Making Your Home a Haven: Tackle a pile!

I'm starting my week praying about various priorities while picking up the house (especially kitchen!) from the weekend.

Today's Making Your Home a Haven challenge:

Find a pile somewhere in your home and tackle it! :) This could be a pile of papers, laundry, trash, shoes, dishes, whatever! :)

I'll post again later today with before and after pictures of pile I've cleared! :)

If you blog about doing this challenge (before and after pictures are always great!), be sure to come here and leave a link to your post! :) I'll post my before and after pictures later today. :)


Ooooh Tammy, I just missed you (UK time difference!!)but I've linked anyway; hope that is ok...doing a mad 'pick up' before my parents arrive for dinner so my 'piles' will have to wait till tomorrow! No more 'computer time' allocation today :)


I could happily do THIS challenge every week! Thanks for the fun inspiration!

Thanks for the challenge. Just what I needed to motivate me to get it done :)

This is a great idea! I will see if I can clean something up and post on this later this week! Thanks for all your inspiration, as always!

All week I've been wondering about and looking for piles in the house, but I couldn't find any just sitting there needing attention.

And then.............. this morning it finally dawned on me - all my piles are hidden. I've got piles of stuff in drawers - and I've got lots of drawers with piles in them.

So this morning I started cleaning one of them. I figure that if I pull out a couple of things each day I'll be making progress and they'll get done.

I'm definitely going to need another "pile" challenge or a few as we go along. That way I can tackle all these drawers of stuff.

Thanks. :)

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