Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Rinsing cans or jars (into soup!)

This week's tip is for when you're making something like soup, spaghetti, gravy, etc. and you opened cans or jars of food.

If the recipe calls for any water (or, in the case of spaghetti for example, the recipe is fine with an extra tablespoon or two of water added) you can put a small amount of water into your empty cans/jars, swish it around, and pour the water into your soup (etc.).

This is especially handy for cans/jars that held tomato products, since it can be difficult to get every last bit out of the can. :)

If you're recycling the cans, you'd need to rinse them anyway, so you're just doing the same task at a different time... and if it's glass canning jars, having them rinsed makes them easier to wash later, too! :)

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Tammy, after I rinse my cans as you share above, I use the can to hold my spoon between stirring - a kind of a homemade, single-use spoon rest.

Hi Tammy,

I've got my tip up and there are photos :) I'm sorry I didn't realize that was part of the recipe swap and I'll make sure and get them next time. I think I'm going to become one of those people who takes pictures of everything, just in case!

Easy and no waste pear coring

I do this all the time! Never even thought about it until my hubby showed me.

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