Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Soft tacos made with corn tortillas

We like to use corn tortillas for our soft tacos. Besides being more affordable than flour tortillas, the corn tortillas have a wonderful flavor!

Corn tortillas

This huge bag of 100 corn tortillas was $3.85 at Costco. (I put half of the tortillas in the freezer right away, to use later.)

Yummy corn tortillas!

To cook the tortillas for soft tacos, heat a heavy skillet (preferably cast iron if you have it!) or griddle over medium-medium high heat.

Add a little oil (we prefer just a very thin layer; I use a refillable oil spray bottle to spray some on).

Fry the tortilla for a couple minutes on each side, until browned and cooked (as opposed at tasting "raw"!). The tortilla should still be somewhat soft and pliable, not crunchy or crispy.

Put taco fillings in the tortillas: we like our taco meat recipe, beans, shredded cheese, chopped lettuce, sour cream, and tomatoes, salsa, or hot sauce.

Enjoy your soft, flavorful, easy, and frugal little tacos! Yum! :)

The first time I made these, Joshua was skeptical. After eating one, he was "sold"! :)

Corn tortillas

Later this week, I'll be sharing a recipe that uses these delicious corn tortillas! :)

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What do you mean when you say "strictly kitchen tips?" Could you give us some examples?

Also, anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in Ultimate Recipe Swap on Thursdays at

"specifically kitchen tips" would be little shortcuts, tricks, tips... like, for example, a tip about cooking pasta (special tip that makes it easier, better, or whatever) is great; simply a pasta salad recipe wouldn't qualify. :)

I think if you scroll through my past kitchen tips you'll see what I mean -- I've posted things like storing cheese, cooking on stainless steel, cleaning cookware, air-drying dishes on a towel instead of in a drainer, making pizza while entertaining guests, freezing waffles, keeping apple slices fresh using pineapple juice, etc... :)

Those look good! I too buy corn instead of flour because of the price difference. I usually heat them up on my george foreman grill, but your way looks so good too!

I'm looking forward to the recipes for the tortillas. Yum!

I am a bit of a skeptic too, but I definitely will be trying this. Corn is so much cheaper.

Wow...I didn't know they were so cheap! Maybe it would be worthwhile to make ones own corn tortilla chips! I may have to try that sometime.


I make my own corn tortilla chips and they are great and very low fat. Preheat oven to 425 then spray both sides of the tortillas with pam cooking spray, add a little salt and place in the oven. It usually takes about 15 min (they will turn a little brown) make sure you cook them enough to get crunchy and you have to flip them once or twice, Very good and only 1 weight watchers point per chip!

I love corn tortillas. This is how I grew up eating tacos (although, we fried them when I was little, now I just warm them up in a hot skillet). I hardly ever use flour tortillas. I just think the corn flavor is the best.

Do they make refillable spray bottles specially for oil? I have tried water spray bottles and they don't last long because oil is so much thicker than water.

My bottle is called "Oil-O-Pump" and is a plastic spray bottle designed for oil. It was a couple dollars at Wal-mart, but that was 6-7 years ago and I don't know where you can find them now...

Mine is from Pampered chef. It comes with 2 sprayers in case you ever break the original one. It was a little more expensive - $10, but does have a warranty of some sort. The lid is a pump and you pressurize the oil by pumping the lid several times to make it spray/propel, etc. You should check it out, I think it's called a kitchen spritzer on pampered chef's website. BTW, I LOVE it!!!

BBB and Amazon sell Misto.

Thank you for sharing how to do that. I'm going to have to try that sometime. Thanks for hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesday.

I think Pampered Chef makes bottles specifically for oil. Also can get them at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond. Although I'm not sure how they differ from the regular ones that you use for water or other household things.


Ah, so that is the secret. I couldn't get my family to eat them due to the "raw" flavor. I'll have to try heating them up and see if they like them. Thanks for the tip.

Soft tacos made with flour tortillas are not tacos. They are burittos folded in the shape of tacos. Tacos are made with corn tortillas only!! I always make my own taco shells. I fry mine in a little oil but I don't cook it flat I put it in my skillet flip it back and forth to get a little oil on each side then fold it into the taco shape and finish warming up. I don't get it crisp just nice and chewy. I LOVE them this way and usually eat way to many when I make theme.

I make mine like ShannonLynn. My kids loathe premade taco shells. I sometimes do flour tortillas that way also to use up leftovers in quesadillas :)

I grew up in Central America where we ate corn tortillas a lot, and here is how we heated them up. We would put a little oil in the pan, fry one tortilla on one side for several seconds, turn it around and put another tortilla on top of that one. Turn around again. You always keep adding one fresh tortilla to the top of the pile. They will all keep warm this way, and the heat from the pan and the previous tortilla will be enough to heat and soften them up nicely. Sometimes you need to add a little oil. I like to butter the top one before i turn the pile upside down again. Hope that makes sense in case anyone is interested!

Annie from

Hey there friend. I've been making my own flour tortillas for awhile. You should try it! It's super cheap and easy to make them from scratch. Actually, now that I think of it, my spinach tortilla recipe is one of your's!


Is there one brand that is better than others when it comes to corn tortillas? I live in the Northeast and don't even know what brands are out there. We always buy premade taco shells and use flour tortillas more than corn for burritos and other mexican fair. Thanks for any and all advice...looking forward to trying some!


I can't wait to try this. My husband is a huge fan of corn tortillas.

I made your baked spaghetti for dinner tonight - it was amazing!

My family loved it, and I'd doubled the batch so I could put one in the freezer for after our baby is born :-)

I also made your lasagna recipe a few weeks ago, and my husband loved it! I doubled the recipe and used 4 8x8 pans, so we put three pans of that in the freezer for later.

I can't wait to try out more of your recipes - thanks for posting them!

Thanks for letting me know! I'm glad the recipes were a success for you! Yay for extra food in the freezer! :D

I tried this tonight! Why haven't I thought of this? I have fried them crisp before, but never just enough to cook and take the raw taste away. We loved them this way! Corn tortillas are so much more flavorful than flour. Thanks for the tip.

Yay! Glad you enjoyed them! :)

We had these for dinner a few weeks ago and they were so good. Thanks for the recipe. I am not sure why I never thought of it before, such an east dinner. We are haivng them again this week. We can't wait.

Tammy, I saw the picture of your son "cooking" the tortillas. My daughter is the same age - can you tell me some specifics? It looked like you used a cookie sheet over two eyes of the stove. What kind of oil and about what temp did you have the stove on? Thanks so much. I really enjoy your blog!

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