flavored yogurt and a banana, top with shredded coconut! Pineapple is yummy too - or canned fruits. OR best of all, frozen mixed berries with your yogurt/banana oatmeal - it helps it cool fast for the little ones and it turns pink or purple. :)

I generally go the apple cinnamon route when I make oatmeal. And it can't be from quick oats... I can't stand baby food texture. :P
Your fruit recipe looks pretty tasty, though we rarely have an abundance of those fruits.

When I was little we always ate our oatmeal with peanut butter and brown sugar and a little milk. So good on top of buttered toast.

If you can't be à ligth for the world be a candle in your home
You know in France we don't eat cereals at breakfast but bread with butter and marmelade since I read your post I make me every morning some oatmeal and I love it very very much (with brown sugar and a little bits of butter and of course cinnamonn!!!)
I hope you can read my comment I'm not speak english well because I'm french.

I eat oatmeal often for breakfast and my 10 month old eats it every day. I started adding fruit and a tablespoon of flax seed to mine, and a small amount of flax seed to his. It's healthy and the nutty flavor is great :)

Pumpkin! and Pumpkin pie spice! It's delicious!

When I was in high school (over 20 years ago), my brother started eating oatmeal raw, just pouring it from the box to the bowl and putting fruit on top. He made it look so good and said that cooking it destroyed nutrients. I have been eating it like my brother ever since. Now my children love it raw with whole milk and raw honey on top. I also add some ground flax seed to it and sometimes sunflower seeds.

I usually microwave the oatmeal with milk in a porcelain bowl. Then, I add craisins, raisins-regular and golden, some cut up apple, cinnamon, and brown sugar. It is so good!

OK, so yes you heard me correctly!!!! Our son who is 13, LOVES OATMEAL (also loves fruits, veggies, n raisin bran) I am so pleased about his healthy eating, however, he needs to put on some pounds, believe me, have offered my extra pounds....but so far, no go... He's barely on the growth chart for weight. We adopted Jakob when he was 11 months, he was born at 23 weeks! When he came to us at 11 months, he was 9lbs, 3oz, and 17 inches, I know! Tiny! He's very healthy, but at his age, he thinks he's "too skinny". I've added things like adding margarine, even some half and half! I use whole milk when making his breakfast, but I could use some suggestions if anyone has any!! I don't want to make him have cholesterol problems with the margarine n stuff.....but again, any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I will try making our own instant oatmeal as it is expensive, shoulda bought stock in Quaker Oatmeal hee hee!

I can understand your issue. I have kids who struggle with getting calories as well. We cook 1 cup of oatmeal to 2 cups of milk in a large glass mixing bowl in the microwave for about 5 minutes and let stand for up to a half an hour to cool and soak up the milk. This large bowl is great for the bubbling oatmeal without boilover and it never burns. The added bonus of an easy soak in the kitchen sink is nice for an easy clean up. I could easily change the fat content by using less whole milk and stiring in evaporated milk near the end of the cooking to add calories . My best hopes for you are to get some shreded coconut and nuts in there. The microwave is awsome for controlling the moisture and cooking time without the risk of burning. Canned milk is my best friend for getting calories in my kids from gravy to chicken encheladas. 40 calories for 2 Tablespoons thats before cooking off any moisture.

I have picky kids and getting them to help me cook gets them to eat. I make fudge sauce from chocotate chips, canned milk and corn starch on the stove. This is how I get my picky eaters to eat a little icecream before bed.

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