Snacking on frozen blueberries

Frozen blueberries from Costco

Frozen Blueberries are one of my childrens' favorite snacks during hot summer days. Blueberries are naturally so sweet that they taste like candy to us! :)

The boys (ages 5 and 3) sit at the table with a bowl of blueberries and a spoon, instructed not to get their hands all blue (and certainly not to wipe it all over their clothes!). ;)

Ruth, eating blueberries

I usually pop the blueberries one by one into Ruth's mouth. She's good about keeping her mouth closed while she eats and not making a mess. :)

We get frozen blueberries in 5-pound bags at Costco for about $2 a pound. Besides eating them plain, we make blueberry smoothies and put them in oatmeal for breakfast! :)


Re-posting comments from this entry: We get the frozen blueberries from Costco too. I love them in oatmeal with chopped walnuts. It is so good. My son loves them for a snack the same way as your children-in a bowl with a spoon. I also love them in cold cereal. They make the milk extra cold and delicious. Now that fresh blueberries are in season, my son still prefers the frozen ones! We just started doing this and you are so right!! It is so convenient and yummy on a hot summer's day! We love blueberries too! Have you or your kids ever tried frozen peas? They're surprisingly good, healthy, and they don't leave stains. Are the blueberries at Costco wild blueberries? --I live in Illinois, and the local Costco sells Wyman's wild blueberries in bulk...they are super delicious. I've never seen the brand of blueberries shown in Tammy's photo at Costco. --I don't believe ours are wild blueberries, though I did notice that our Costco just changed brands. (The bag in the photo is the kind we had been getting for the past 6 months or so, but now our Costco sells a different brand.) Frozen blueberries are one of our favorite treats too. We also like to put them in yogurt with a little homemade granola for breakfast or a sweet treat at night. Yummm. Just in case you didn't know, lemon juice gets out berry stains really well. Frozen blueberries are a favorite treat in our house too, and judging by the look of my 3 year old's shirt, we're going to need a lot of lemon juice tonight. :) Just soak the stain in lemon juice, blot, and repeat. If the larger stains don't get out, rub some laundry detergent or liquid dish soap on them, and wash. They should get MOSTLY out that way. I know some little people around here that would love to snack on them! :) Yesterday, I was looking in our freezer and saw a few bags of blueberries I should use up before we go blueberry picking later in the summer. Sounds like a yummy snack on a hot day! ~Tanya - mama to 5 with #6 on the way. :) My daughter (4) and son (8 months) both LOVE frozen blueberries. My son eats them out of a mesh feeder. So healthy and they do make great smoothies too, for sure! I love those bags of blueberries from Costco. Besides adding to oatmeal they are great in pancakes and muffins too ;) Wow, that's a good deal...the frozen blueberries at our Costco aren't nearly that cheap, so I bought frozen wild ones at the health food store for the same price and they're lovely. I use them in smoothies, mainly. Love the sweet picture, Tammy! That blue-eyed baby sure does wear blueberries well! Looks like she's really getting to be a big girl! Will you show her off some more?? She's such a doll baby! I get a deal almost like that at Cash-n-Carry. We love blueberries!!! -Donna- We enjoy frozen grapes here. This is especially good for the ones in the bottom of the bag that aren't quite as crisp/firm as the others. :0) Maria Oooh, yes, frozen grapes are wonderful! :) Tammy, We love blueberries too! I buy them in bulk from a non profit organization who sells them as a fund raiser every July. I then freeze them in small ziploc bags. My hubby eats them frozen right from the bag while I enjoy them on my yogurt topped with granola. (I just recently posted my granola recipe. Thanks for sharing...your daugher is adorable! Tammy Question about blueberries in oatmeal... Do you put them in before you cook or after you cook the oatmeal? --I add blueberries after the oatmeal is cooked, but continue to cook for a few minutes after adding the blueberries, so the oatmeal is warm and not cold from the frozen fruit. :) Hey, this is your brother Phillip. I still don't remember my login info, so I'll just remain anonymous. Another idea you might like is frozen grapes. You don't have to stem them or anything, just buy a bag and throw it in the freezer. Great snack in the summer time, and not really messy either. I wish you lived nearby...I would be more than happy to let you pick as many blueberries as you want from our bushes. Your daughter is growing up so fast! She looks so much like you! :) Bethany

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