Weekly homemade pizza (with price breakdown)

Homemade pizza... yum!

Like many families, we eat pizza every week, usually on Fridays. :) I almost always make our own pizza, unless we have a coupon for free pizza. (Sounds odd, but we've gotten two free Papa John's pizzas since we moved here 6 months ago!)

After making pizza so many times, I've pretty much got it just how we like it. Ordering pizza isn't much of a temptation when my homemade is better and MUCH cheaper!

We like a fluffier crust with a crispy bottom. I liberally butter the pan before spreading the dough. When all the toppings are on, I let the pizza rest for 20-40 minutes and the crust does it's rising before I bake it. This requires a little more time but not any more work. :)

Homemade pizza, served with a salad!

I serve my homemade pizza with a salad or some kind of vegetable on the side.

Simple pizza crust price breakdown:

2-1/2 cups bread flour = $0.28*
1 teaspoon sugar $0.01
1 tablespoon active dry yeast = $0.12*
1 cup filtered water = $0.01
2 tablespoons butter = $0.10*

Pizza toppings price breakdown:

8 ounces (1 cup) sauce = $0.47*
16 ounces (1 lb.) shredded mozzarella cheese = $1.60*
2 ounces turkey pepperoni = $0.66

Total cost for 16-inch turkey pepperoni pizza with extra cheese: $3.25

Add an additional few cents for chopped veggies and Parmesan cheese (if using) and oven usage.

*Denotes items purchased in bulk from Costco. Other items are also purchased in bulk or on sale.

How did I ever cook without Costco?! :) While I am not usually saving a lot compared to Aldi's food prices, the quality is a huge step up!


Hi:) I am really enjoying your blog. Thank you for all of your information. I am wondering how to figure out the cost of food. Could you give a tutorial?

Yes, I would be happy to do that! :) It's really just a lot of math. :P :) I'll write a post about it with more details soon. :)
Edited to add: See this post for my reply! :)

Around here I find that sometimes the Papa Murphy's take and bake pizzas can be a good deal (and are cheap). Sometimes you can get a large for around $5 with coupons and promotions! To me the extra dollar or two over homemade is negated when I don't have to cook or do dishes!

Joshua loves Papa Murphy's (from when he was a kid)! :)

I think it also might depend how far from the store/restaurant a person lives. If we have to drive more than 10-15 minutes to get there, it's usually really more efficient for me to just make something like pizza myself... but I do have a bread machine to knead the crust, and I've been buying pre-shredded mozzarella at Costco! ;)

I was thinking that the large size was 12 inches, and 16 inches is usually extra large...? I guess it depends on where you're ordering from. :)

Yeah, I'm lucky that my husband drives right by one on the way home from work!

I do the mozzarella at Costco as well! LOVE Costco!

Hi Tammy,
I'm new to your site and slightly new to cooking from scratch, but so far I'm enjoying all of it and love finding new things that I can make myself. Forgive me if I'm asking a dumb question, but what is bread flour? Is it different from regular flour?

Bread flour is explained here:


It is different from all-purpose flour, but in most instances you can substitute all-purpose flour and still have great results! :)

I only recently started keeping bread flour on hand since I can get it in a 50# bag from Costco, and I make a lot of pizza and cheezy bread. :)

Tammy you are now a true Washingtonian! All folks from WA love Costco! How could we not, since they are a major employer here and their corporate offices are in Issaquah!

I've only been to Aldi's once, when I was visiting my brother in Missouri. Its good to know that Costco's prices are comparable with theirs. I was drooling in Aldi's wishing they would have one here! Oh well no such luck.

Costco and Aldi's are both good in different ways... Aldi's is nice since it isn't all bulk purchases, and they have cheap non-organic canned goods, etc...

Costco seems to have good deals on organic/natural foods and then, of course, lots of in-bulk name-brand stuff, some of which is higher quality. :)

I usually go to Costco weekly and get even my produce there, too... not just bulk stuff. :) I shop sales/specialty items at other stores every few weeks or whenever it's worth my time to go extra places. :)

Could you post your dough recipe? It sounds perfect to me.

Tammy's Easy Pizza recipe :)

The recipe looks long, but it's lots of various notes about how to do it *just so*, for the novice pizza-dough-bakers... :)

LOTS more pizza info can be found in this post, and in the links at the bottom! :)

Your pizza always looks so good. It's making me hungry!

Thanks for sharing some of your tips and the cost. Suddenly the $7 one-topping pizza special on Mondays at the local Italian restaurant doesn't look so hot.


I have given you a blog award! Please stop by to pick it up!


Costco is such a blessing to our family! When our family was smaller, I would buy in bulk at Costco and freeze what we weren't going to readily use.

Now that we are a family of 11 with 9 of us ages 10 and above, I buy in bulk at Costco but don't have anything left that isn't readily used!

I buy large cans of tomato goods, large bags of shredded mozzarella for pizza and lasagna, canadian bacon every whipstitch for a pizza treat, and so much more at Costco.

I buy my pepperoni at Sams as it is a huge bag for a great price. Haven't found that at Costco yet. If I had to choose between Sams and Costco, it would be Costco, hands down.

I love the quality of Costco goods and their Kirkland brand.

And, if we buy pizza out, it's at the Costco food court when we are in town and can't get home for dinner : ) Their chicken bakes and healthy (no msg or corn syrup) hot dogs in the food court are great too. We ate there last night : )

The only difference between your costs and ares are that we make fresh ground whole wheat crusts. Thanks for the analysis.

Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

I agree! Kirkland brand ("Costco" brand) stuff IS really comparable to the top name brands, only cheaper! :)

Oh, and the huge hot dog and drink for $1.50 from the food court is really hard to beat ;) We don't eat there too often, but it's really tempting with those huge all-beef dogs!! :)

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on Sam's vs. Costco, if you had time to share more! I haven't been to Sam's Club in many years... but I know there's one right down the road from Costco here in WA! :)

You always have the best food pictures on your site! When I try to photograph food, even the yummiest things end up looking not so great. Do you have any tips you can share?

Awww, thank you for the compliment! :)

I've taken thousands of food pictures since starting this website! Practice is really the only thing I've done really... I shoot on auto, and do lots of close-ups of fresh food in natural lighting. You can read some more of my tips here. :) Hope that helps! :)


I love you! Thank you for your sensible inspiration that helps me keep on cooking for the family. I tried your pizza recipe tonight, and everyone was in love!

And I really appreciated your video on making the pizza. My 4 year old daughter watched it with me. She was very interested as well. She wondered why your pan has a hole in it? I wondered what kind you meant.

Thanks again. I made Pepperoni/Taco Pizza. Next I'm going to try your pepperoni recipe and make my own.

God bless you!


Hi Debra! I'm so glad the pizza was a success for you. :)

One of my pizza pans has small holes sprinkled across the bottom, which allows the crust to get darker/crispier as it bakes! The pan came that way from the store. :) It's Joshua's favorite! (Personally, I don't mind a regular stainless steel pan, just baked on the bottom rack, closer to the heating element, which gets the crust nice and browned as well!)

Oooh, I want the dough recipe too! That would be great!!! Pretty please?

Sure thing! :)

Tammy's Easy Pizza recipe :)

The recipe looks long, but it's lots of various notes about how to do it *just so*, for the novice pizza-dough-bakers... :)

LOTS more pizza info can be found in this post, and in the links at the bottom! :)


I made pizza tonight because after I read your blog my mouth was watering!!! I don't make it often enough! Thanks so much for the price breakdown!

Every time I make pizza, it's a HUGE hit! Why haven't I made it more often, is a mystery to me?!?

I do use my bread machine to knead my dough as well, so it's especially easy to whip up. The thing is, with our family size, the amount of dough my bread machine recipe makes really isn't enough. I wonder if I could do a recipe and a half or double it?? What do you think??

I also do a "meat pie" that my dh *loves*!! I just use a deep dish pan and fill it with all kinds of meat, veggies and sauce, top it with cheese and sometimes even add a second crust to REALLY make it a "pie"!

Anyways, thanks for the reminder - I need to make pizza more often.....it's better than ordering out and WAAAAAAAY cheaper. Maybe we'll make Wednesday "Pizza Night", hmmmmm.... ;)

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~Isaac ~Selah ~Talitha ~Elijah ~Micah

Ummm, I over-fill my bread machine. Just makes sure the dough doesn't rise too high and get everywhere, and make sure it isn't so stiff that the machine struggles. :)

I wrote more about how I do this here and here. :)

I live in Central Ohio and we have most stores here. My Sam's card just expired and I was thinking about changing over to Costco. Sam's has changed 10 of the products that I buy there!
Costco seems more..ummmm....gourmet. I'm afraid that if I go there I will spend tons more money. We are a family of 10 and it adds up so quickly. Do most of your readers like Sam's or Costco better? Oh, I do have an Aldi that I use regularly and I buy most produce from the produce company and hubby brings home 50# of potatoes when we need them. Feeding a big family seems to be a full time job.

You called for bread flour. How could I get the same results with the whole grains we buy? We always have hard red winter wheat and white soft wheat on hand. We also have spelt, barley, and a couple others right now.

Any ideas??

We make a 100% whole wheat bread which doesn't use "bread flour" but does include some natural dough conditioner ingredients. Joshua wrote an article with lots of details about it here.

Basically, I believe "bread flour" has some of the same ingredients we use as dough conditioners -- citric or ascorbic acid, for example -- already added to it.

I don't add dough conditioners to pastry flour (that would be the flour you make with the soft wheat) but I do for yeast breads made with 100% whole wheat flour (hard red or hard white wheat). :)

Let me know if you have more questions, or search my site for "whole wheat bread" or "dough conditioners" :)

My 4 year old nephew and I made this tonight! It was so simple and yummy! He put all the ingredients into the bread machine for me, pushed the start button and was fascinated by the mixing inside! He got to put on the sauce, and ALL the toppings (so yeah, i had most of my chicken RIGHT in the middle of my pizza but he was so proud of himself)It was so good that he ate 2 pieces! He's not aloud to help in the kitchen much at home so I love to do things like this with him. Thanks for sharing such a simple and tasty recipe!


Have you ever tried grilling your pizza? It is sooo yummy! My kids ask for it all the time - even in the winter.

Yes! But we like our oven pizza best... :)

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